The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 167: The Sage Immerses in the Spiritual World

At the end of our conversations, the other people left my room.

I locked the door and added more barriers to seal it tightly.

It would be troublesome if the aftermath of the forbidden spell were to extend to the outside.

I wasn’t sure what kind of damage might occur by then.

I intended to cover the effect of the spell so it wouldn’t leak outside, but what I had tried to cast this time was a forbidden spell.

On top of that, it was a spell I had never tested and checked to see if it was even working properly.

I needed to always consider the possibility of it being malfunctioned or discharged.

I would take precaution just in case.

“Well then…”

I sat back on my chair as I was left alone.

I checked the connection on the floor with a spell and visually inspected each section.

There wasn’t any particular problem and the spell could be activated.

I moved my neck a little in the quiet room.

I guess it’s natural to be nervous about this.

Although I showed a confident appearance to my subordinates, I was actually worried.

It wasn’t about dispelling the beast’s ability.

I was already prepared for that.

What I was hesitant about was looking into my spiritual world.

If this forbidden spell activated, my consciousness would sink into my spiritual world.

What would be inside there?

It would be synonymous to seeing my own heart.

It was obvious why I was hesitating about it.

According to past literature, there were no records of a magician who had managed to enter a spiritual world.

Although there were magicians who had tried that, all of them had failed and reached their bitter end.

A race who had a similar ability was the succubus.

It was about invading their victim’s dream.

However, I had heard that it was limited to the superficial side of spirituality and wouldn’t actually allow them to reach the depth of spirituality. 

If they forcefully tried to do so, they would no longer be able to return to the real world on their own and would eventually be crushed by their victim’s unconscious will.

According to Luciana, invading other’s dreams was a dangerous act.

Although it was known as the ability that represented the succubus, it was basically an ability they didn’t want to use.

My forbidden spell this time would send me into that dangerous zone.

…I should be going.

My derailed thoughts regained their sense of calmness.

Being agitated and impatient was taboo when using a forbidden spell.

Having such a gap in my heart would likely induce failure on the spell.

It had been a while since I consciously had to calm myself, but considering what I was about to do, it was an appropriate measure.

I was conscious of the magic power inside my body.

The magic power circulated smoothly and there was not even a fragment of anything suspicious.

I had already gotten used to my abnormal state in the last five days.

It was not right to disturb my concentration any more.

In my calm state of mind, I casted the forbidden spell.

Immediately afterward, the spell engraved all over my body started to shine.

The light propagated to the spell engraved all over the room.

The floor, walls, and ceiling were peeled off, with the spells rotating in the air.

The magic power that was poured in swelled endlessly.


A moan almost escaped me as I clenched my teeth.

Pain likely to drive a person insane attacked my body incessantly.

My body of bones started to gradually collapse from its edges.

I endured the pain and concentrated on manipulating the magic power while maintaining my consciousness.

As I noticed that the spell was about to break down, I forcefully connected it to prevent it from collapsing.

I couldn’t afford to worry about my body.

I just kept focusing on the spell.

And after some time, I was still in agony.

I eventually felt like I was being dragged inside of me.

It was an irresistibly powerful force.

The severe pain culminated and eventually exploded my whole body.

At that moment, my vision was dyed black as my consciousness fell deeper.

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