The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 198: The Sage Loses the Initiative

Once we were ready for the sortie, I transferred along with the Demon Lord’s Army.

The view quickly changed from the training ground into a rippling ocean.

The ships landed all at once.

Even as I checked to confirm, nobody seemed to have fallen off the ships.

I was getting used to transferring after using it so many times.

I immediately deployed protection magic.

The magic covered the entire Demon Lord’s Army.

This would protect them from any sudden ambush.

Although there were no enemies in the immediate vicinity, I did it just in case.

This place was already the battlefield.

Anything could happen here.

I, who possessed the greatest power among us, had to stay alert.

Then, I ascended to the sky above and stopped at a high altitude to overlook the Demon Lord’s Army.

I shifted my gaze and looked further ahead.

A large number of ships were advancing through the sea.

Even those in my visible range were already considerable in numbers.

According to my perception magic, the number of them would be several times more if I included those I couldn’t see yet.

Those should be the ships of the enemy coalition army.

I’d like to avoid sudden confusion due to entering battle immediately so I transferred us some distance away, but it seemed my judgment was correct.

There were a number of ships which were floating in the sky above as well.

They were shaped like huge boxes covered in cloth, which happened to be a vehicle developed by one of the members of the coalition army.

Although it was covered with cloth, most of its floating power was generated through magic.

They floated using magic power as the fuel, boasting excellent spatial capacity that exceeds that of a carriage.

They were currently carrying soldiers on them.

I had heard about it from our spies, but it was more spectacular to actually see it in person.

So much so that I wanted them for the Demon Lord’s Army.

If the director were here, she would drool over and analyze its internal structure.

…I guess it’s not the time for me to be impressed.

I brought order back to my derailed thoughts.

The coalition army brought on a fair amount of force.

On top of that, it wasn’t everything they had.

These were merely vanguard, and reinforcements would be sent out depending on the situation.

The nations within the continent—especially those with sea borders—were deploying their army.

Although I couldn’t confirm it by sight, it seemed that they were on standby some distance away.

However, it would be hard for them to resist the coalition army with their numbers.

Although it might be possible to deal some damage to the coalition army, it would be difficult for them to force our enemies back.

They possessed inferior technology compared to the coalition army and, more than that, they were overwhelmingly smaller in number.

The nations on the continent had no way to outdo them.

If the armies of both sides clashed, great damage would be inevitable.

If possible, I would like to stop it before it happens.

I didn’t want conflict between humans to intensify.

The best way to deter them would be during the early stages of conflict.

The beasts, including the false god, would ignore human damage.

Although they acted as an ally to humanity, they only did so to get the support of the Will of the World.

It was unlikely for them to consider the loss of forces in their tactics.

Rather, if such a tactic could guarantee my loss, they would mercilessly abandon their pawns.

“—Umu. That’s the end of my patience. I’m going now.”

Without any warning, I heard Diella’s muttering through telepathy.

A loud burst occurred on one of our ships before I could reply.

Diella leaped forward with tremendous momentum.

She, who pierced through the air in a state close to flight, closed her distance to the coalition army in a blink of an eye.

What does this mean…?

I was confused by the sudden eccentricity of Diella.

The original plan was to have her move in a little later.

I was intending to have her pursue the worn out coalition army.

I already told her that earlier.

She was definitely not supposed to make her move right now.

I talked to Diella through telepathy.

“What are you doing?”

“Of course, I’m going to show off my power! The decisive battle would be left to you anyway, so let me show off during this stage of battle!”

The enthusiastic Diella replied with this incomprehensible sentence.

Immediately after that, she cast out a chain of light from both if her hands.

The chains pierced the ships of the coalition army.

Some ships tried to defend against the onslaught, but it was useless.

The chains of light penetrated their protections and dug into their ships.

“Here goes!”

Diella rotated as she shouted, using her momentum to pull the chains back.

The chain made a clear sound as it pulled taut.

A roaring clang echoed along with it.

The coalition army’s ships that were tied in chains, were thrown high into the air.

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