The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 215: The Sage Watches the Actions of His Subordinates

One day, a telepathic report arrived from the spies.

It seemed that the Demon Lord’s Territory outside the continent was being attacked.

The local troops were reported to be aiming towards reclaiming the land we had taken over.

I checked the document that summarized the battle information.

Said local troops actually belonged to a frigid place from beyond the sea on the far north of this continent.

In that nation where it always snows, it was recorded that there had been a strong opposition against the Demon Lord’s Army for quite some time.

They seemed to have attempted a major rebellion this time.

As for the territory that was attacked, they were under siege at the moment.

By using the undead that had been stationed there beforehand, they had suppressed the casualties to a minimum while requesting support from us.

Fortunately, the command system was working well and the worst didn’t happen.

According to the spy’s report, it seemed that they would be able to endure for about half a day without problem.

Even so, there was no need to wait for that long.

I immediately contacted my subordinates through telepathy.

As a result, Henry, Grom, and Yuura were selected to be deployed there.

They were currently organizing their respective subordinates as reinforcements.

Once they were fully prepared to go, I would transfer them to the site.

The force sent should be enough.

There was nothing for me to worry about.

Just as I was about to return to doing my office work with peace of mind, Luciana approached me.

“By the way, it is said that they are going to try the new weapon this time. Demon Lord-sama, how about you go and watch it to refresh yourself?”

“It’s unnecessary. I will just receive the report about it later.”

“You haven’t been out much lately, right? I think you should go watch them for a break.”


After thinking about it, I decided to follow Luciana’s suggestion.

I could tell she was casually trying to be considerate to me.

Perhaps, without me noticing, I appeared tired.

In such a case, it was better to accept such a suggestion obediently.

Besides, I might be able to get some sort of inspiration as I watch the battle.

Although I didn’t have the vile preference for treating people’s death as refreshment, such a thing no longer mattered considering all the things I had already done.

I didn’t particularly hate slaughter.

From the bottom of my heart, I was smoldering with hatred for humans.

From the moment I became the Demon Lord, it never left me and I was stuck with it.

It was a filthy disposition to say the least, but accepting it was the only choice.

I had already decided to continue being the Demon Lord while understanding that.

By facing my true nature straight on, it would be better for my mental health.

I cleaned my desk a bit and transferred to the battlefield.

Just like the information stated, snow fields covered my sight, wherever I looked.

Below me was a gray fort.

It was surrounded by multiple outer walls, with the subordinates running around in a hurry.

That was the land being controlled by the Demon Lord’s Army.

It was one of our bases in this continent.

One could see the local army a little further away.

They were trying to invade the fort and struggling to break through the first outer wall.

The Demon Lord’s Army was resisting by sending large amounts of undead at them.

It seemed those undead were somehow managing to delay them as intended.

The local army made heavy use of magic and bow and arrow.

Although there were only a few, I spotted a few weapons like cannons.

The shell, shot from the mountain, fell into the fort.

However, it was blocked by the protection magic that was constantly being deployed.

The resident magicians were taking turns maintaining the barrier.

They were contributing in raising the defense capability of the fort behind the scene.

In the square inside the fort, the reinforcements sent earlier were gathered.

Henry was rushing towards the first outer wall while sending orders around.

On the other hand, Grom was going alone.

When he spotted me on the way, he immediately stretched his spine.

From there, Grom began to emit a large amount of magic power.

He seemed to be quite motivated.

Dense miasma started swirling around.

I hope he doesn’t overdo it…

Grom took a spot in the distant sky as I felt a little worried.

He spread his eight arms and roared.

A black flame surged from his mouth and scattered into the air.

The flame, which had turned into fine particles, went over the fort and rained all over the ground.

A series of roaring sounds shook the air.

The black flames pierced the protection magic and exploded in the midst of the enemy’s army.

The damage was severe.

The soldiers who came into contact with the black flames screamed as they ran in all directions.

Even as their comrades tried to extinguish the fire, it never went out.

The soldiers who were burned to death were eventually revived as an undead.

Then, they launched attacks on their former comrades.

The enemy army was in turmoil.

Undead outbreak occurred in the middle of their formation, forcing their army to split in two.

The chain of command was paralyzed with no leadership in their overall movement.

They were no longer in a state where they could afford to break through the outer wall.

Grom didn’t launch the second shot, but just folded his arms and observed them.

If he was being serious, that last attack would have turned the entire army into charcoal.

It seemed he had properly controlled his strength and was trying to force the enemy to retreat.

I was a little worried, but it seemed Grom had his own plan.

As I was looking at the disturbed formation of the enemy army, Yuura came to me.

She tilted her neck and looked at my face.

“Question for master—Why did you come to the battlefield? More than enough forces to intercept them are already in place.”

“I just came to watch. You don’t have to mind me.”

“Understanding master’s purpose—I will show you the results of the training. Please give your evaluation after the battle.”

After saying that, Yuura stretched out her hands and concentrated.

Soon, the magic power floating in the fort experienced a change.

Slowly, the magic power started getting concentrated in the entire area and became evenly spread, making it an optimal environment for using magic.

It seemed Yuura operated it like that to reduce the burden of the magicians.

Furthermore, changes also occurred near the outer wall.

Countless vines emerged, pushing the snow away as they fell.

The ivy became similar to a net, growing until they tightly entwined the outer wall.

Yuura seemed to be using spirit magic to manipulate the plants so as to strengthen the protection of the outer wall.

A similar phenomenon was occurring on the entire outer wall.

Did she choose to be rear support in view of her own abilities?

Grom and Henry were sufficient for direct violence.

As Yuura deduced that, she seemed to have decided the best course of action by her own judgment.

Thinking back to when I first met her, it was an unthinkable action for her.

She seemed to also have grown up in the environment of the Demon Lord’s Army.

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