The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 219: The Sage Puts the Ideal in the Field of View

The activities of the Demon Lord’s Army were spread wide.

It didn’t stop at one continent but also occurred across the ocean.

We also built multiple bases in remote areas, including the one in that rainforest the other day.

Subordinates have been sent there to start building the foundations.

Some areas had already caused war with local nations.

The war situation was reported one by one, and additional forces were dispatched where needed.

The Demon Lord’s Army was, without a doubt, the largest force in the world.

In addition to having various races under control, there were also a huge number of undead, slaves, and prisoners of war.

It grew to the point that it was more than the necessary amount.

Furthermore, there was no end to those who wished to enter.

It was because there were rumors that said that they would be spared from destruction if they submitted to the Demon Lord.

Given the current situation, it wasn’t exactly mistaken information.

Not limited only to the army, there were also many people who immigrated.

Our common stance was to receive them.

It was because they would grow to support the Demon Lord’s territory in the future.

Of course, there were spies and operatives mixed in sometimes, so Luciana was always wary and smoked them out.

Those trying to find out the inner workings of the Demon Lord’s territory were captured, then after finding out their affiliation, Luciana used her charm on them to turn them into servants.

Alternatively, they were sent to the laboratory and used as an experimental body.

It might have been a cruel end for them, but I couldn’t afford to deal out a soft punishment.

The Demon Lord’s territory held a lot of confidential information.

In particular, I couldn’t afford to let my true purpose be revealed.

Thus, the information management must be done thoroughly.

I wasn’t an omnipotent existence.

Not everyone could be saved equally.

That was why I would take the best possible measure that my strength allowed me to.

Some sacrifices were tolerated for the sake of peace as a whole.

Regardless of who they might be, I won’t let them stop me.

I reassured my determination as I digested the report in the audience hall.

At present, the hostility of the whole world was concentrated on the Demon Lord.

It wasn’t a bad turn of events.

Things proceeded as planned and we had sufficient power to come out on top.

We would continue to expand the influence of the Demon Lord’s Army in response to the situation.

As we have brought humanity into a state where they had no choice but to cooperate, all that was needed to do was to continue as such.

Fortunately, the concept of a lifespan didn’t matter to me.

Hence, I could continue to reign as the Demon Lord.

As I sat on the throne, I glanced at the keepsake sword that was leaning against me.


World peace had finally become a reality.

It might not have been formed through the process she wanted, but it was the shape of peace without a doubt.

It would finally be fulfilled.

I had a strange feeling of exhilaration.

At that moment, the door opened as if to block my thoughts.

It was Grom who rushed into the room in a hurry.

He shouted without hiding how upset he was.

“Demon Lord-sama! I-It’s an emergency!”

“What happened?”

“A riot has occurred in one of our territories. It seems that a specific group colluded and made it happen. Currently, we are in the process of suppressing them, but the people there made a curious remark…”

“What did they say?”

When asked, Grom hesitated for some time.

Although I already felt a sense of foreboding, I kept waiting without interrupting.

He eventually replied with difficulty.

“According to their claims, it seems that a Savior has descended.”

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