The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 286: The Sage Thinks of the Essence of Peace

The Demon Lord of Tentacles was in great shape today as well.

She had an inclination to find joy in ridiculing others, which was reflected in the kind of world she managed.

She dominated over a humanity who had been reduced to just their consciousness.

By adjusting their numbers appropriately, she kept a constant number of them under her care.

It was an act that was close to domesticating humanity.

Granting false peace and having fun with it could be considered in bad taste through certain perceptions.

However, that was also one of the possible answers for world peace.

She completely controlled the system and eliminated all exceptions.

Through such thoroughness, she created a situation where everyone’s happiness could come true.

It was an area that other Demon Lords, including myself, hadn’t touched.

As a beast of the outer world, she had no problems in making such a mechanism happen.

As I was thinking about Gwen’s achievement, a voice echoed from afar.

“Gwen-san! Don’t leave me behind!”


Gwen, whose name was called, visibly twisted her expression.

It was a rare reaction from her, who always had an acting-like expression every other time.

Such an expression came from the bottom of her heart without a doubt.

The one who called out from a distance was the director.

The director slowed down in front of us and grabbed Gwen’s hands as Gwen tried to escape. 

“I finally caught up to you! Gwen-san is just too fast, did you really want to meet Demon Lord-sama that much?”

“Ahahah, that’s a funny joke you said there. It is so funny that I feel like dying.”

Gwen responded with a straight face.

Her eyes were completely dead.

Looking at such a sight, Grom desperately held in his laughter.

His shoulders shook while facing the wall.

The director, who has since let go of Gwen’s hand, turned and greeted me.

“Hello, Demon Lord-sama! It’s been half a day since we last met!”

“Aah, you’re right.”

There were multiple directors existing at the same time.

Their nature was something close to division, but said ability was actually more absurd than that.

The director resided in every world.

She didn’t assist the Demon Lords the way Logan did and was just devoted to her research.

Every one of them shared the memories of their actions.

One would normally be driven insane by the amount of information coming in at the same time, but the director did it without any problems.

On the contrary, as a result of 500 years’ worth of research, she had acquired an unrivaled amount of knowledge and skills.

“Ah, that’s right! A new magical device has been completed! It’s still in the prototype stage, but it’s more stable compared to the conventional model, so please give your official approval after the final adjustment…”

The director spoke rapidly.

She was extremely lively as she talked about it.

It might appear as though her eyes were pure and brilliant, but one could see the unparalleled chaos lying underneath it.

As Gwen casually sneaked away from the director, she whispered to me in annoyance.

“Hey, Havelt-san. Can you please take this person away from my world?”

“I refuse. She’s necessary personnel, no?”

“That’s certainly true, but…”

The world that consisted of only human consciousness was established with the help of the director.

If she no longer managed it, it would likely collapse soon after.

Gwen also understood that, so she didn’t really mean what she asked.

Leaving Gwen’s feelings aside, the director approached her.

“No no, things would be difficult were it not for Gwen-san’s cooperation! Really, thank you very much!”


Gwen replied perfunctorily.

Even though the director dragged Gwen around often, Gwen usually lets it happen without much resistance.

Apparently, Gwen found it troublesome to resist.

Even though Gwen did many things herself, it seemed she was no match for the director.

I gave some advice to Gwen, who was being shaken fervently by the director.

“The director likes you a lot, get along with her well.”

“…Okay okay, I understand.”

Gwen replied tiredly and tried to leave with the director.

However, she seemed to have recalled something and looked back at me.

Then, she motioned as if she was raising a glass.

“Let’s have a drinking party tonight. We’re all fellow Demon Lords, so please deal with my complaints, okay? Of course, Havelt-san will pay.”

“Okay, I can accompany you that much, at least.”

“I’ll take your word for it. Well then, I look forward to it.” 

Gwen walked away with the director while waving her hand loosely.

After seeing them off, Grom grumbled while rubbing at his chin.

“Those two are completely free-spirited…”

“Maybe that’s why they get along well.”

When I replied so, Grom nodded deeply.

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