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Chapter 5: Stray, Vernell

Hasr: Sorry, to grab your attention right before you start reading, but the TL, Kagura is stuck in the midst of a military coup in Myanmar. This isn’t a great news for many things, least of which is that their internet has been severely restricted. For all those worried, I am still in contact with Kagura and can confirm their safety, but there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the situation.

The WWSD team hopes that you, the reader can help bring some international attention to this issue and help the people affected by this.

After I took a bath and calmly thought it through, this was rather ridiculous. 

Rather suddenly, I realized that the “Vernell and Eterna Matchmaking Plan for a Happy Ending” had a serious flaw. 

I wasn’t a student at the Academy. Which meant that I wouldn’t be able to monitor the situation in real-time. With most of the events happening at the Academy, the main stage of the story, but if I’m not there… 

The Magic Knight Academy is an institution meant to train the knights who would eventually serve the Saint. There was no way that the Saint, even a fake one, would ever be admitted there. 

If you’re wondering about my studies, I have one-on-one lessons with a famous instructor. 

Scratch that, it’s not exactly one-on-one but that there are many teachers whose sole purpose is to teach just me. 

A Saint was a position higher than that of a Princess or a Prince in this world.

There is a suspicious guy who makes a living as a Prophet. When he predicts the birth of a Saint, his employers frantically make moves to persuade the parents to give up their child. 

Most parents, with some persuasion, would easily entrust their child to them when given a large sum of money as compensation. It may be seen as heartless, but in this world, to abandon or sell one’s child to reduce their own cost of living was a natural thing to do. So naturally, supplying them with a considerable sum tended to get them to acquiescence.  

So I don’t know where Elrise’s parents are or what they are doing now. 

According to her official profile, they seem to be living well without any guilt whatsoever. 

…The apple never falls far from the tree… 

Then the new Saint is raised and sheltered in a castle dedicated to raising Saints. 

The castle is located in a neutral zone bordering each country in order to prevent any one country from having a claim to the Saint. 

Knights, teachers, and servants are then brought from each country and sent to raise the Saint.

I think someone should’ve at least taken on the role of a parent, but in a sense, Saints are treated like sacred relics in this world. This treatment stemmed from the belief that a person is, “pregnant with the Saint”, rather than the notion that a child can be, “born with the power of a Saint”.  

In effect, the Saint’s influence and authority surpasses that of a King. 

There is no way I could enroll in the Academy, and the only thing I could possibly do is visit the campus at the right time under the guise of performing an inspection. 

Which brings us to the next problem. 

While I roughly know the timing of the event, I don’t know the exact date it takes place.  

“The Eternal Scattering Flowers” has a calendar system in place, conveniently, it’s written in the same format as a gregorian calendar with twelve months and seven days in a week. 

Hey staff! This place is too casual! 

The days of the week were named after the seven elements of this world: ice, fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, and light, with darkness being left out entirely. 

Ice Day has taken the place of Monday whilst Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday remained the same. Thursday is called Wind Day and Friday is known as Lightning Day. And lastly, Sunday was changed to be Light Day.1

The darkness that got excluded could go weep in the corner.  

The element of darkness…  is firmly seen as a symbol of the magical powers used by the Witch, so people tend to leave it out. 

So, one might think that if I had the date or even the day of the week… that I would know when the event would occur but… The timeline of the events tended to shift in response to Vernell’s actions. 

For example, an event that takes place on May 2nd in a previous playthrough may end up moving to May 4th during the next run. 

The reason for this is that “The Eternal Scattering Flowers” is the type of game where you have to spend a set number of days to improve Vernell-kun’s stats while progressing through the events. 

So if you were to use the days on inconsequential things, the event could end up being pushed to a much later date.  

In short… I don’t know. 

I was planning to interrupt Fara-san’s attack on Eterna in order to avoid her demise, but I don’t know for certain when that event will happen. 

In the worst case, Vernell-kun might devote himself to training and not progress with any of the events. Which could possibly lead to the event not firing at all.  

The game itself splits up activities into five time periods: morning, noon, evening, night, and midnight. During which the player can choose to practice, study, or communicate with the heroines. No matter which activity is chosen, time would move forward. 

It’s also possible to obtain the “solo” route, where you do nothing but train until graduation without raising any of the heroine’s flags. 

Well, I don’t think we’re on that kind of meme run. 

By the way, since I’m Elrise, it might be possible for Eterna to avoid falling into darkness even if I were to leave Fara-san to die.

In the first place, the one responsible for Eterna’s fall is Elrise. 

After all, this event was only meant to hasten Elrise’s departure from the plot, and Fara-san’s actions by themself actually had very little to do with it. 

But still, Fara-san’s event was an important flag in the game. I want to keep her alive just in case. 

And besides, those boobs are too great to just let her die. 

Fara-san is a beautiful twenty-four-year-old teacher with wavy brown hair, sporting stern features and a dynamite F-cup breast size! 

Even if it was just to feast my eyes on her rocking bod, I’d like to keep her alive. Let’s ensure she lives. 

Well, despite not knowing when the event will occur, there is a way to figure it out. 

In short, I can just go check out the situation. 

If I went to the Academy to inspect it, I could speak with the teachers and ask about Vernell and Eterna. 

As someone who has played through and conquered all the routes of “The Eternal Scattering Flowers, it’s easy for me to tell how far things have progressed based on the reputation of those around me, the general attitude of the class, and recent events, et cetera et cetera. 

Being able to numerically measure the favor of each heroine without looking at a strategy guide is also a very helpful skill.  

Alright, I can do this. I won. Time for another bath!

This is bad… This is bad… 

After a quick bath, I headed to the Academy with the excuse of performing an inspection, and after speaking with the teachers, I realized my previous conclusions had been far too naive.. 

Something unbelievable was happening.  

First, Vernell’s favorability with each heroine was still zero except for Eterna. Her favorability was still at it’s initial setting. 

Second, none of the event flags have been activated.

The sub-heroines don’t even know Vernell’s name. 

Lastly, Vernell. Training in the morning, training in the afternoon, the only thing he does is train through each time period! 

Th… this guy… No way! This is way too unbelievable!! 

What is this guy doing?! He hasn’t advanced any of the events, or even spoken to any of the heroines.  

He has used all his free time on training!!

The Vernell of this world is going for that meme run!!

Wait, wait, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You. 

Hey Vernell, you. You don’t know but “The Eternal Scattering Flowers” is a gal game. It’s a game about falling in love. 

There are some elements of combat and other things, but those are a bonus, the main point is to fall in love with the heroines. 

As for me, of course, I want you to go to the Eterna route. I won’t accept anything else, but still what do you mean you haven’t raised flags with anyone, or even talked to them. 2 

What are you trying to do when you, the main character of a gal game, are training and practicing alone all the time without talking to anyone? 

Isn’t this going to be the “solo” route if it continues to go on like this ? 

This is going to the end with that one CG where the muscular Vernell is surrounded by sumo-like men and saying something foolish like “women are unnecessary in my life”, it’s known as the  “Bodybuilding End♂️”. 

By the way, since it’s the fastest route to clear, in RTA many players name Vernell “Homo” after finishing the route. 3 I often watch it in the videos while laughing. 

But you are not doing this. Seriously don’t. 

Why are you aiming for the “Bodybuilding End ♂️” in this world, Vernell? 

What are you, a RTA player or something? Are you like me, possessed or reincarnated by someone strange? Are you aiming for the fastest clear? 

Any… anyway, I’m sure it’ll be bad if this continues. 

If Vernell doesn’t do anything, there’s no fucking way to fix this story. 


I don’t feel like it, I mean I really am not up for it but… 

I guess I will have to go ask him directly why he is doing this… 

Vernell has a “dream”. 

He wants to stand next to the Saint he had met on that day.

She had been the one who gave him light in his most desperate hour. She had rescued him from the darkness. 

And so, he wanted to follow in her footsteps. 

“The path of light” that she is walking, he believed that by following her he would be able to repay her. 

For that purpose, he couldn’t afford to take any detours. He didn’t have the time to waste on unnecessary things. 

Throughout the free periods in the morning, noon, evening, night, and even midnight; he  single-mindedly devoted himself to training.

“1405! 1406! 1407! 1408! 1409! 1410!”

In the room assigned to him by the school, he dangled with his feet hooked on the top of the triple bunk bed and raised his upper body repeatedly to create strong muscles. 

The capital of a knight is his body. Even when wielding a sword, there is a difference in speed and power between a weak boy and a muscular man. 

Muscles will not betray you. 

By the way, Vernell is the only one in the room at the moment. 

This is a shared room, but the other students spend their time playing and developing friendships.

“1411! 1412! 1413! 1414! 1415! 1416!”

His time is limited. In that limited amount of time he had to build up his physical foundation, practice his swordsmanship, train his magical power, and amongst many other things; become good at them. 

He can’t stand next to that person unless he is strong. 

Eterna, fed up with him, would say, “Let’s look at other things a little more…” but this is the path he has set out on. 

As he was immersed in training, he heard the sound of someone knocking on the door softly. 

Who could that be? Could it be Eterna? 

No, she knocks on the door without a care. 

Vernell had no choice but to suspend his training, wipe off the sweat with a towel and put on his jacket. 

Then he opened the door… and froze.

“Umm… it’s been a while. But do you remember me?”


Vernell screamed internally. 

The Saint who he had been dreaming of meeting again was right in front of him…. 

Oh my God, he thought. 

Vernell was currently dressed haphazardly in his uniform pants and a tank top. 

He didn’t expect the Saint to be on the other side of the door, which is why he came out dressed like this, but if he had known she would be there, he would have dressed properly to greet her.

“El… Elrise-sama of course! Not a day goes by that I don’t remember!”

He managed to speak even though his mind was a mess. 

He wondered if he sounded overly restless because of nervousness. No, it’s like that. 

He wonders if he smells sweaty from too much training. No, he definitely smells like sweat. 

‘I’m dead.’ 

Vernell’s heart was dominated by the joy of reunion and the chaos of meeting her in such a state. 

“Why, why, why is Elrise-sama in this place…!?” 

“I came here today for an inspection…. As I was doing the rounds, I learned that the boy I met in a forest was here. I was wondering how you were doing now. Did I trouble you? ” 

“No, no way!”

It wasn’t any trouble. In fact, he warmly welcomed it. 

However, the problem is that she came in the middle of his training. 

If he had known she was coming, he would have dressed properly to greet her. 

Ah, he thought the same thing a few minutes ago. 

With that thought, Vernell realized that his mind was in chaos. 

“I’m glad to hear that. By the way, how is “that power” doing since then? I hope it hasn’t gotten out of control.” 

“Ye- yes. Thanks to Elrise-sama, it has been much calmer  since then. Recently, although it’s only a little, I have been able to control it… It’s all thanks to you. It’s because of you that I am where I am now.”

Vernell said so, and looked down at the girl. 

They were about the same height when they met before, but she was still the same as then, and he had gotten bigger. 

And yet, her beauty did not change. No, in fact, she was prettier than before. 

Ahh, this was the person he came here for, he thought once more.

“…I see. Just being able to see how much you have grown was worth the trouble of coming here today.”

Elrise smiled softly, then looked up at Vernell with a little concern.

“By the way, from what I’ve heard, you’ve been training nonstop and haven’t made any friends at all, but I think it’s a good idea to develop close bonds with the people around you. There is a limit to one person’s strength after all.” 

“The limit of one person’s strength…”

Vernell was taken aback and looked at his hand. 

He thought, that’s true… 

How can a man who only sees himself protect others? 

The reason he came here in the first place was so the Saint wouldn’t have to fight alone… and to be able to fight alongside her. 

However, as he was now, there would only be one man’s ability.. There was no way he could fight alongside her like that.

“You’re right. I thought I was heading down the right path… but once again was wrong.”

Vernell honestly admitted his mistake and clenched his fists. 

His path had gotten corrected again. 

When he was on the verge of darkness before, she showed him the path towards that shining light. 

And again… this time, she showed him the right path. 

Vernell quietly reflected on his emotions and thoughts. 

She was his “light” as expected. No matter how much darkness called out to him, she showed him the path he should take. 

Self-righteous strength cannot protect anything. 

You can’t save anyone with muscles you’ve trained only for yourself. 

That’s just a bunch of pathetic muscles.

“… Ah. You are still wearing that pendant.” 

“Yes. This is an important proof of promise for me.”

Verner clutched the pendant affectionately, then bent down to look at Elrise. 

An unexpected reunion that came suddenly. 

But thanks to that, he was able to understand it clearly. 

What was important to him. What he wanted to protect. 

But he couldn’t say that. Not yet… 

He didn’t have the right to say that because he’s weak and unworthy of her. 

So instead, he just said his vow.

“Elrise-sama. I… will use the heart and life that you saved that day to protect what’s most important to me. I will become stronger than I am now. I will become stronger and… protect my Saint.” 

“… Yes. That’s the spirit. You will surely be able to make your dreams come true.… Ah. It’s about time for other people to come back to the room. I will take my leave…” 

“Yes. Let’s meet again someday… Elrise-sama.” 

He said with a smile, and then Elrise walked away. 

Vernell thought as he watched her back. 

His Saint was found. No, he didn’t even have to look for her in the first place. 

Because they had already met that day.

—–He will definitely become a man who can protect her. 

The man became even stronger as he made up his mind once again.

Translator Note: As usual, Elrise and other characters are not on the same wavelength when they talk. Thank you very much for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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Who Knows?
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“Raising” games like this are actually rather common in Japan.

The Princess Maker series is in the same genre. The goal of which is that you’re a dad raising his daughter. Depending on how you schedule her activities and what flags you hit, she gets different endings. There’s also some light RPG elements where she can go into dungeons.

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