Fake Saint of the Year

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After Story: Anecdote – Welcome Greetings for New Students


This one is pretty short as well.

Well, just like the previous chapter, just pretend you’re reading a 4-koma.

For those who aspire to become knights, this place was the ultimate gateway to success; it was called the “Alfrea Magic Knight Training Institution ” ―― or by its more common name, the Magic Knight Academy.

The academy, which bore the name of Alfrea, the First Saint, was about to welcome prospective students today.

Future knight cadets overcame the strict exams to enter the academy and to pass through its narrow gates. Standing in front of them was the First Saint, Alfrea, from whom the name of the academy was derived from.

Until last year, the one who gave the speech in front of the new students was the Greatest Saint of all time, Elrise, but after the decisive battle with the “Witch,” Elrise stepped down from her position and was said to be living her retired life somewhere.

After that, the person who succeeded the title of the saint was First Saint Alfrea.

The role of the knights would change greatly from this point on. 

Be it the Witch and the real enemy behind them, “Witch,” those entities were no more.

In that case, the role of the Saint would also change, as they no longer needed to live as a symbol of peace and to fight battles.

As such, the knights who protected the Saint would no longer be needed as much as before, and the main role of the knights moving forward should be to protect the nation and its people, not the Saint.

In front of the knight cadets who would lead this new era, Alfrea began to give her speech.

“Dear new students, you have done well in passing the rigorous exams. The Magic Knight Training Institution welcomes you.” 

Alfrea smiled while speaking out words of welcome. 

Then came a mysterious pause and, for some reason, she stopped talking.

Huh? Thought the students.

What happened? Shouldn’t she say something, like what would be asked of the knights in the future, the attitude a knight should have, or some other words of encouragement?

Alfrea stiffened while smiling and glanced to the side.

Then at last, she spoke her next line. 

“…E-err… As the threats of the Witch and demons are no more, the role of Saint and knights will change dramatically. From now on, the thing that knights should focus on the most would be deterrence. Deterrence means…” 

Then her words cut off again. 

As for what was happening here… it was simple.

“She forgot what she had to say,” it was just that.

She thought she had memorized it well before coming here. But even though she thought she had completely memorized it, when the time came to actually speak, she ended up going “huh?” in front of the crowd.

Humans were creatures who tended to forget important things during important situations.

If that was the case, she should’ve just brought the script for the speech, and actually, the Prime Knight Rex also intended to do that at first.

However, tragedy struck.

――Alfrea couldn’t read the alphabet of this nation.

After all, she was a person who lived a millennium ago, and her original birthplace wasn’t Billberry Kingdom. Or rather, Billberry Kingdom didn’t exist back then.

Additionally, she was different from the modern Saints, who were highly educated.

Therefore, she had no choice but to memorize things completely, and Alfrea was confident enough to tackle this challenge… but she splendidly forgot about the welcome speech for the new students.

“…Um, in other words, deterrence is deterrence… that’s why, everyone who will be responsible for that from now on is amazing… as for what exactly the deterrence is against… err, demons… ah, they no longer exist… um, in other words…” 

Prime Knight Rex, who was waiting on the side of the stage, facepalmed upon hearing the speech, which was completely butchered at this point. 

By the way, the responsibility of deterrence to be carried by knights was, of course, not only against bandits or other villains, but also against other nations.

In a peaceful world without a common enemy, war among humans would begin sooner or later.

That was why, as a preventative measure, the knights were expected to serve as a deterrent and stop other nations from going wild in an emergency; meanwhile, the Saint, as the symbol of peace, would be left as an existence that was above the kings of each nation.

They were still fumbling around at this point, and as long as Elrise was still alive, she would serve as a deterrent as well, so there wasn’t any nation that would rampage that easily.

That was why it was the role of the current generation to create a foundation for maintaining a peaceful world for future generations while Elrise was still alive.

That was how it was supposed to be said… but Alfrea couldn’t explain it well and panicked above the stage.

“Re-Reeeexxxxx! What should I say after this?! What should I do?! I totally forgot!!” 

She finally became teary and asked Rex for help, so Rex stepped out from the side of the stage and took over the explanation. 

People had their strengths and weaknesses. Alfrea just happened to be bad with these kinds of formalities… that was all.

The knight cadets thought while looking at that scene.

Aah… even if she is called a Saint, I guess she’s still human.


Good evening everyone, author here.

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First of all, it’s not an exaggeration to say that we have reached one goal.

Thank you for your support.

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So from now on, please continue to support the Fake Saint!


We’ve come this far at last!

Well, as the author mentioned above, the novel version is completed, and since the author only updated novel chapters whenever they would release a new volume, it’s doubtful that a new chapter will appear after this (of course, they might release some chapter if they feel like it, but don’t expect much) and they will likely focus on the manga version or on preparing for new novel from now on. I guess this is the last chapter we’ll see of Fake Saint. Thank you for accompanying us all this time, everyone! I hope you try to read the other works on the site to see if any draw your interest!

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16 hours ago

Thanks for the chapter. I understand what she’s feeling so much, even though I can recite it perfectly off stage, when the time actually came my mind just went blank. Good luck, hopefully you can do it better next year Alfrea! I like this novel so much, it’s sad to see it truly ending. It’s been a good ride.

1 day ago

Ahh, I’m sad to see this novel end but it was fun while it lasted. Can’t wait to see what sort of story the author will write next

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thanks for the translation

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Ahh….can someone tell me where is the place that translated the LN?

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Thanks for chapter~

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it took me 2 days to reach here. to all those who read before me, this has been a good journey to be in.

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Author might release a web chapter to celebrate anime announcement, if it gets to that stage.

13 days ago

These side-stories made me able to get through with the end of this great novel. Thanks for the translation!

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I think this is the end, thank you for translating this novel

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Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

Thank you for translating all the chapters!!

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Thanks for chapter.
This novel have a lot side story, I love it. I read manga after it come out, but it’s pace too rushed to point disappointing. I hope they reduce pace a bit in manga.

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Thank you for your hard work

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Its…finally over huh?..

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19 days ago

Though this side story journey is short, it still good. At least I don’t need to dry my tear like the main story. Thanks for the hard work translate this novel. May another novel like this will show up again.