I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 05 – A Talk with Kiel

“I’m sorry. It seems that Itou-sama got involved in the summoning ritual by accident…”

“What will happen to me? Will I be kicked out of the castle?”

“No. Well, at the very least, you won’t be sent out immediately. The Crown Prince is in charge of all matters relating to the Miko. I can’t tell you in specifics, but if by any chance, you have to leave the castle, the temple will be there for you. It must be some kind of fate that Itou-sama ended up here in this world. Even if you aren’t the Miko from the legend, there’s no doubt that you are a favoured child of the gods.”


I was comforted by Elmo-san. I felt his sympathy, so I gave a small smile.

When I returned to my room, Kiel had already prepared some tea for me. From the looks of it, he must have been informed of the story from the temple.

“Kiel, I think you have already heard this. It seems that I’m not the Miko. So I need to figure out what to do with myself. I don’t know if it’s your job, but if possible, could you explain more about this world to me?”

“I understand. Of course I’ll tell you anything if it can help you!”

After that, I asked for some tea for Kiel, and the two of us discussed various things as we drank it.

In this world, there was a large outbreak of miasma once every few years, which looked like a thick black fog. There was no fixed interval between each outbreak. Sometimes there could be a few decades in between, while other times the next outbreak might not occur in hundreds of years.

The occurrence of an outbreak caused many things. A mysterious disease began to spread, crops were unable to be harvested, and monsters appeared in droves, threatening the lives of people.

In order to subdue the miasma, it was necessary to purify the area where it originated from. Since no one in this world possessed that ability, a Miko was summoned from another world.

Using this method, the Argyle Empire had suppressed the miasma until now. To its citizens, the Miko was like a hero, and it was a great honour to serve whoever it was.

According to what Kiel knew, there were more than 20 countries in this world— maps of the continents were not readily available. But on this continent, the Argyle Empire was the only one who had access to information about the Miko summoning. If miasma occurred in other countries, the Empire could receive favour and maintain authority by sending the Miko to help.

I wondered what would happen to those unfortunate regions the Miko couldn’t be sent to.

I wished I had listened to more information about the Miko. The crown prince had explained some things about it already, but it seemed that I hadn’t been paying attention.

In this country, brown was the most common hair colour, but there were also people with a wide variety of hair colours– especially among the high-ranking nobles. It seemed that having a vibrant hair colour was a symbol of their status. There was no one with black hair and eyes; a black hair colour was rare enough, but people with black eyes couldn’t be found anywhere.

It seemed the beauty standard was the same as my world. Ever since I came to this world, I hadn’t received any blind compliments on my appearances. It was a shame that my black hair and eyes couldn’t compensate for my mundane looks.

Apparently, the ratio of males to females in this world was 7:3. Same-sex marriage was allowed all over the country; in fact, it seemed that there were less people who didn’t consider people of the same gender as potential partners rather than people who did.

Monsters were also common, so even if there wasn’t any miasma, knights and adventurers went to subjugate them. In big cities, there would always be an Adventurers’ Guild somewhere.

“Oh, by the way, my magic power was measured by a magic measuring device, but due to some… comments, I want to know, how much magic power does an ordinary person normally have?”

“Well… the average adult noble has around 2000. Nobles prefer to marry people with high magic power, so they have higher average than normal citizens. An adventurer who uses magic as a weapon usually has around 4000, and anything over 5000 is the level of a court magician.”

“I see. Kagaya-kun has around 7000. That’s actually quite a lot, now that I think about it.”

“I never knew anyone whose magic power was 7000 before. Kaname-sama is indeed the Miko. Please excuse me, but how about you, Itou-sama?”

“My magic power is only 300. I heard that it’s the same as a newborn child.”

“That’s… in this world, there are also people who were born with almost no magic power, but it doesn’t pose a problem to their everyday lives. But if you do wish to use magic, you need to be careful of your magic power running out. Uhh, here’s a reference. If you use a low ranked spell 2 times, it will consume a day’s worth of magic power for you.”

“I see… My world doesn’t have any magic, so I was really looking forward to using magic.”

“What is your attribute?”

“I have a light attribute.”

“That’s wonderful! Having the light attribute is quite rare. Healing magic and purification, which are both in high demand, are also light attributes, but even if some possess the light attribute, there are very few who have these abilities. So if you become a powerful user with these abilities, you’ll be surrounded by royalty and aristocrats.”

“Is that so… Kagaya-kun is the Miko, so he can use both healing and purification. In addition to that, he also has a water attribute.”

“In addition to already having the light attribute, he’s a holder of two attributes?! There are already very few people with multiple attributes, but I have never heard of anyone having two attributes, with light being one of them!”

It must be nice for Kagaya-kun, having so many cheats, right? As someone who was summoned to another world with him, I also wanted a cheat. I wondered if I had any aptitudes other than magic…

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