I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 07 – First Visit to the City

A month had passed since I was summoned to this world. My life hadn’t changed that much. I just borrowed books from the Royal Library and spent all my time doing nothing but reading. I hadn’t practiced any more magic since my successful attempt with illumination magic.

Once in a while, I practiced sword fighting with Zack, with a wooden sword, of course. My results were less than satisfactory, but I was at least exercising again. Zack also taught me about self-defence, and I worked hard to learn it.

And today, I would visit the city for the first time!!

When we were transported from the temple to the royal palace, I was in such a daze that I couldn’t look at any of the scenery at all, so this was my first time seeing the cityscape.

A carriage took us to the centre of the city. As I looked out the window, I saw a European-style cityscape. I was in high spirits because the view was so similar to the streets of Italy I visited when I graduated from university.

“Itou-sama. Is there anywhere specific you want to go?”

“I want to see different stores and their products. I would also like to know, what are the popular shops?”

I wondered if I could make a profit as a merchant with other-worldly knowledge if I ever had to leave the royal palace.

“I understand. Let’s go around the main street, then. I’ve been researching popular stores recently, so I can show you around those places later.”

As expected of Kiel! A man with skills really was different.

My black hair and eyes would definitely stand out, so I put on a long, hooded robe that the royal palace had prepared for me in advance. I was worried that wearing this would make me stand out, but luckily, there were already quite a few people with the same robe casually walking around the city.

As I looked around, I noticed that the people in this world generally had well-built physiques. Even my height, which was tall back in Japan, was average for an adult male here.

Shopping around the main street was a lot of fun. I visited the general stores, the bookstores, and the clothing stores. Clothes designed like kimonos were sold to honour the past Miko.

Of all the stores, I had the most fun at the magic tool store!

They sold many useful items, including a pen that wrote down everything the user said, the so-called dimensional storage bags, and so on.

Of course, they also sold magic lamps. My illumination magic worked better than those lamps, but I could only make it last for a short while…

Many of the magic tools utilised magic stones for their usage. It seemed that magic stones could store magic, and with this, a great many magic tools could be manufactured.

Magic stones came in various sizes. The larger the stone, the more powerful the magic, but of course, the more expensive the price became. The magic tools could be used by channeling magic into them, and the amount of magic power required to use them was significantly less than when casting the magic.

Some of those magic tools weren’t complicated in construct. For those ones, it was possible to use them without adding magic power. The dimensional storage bag was one of those things. 

“There are so many things! I wanna buy them all, but I don’t have any money…”

“If the problem is money, please don’t worry. You can have this. The budget for the Miko was given to me by the Archbishop from the temple.”

Kiel handed me a leather bag filled with coins.

“But I haven’t done anything to deserve this! I don’t want to receive this for no reason”

“No, Itou-sama. You can take this without any worries. You were forced to let go of everything you had to be summoned here. It’s only natural for the royal family or the temple to at least guarantee your livelihood.”

“Then, I’ll take your word for it. I would have been in a lot of trouble if I didn’t have any money, so next time I meet Elmo-san, I’ll thank him.”

After much deliberation, I decided to buy an ultra-small storage waist-pouch. Its capacity was equivalent to two carriages, and it was very expensive. I also bought three Misanga-like bracelets. They could activate a barrier for protection, though they were only single-use. As I was lacking in my self-defence abilities, I also wanted to buy a reusable barrier activating magic tool, but unfortunately, the price was ridiculously expensive.

The leather bag that Kiel handed me contained quite a lot of money, but it was better to save some, since I didn’t know whether I would get the allowance again. 

We had lunch at a restaurant that Kiel recommended, and in the afternoon, I browsed through the stores some more and returned to the castle early.

Zack was the only one guarding me, and even though this was the castle town and therefore relatively safe, it was still better not to go out after dark.

From the day after I visited the city on, I somehow ended up resuming my magic practice. After repeated practicing, I could sense when my magic would run out. The closer I got to my limit, the weaker I became.

Once, I overdid it, and I was paralyzed for some time. So I decided to stop as soon as I felt my strength was leaving my body. 

But something had been bothering me ever since I started practicing again.

“Kiel, can the amount of magic power in a person increase?”

“It can increase as you grow and get older, like a child. Once you reach adulthood, it can still increase slightly, but I haven’t heard of anyone with a significant increase.”

“I see…”

For some reason, the amount of magic I could use in a single day was increasing. Nowadays, even if I used a large amount of magic, I rarely felt like I was running out of it. However, I couldn’t confirm the amount of magic power I had, and it could be troublesome if someone knew about what was happening, so I decided to keep it to myself.

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2 years ago

Ha, just as i was thinking, he’s a progressive type. The more he used his power the more he grows. And maybe the chunni one although has higher amount of magic, its his cap already and can no longer grow.

2 years ago

I mean I 1,000% think they will regret their decision to cast him aside.

Last edited 2 years ago by ennuiinertia
2 years ago

Is he gonna become an op miko? Oohh, I can’t wait! Thank you for the translations!

2 years ago

Just found this story and so far I’m rather fond of it!