I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 43 – Kagaya-kun just wants to go home.

Author’s Note : This is the story about when Kagaya-kun returned to his world from his point of view. This doesn’t affect the main story, so there’s no problem at all if you skip this chapter.


Recently, something has been bothering me.

To say it frankly, I was getting bored. 

Once you got used to it, life in Argyle became completely normal; in particular, there was no longer any excitement. 

I was expecting an adventurous life as a Miko, but even during purification, it was all about doing the same thing every time. 

The monsters came out, but I wasn’t the one fighting them, and I didn’t have a chance to shine. 

When it comes to fantasy, it might be better if it was easier to understand and more flashy.

For example, if something like a spirit king and some powerful guys became allies one after another to defeat the devil king or something like that; then got some extremely powerful artefact and became peerless or something… And maybe summoned a legendary beast or something like that? 

Was there such a plain fantasy like this where I just had to go around doing only purification?! It lacked any tension, and I meant it was lacking too much in that department.

If my old man was here, he would say something like, “What’s really important are the simple things in life, so don’t try to run away from them.” But I wanted to tell him that every role had the right person in the right place. 

After all, I knew that it was a talent in itself to persevere in doing the same plain and boring thing repeatedly. I respected those kinds of people, and I really do, from the bottom of my heart.

Unfortunately, my talent did not lie in that area. That’s why, for such plain things, I certainly wanted to request those who could properly do them. 

And recently, I had been thinking, would I be alright once the purifications are done? 

A person with rare abilities is treasured, but I thought that kind of person would be in a slightly dangerous position. 

There was no way Leonard would betray me, but there was plenty of information the vassals knew that he didn’t. I was sure they were looking down on him. 

I had doubts about whether he could really protect me with the way he was now.

Haa… maybe I should seriously look for a way to return home…”

I murmured to myself while sitting cross-legged on a wide bed.

Come to think of it, on the day I was summoned, the archbishop said that there was no way to return, but I wouldn’t know for sure if there really was no way to do so. There was a possibility that they were just purposely hiding it from me…

Now that I have decided, I should take action now. I secretly called the fortune teller and hid this fact from Leonard.

Through one of my chamberlains who adored me, I told him to bring the fortune teller here without being seen by anyone; he really brought that fortune teller to my room without being stopped by anyone, so I was really surprised at that time. What in the world was this guy!?

To conclude this, there was a way to return to my world… As I’d expected.

The fortune-teller told me that the key to the storage where they hid the device that would allow me to return to my world was stored and kept in the Emperor’s bedroom. 

“I need to search for how to use that device… I wonder if it’s recorded somewhere.”

As I was muttering to myself, the fortune teller even told me that those kinds of documents might be in an archive where they stored secret documents. 

Wasn’t this fortune-teller amazing? But also very dangerous? If someone could have this fortune-teller as an ally, that person could easily steal Argyle. This fortune-teller was literally leaking all confidential information. 

Even as I was looking at the secret documents with the help of the library’s manager, it was as easy as pie; surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult to reach the place where the return device was stored. It was a good thing that the Emperor had a plan to go outside the castle—.

Leonard also went shopping in a neighbouring country. I was saved because he happily left when I told him that I ‘wanted the clothes that were trending in that neighbouring country no matter what’, and I would, ‘feel his love if he personally chose them for me.’

Just as I saw in the document, I activated and prepared the device. I couldn’t find any documents related to this device’s design and structure, but there was only a memo written about how to use that device. 

Then, I picked up the bag with the things I was planning to take home.

A lot of the jewellery that Leonard gave me was too exaggerated that it would be difficult for me to sell.

But the ring he gave me when he proposed to me, along with some other things, could be converted into money, so I decided to take them.

I would be troubled if I returned to Japan without a single penny. I needed some money for the time being. Anyway, I was pretty much jobless right now. 

If I had that dimensional storage bag, I could bring clothes and many other things. The materials were of high-quality, and like this stage costume, it could be sold at a good price.

The room was pointlessly spacious, and I didn’t have any luggage myself because I didn’t need it. In hindsight, I should have bought it. 

I stood on the return device, and just for a moment, I thought of leaving behind a letter for Leonard. I could easily imagine him crying as he reread my letter everyday. 

Yeah, I felt a little bad for him. But it was better not to leave anything behind.

I thought about leaving behind a few words for Itou-san, but then again, it was too bothersome to think about it. I’m sure that even Itou-san would think that it was pointless to leave a letter behind. If it was me, I would definitely think the same because I wouldn’t need it.

In the first place, I was a little hesitant whether I should let Itou-san know that I was going to return to our world. It was because this device could be used only once. 

But I didn’t know where Itou-san was right now, and I wanted to go back right away.

In any case, if Itou-san couldn’t find a way to return by himself, oh well, perhaps he wouldn’t complain that much, right?

Okay, let’s go back

When I was in Japan, I never missed my parents’ house, but I wanted to eat my mom’s home-cooked meal at least once after a very long time. After I return, I will visit my parents’ house once. 

“Farewell, Argyle!”

There was no one around, but I still spoke those words out loud and flipped the switch on the return device. 

When the lamp of the return device was lit, familiar red hair crossed my mind for a moment. He wasn’t my type, but when the time to leave came, it made me hesitate for a little bit, so I thought I became somewhat attached to him. 


Once I parted ways with him, I would meet someone new again. It had always been that way so far. 

According to the documents, I needed to imagine the destination I had in mind. Even if I returned to Japan, I would be troubled if I was thrown into a strange place. I had to concentrate. 

Where should I go—? If I suddenly appeared right in the centre of the city, I would stand out. The back door of the training centre had less people around, so it would be fine if I landed there… This wouldn’t break and crush me, right?1I beg you, let it be exactly what it was before.’ 

After I prayed earnestly, my whole body was suddenly engulfed by the red light emitted by the device.


(PK : Shall I fill the plot hole here? Ahem…. Fortune teller might actually be a god because he mistakenly summoned two Miko. In order to correct it, he secretly disguised himself as a fortune teller and helped Kaname return…… Kek.)

(Rus: It’s so deus ex machina…)

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1 year ago

Yeah, Kaname is utterly irredeemable.

2 years ago

I kind of want to kick Kagaya’s ass right now
Such an immature way of thinking(*  ̄︿ ̄)

2 years ago

Whattt, so the fortune teller is a goddd. That’s why the fortune teller is so amazinggggg. Thank you for the chapterrrr.