I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Extra Chapter 2 – My Master from Another World Part 2

I invited my master on a stroll around the city for a change of pace. I wish I could have taken him earlier, but I couldn’t get permission from the head chamberlain till now. 

“Wow! This really is a fantasy world. I definitely want this dimensional storage bag. What should I do about the size?” my master shouted joyfully.

It seemed like he truly enjoyed this magic tool shop. I was happy that a calm and composed person like him could express such childish joy. It was a good thing that I got money from the temple.

The temple already had a budget for the otherworlders. It was a given that we should prepare money for the one who got summoned, since he or she would have no assets here. Some of the ample amount of wealth that had been collected for 300 years should be given to my master as well as the Miko.

Itou-sama seemed to like all the shops I recommended. I was happy and content that my master had fun the whole day, even more so when he thanked me with a gentle smile.

I heard that the Miko-sama instantly became popular on the announcement day. Even at the night banquet, the foreign nations’ royalties had to wait to have even just a friendly chat with the Miko-sama. The Crown Prince had to drive away anyone who really tried to approach him, regardless of their status. 

Ever since that day, the atmosphere surrounding my master had changed a little. It seemed like some nobles had noticed my master’s appearance at the cathedral that day.

Once, while I was walking along the corridor, I saw the Miko-sama, a sad expression on his face, asking a young knight, “Is it true that the people won’t accept me as Miko if I don’t have black hair and eyes?”

It seemed that he also asked this in front of the priests and the Crown Prince.

Wouldn’t that cause his followers to think badly about my master? Rather, wasn’t he purposely instigating the whole situation? 

Ever since I came back from taking a leave for my family business, I noticed my master pondering over something quite frequently. I wanted to be of help to him, but when I asked if he was worried about something, he just smiled, said he was fine, and didn’t tell me anything further.

“Kiel, please take this.”

“This… isn’t this one of the bracelets you bought at the store when we went to the castle town? Why don’t you use it for yourself?”

“I bought three of them, so I wanted you and Zack to have one each as a token of gratitude.

I’m sorry that I only have these cheap items to give you both.”

I was hesitant to receive this barrier-casting bracelet, but I ended up accepting it. 

I was overjoyed at first, but with the unexpected present came a premonition, and an especially strong one at that.

One day, some unfamiliar official suddenly visited my master and told him that he needed to go for an inspection to the western temple. 

That was absolutely ridiculous. The west temple was located in the countryside, away from the capital, and I had never heard of anyone going to an inspection there. There was also no news that miasma appeared near that region, so what were they planning to do, bringing my master who wasn’t even the Miko to that place? 

I snapped at the official, telling him no, but my master said he would go. At first glance, he seemed to be acting like usual, but I believed he was nervous about something, which made me even more anxious. 

I wished he hadn’t gone. 

I was watching his back as he left the room, when he turned to face me and said, “Thank you, Kiel.”

And then, he smiled gently.


After that day, I was never able to welcome back my master. In fact, he went completely missing. The whereabouts of the official and the knight who were supposed to be with him that day were also unknown.

The coachman’s corpse was found near the Valley of Ashes, and there were traces of what appeared to be the tracks of carriage wheels on the cliff overlooking the valley. Rumours that attacking bandits caused the whole carriage to fall off the cliff also emerged.

With such an unusual, irregular inspection, there was no doubt that the royal family was involved in my master’s disappearance.

It was my pride to work at the royal castle.

But when my master disappeared, that feeling went with it.

TL note: Kiel is a good boy. Why isn’t he the ML? This should be about Kiel having a power up and getting revenge on the empire. Don’t be sad Kiel. Your Ahjussi is not dead yet. Oops! They’re the same age. Kek. I can at least spoil this, right? Lol. Yes, I typed “magic tool shop” as “stool shop”. I surprised myself. This is also a short chapter, so I hope this can entertain you all. 

Tamago: I cri, poor Kiel, poor Itou, I want them to be happy together T–T … DAMN THE EMPIRE, DAMN THE ROYALS, ARGH


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1 year ago

… wait.. who is the ML? dont tell me its that.. I hope its not him..

2 years ago

I mean the other guy is spending money like crazy and is obviously terrible. I dunno. I feel like Kiel shouldn’t be the only one with a working brain…

2 years ago

Imma miss Kiel TT that wretched royal family smh

2 years ago

I wonder if the supposed mill did something to the original appraisal to make himself the the main character

Last edited 2 years ago by Maho
2 years ago

I’m gonna miss Kiel T_T
If he goes on a journey to find Itou, it’s probably gonna forever~
I’m secretly hoping the knight Zack also heads out and supports Kiel on his search.

And dang, I thought I read like a chapter or two a go that made Kagaya seem like he was getting used without his knowledge, but reading the chapters again, it just confirms that he’s totally plotting against Itou.