Refuse Harem

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Chapter 025 – Dear Tenma, I Am Already Thirteen Years Old. I Have Become a Fine Lady II

“We still won’t have enough people since Ojou-san made up a system where people have two days off per week! Why must there be two days off a week?! The work periods are short too, and what’s a work shift1 anyway?!”

Creto had short, ocher-colored hair, which was common in his homeland, a pair of long slit eyes with the same color. Overall, he looked like a young man with a refreshing appearance, although his speaking tone was rough. However, Sophie was already used to that and responded with a smile.

“Creto, Talis is an amazing summer resort, but the winter there is colder than at the royal capital. It is merciless to demand people to work for long periods of time in the freezing cold. The two days off per week will give their body time to recover and refresh their mind. If they get sick, they can’t even work, even if they want to, you know?”

Sophie considered that as a natural employment condition, and she had secured a considerable amount of funds for human resource development and their maintenance. 

Many people who worked under Sophie were orphans, and most of them felt subservient about that. For them to break out of their label as orphans, what they needed were not only knowledge and skills, but also rewards as well.

One of those rewards was clothing, and those people who were in charge of management positions, like Creto and Bart, were granted a number of high-quality suits. Creto was wearing one of these said suits granted to him right at this moment, which made him appear to be a young ace of a leading company at first glance. 

“Since you bought their soul, then you can just work them hard enough to make the soul come out from their body.”

“Well, then they would only turn into an empty vessel if their soul was pulled out of their body. I didn’t take them in just to make use of them as slaves, but rather, to hire them as employees. It costs money to educate human resources from scratch, you know? Isn’t it sad to exploit them like that?”

“No, you won’t find anywhere else that offers a better working situation in the world!”

Especially for children. They were taught to read, write, and calculate in the morning, then worked for several hours in the afternoon. And their work for those few hours was also paid in wages. Of course, this policy wasn’t applied for the whole Linier merchant group. It was only for employees who worked directly under Sophie.

All the kinds of businesses that Sophie put her hands on were successful, generating immeasurable assets. A mere thirteen-year-old girl possessed surplus in her personal assets. She made use of these assets for future business endeavours, including its maintenance and labor costs.

The things she wanted weren’t expensive jewelry, silk dresses, or the latest shoes.

She was greedier than that.

The thing she wanted was “development.”

She wished for the development of this nation and its citizens.

Was there another woman as interesting as her? None of the people who worked under her wished to work in any other place.

“There are several children who are good at manual labor, and since they said they wanted to do farm work, I’ve sent them to be interviewed by you though.”

“Eeh— Those kids are all dissatisfied every time I bring them with me, so it is troublesome.”

“Well, so they are dissatisfied with their employment. What are they dissatisfied about? I will deal with it right away. Ah, but it’ll be hard if the complaints are about them not wanting to move away from the royal capital. We can hardly do any farm work in the capital after all.”

The capital had dirtier soil and water compared to the health resort Sophie lived in for years. It wasn’t an environment for growing important crops. They need a good environment to grow them.

“Of course they all wanted to leave this dirty capital as soon as possible. It’s just, they all don’t want to be away from…”

“Oi, it’s about time you shut your loud mouth.”

As soon as the door opened, Bart came in with his rebuke. Creto quietly muttered, “The noisy dude has arrived.”

“Bart, you came at the right time. Is she okay?”

“Her fever looks like it will last a little longer, but the doctor guarantees that she will be alright since she has taken the medication.”

“I see! I’m glad about that.”

“You picked up yet another person?!”

Creto’s voice echoed in the room.

“Oh, you didn’t know? Bart, I thought I told you to go to Creto to give him my apology.”

“This man didn’t return to the dormitory last night. Perhaps he went out to play somewhere?”


“Wha! Don’t say such random things to Ojou-san! I was just talking to Eric about selective breeding at the lab yesterday!”

“Hey, although I appreciate you both being enthusiastic about work, are Creto and Eric resting properly? Both of you are managers, so please work only during the working times I already decided. It might make the people under you imitate your actions. I won’t forgive you if you overwork yourself, you know.”

“Why am I the one getting scolded…”

As they ignored Creto’s complaints, Bart gave a letter to Sophie.

“Sophie-sama. Here is an invitation from Viscount Harris-sama for a dinner party tonight.”

“Tonight? That’s quite sudden.”

“Since the master and madam were also invited, I think it will be hard to decline.”

“I wasn’t intending to refuse to begin with. I owe him a favor for procuring cultivated land for me after all.”

Viscount Harris had accommodated her with a vast amount of cultivated land for growing “amane.” While it was also an opportunity for her to show gratitude, it was also just common sense for an aristocrat to answer such courtesy.

Sophie wondered about what to wear to the dinner party as she began her work for that day.

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