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Chapter 024 – Dear Tenma, I Am Already Thirteen Years Old. I Have Become a Fine Lady

Tenma, I wanted to show you how my current-self has grown into a fine lady.

However, despite the fact that I have grown into such a pretty lady, some people call me a witch. It makes me very sad. Why am I referred to as a witch?

Both Bart and Creto scolded me for the second time. I am supposed to be a daughter of a baron family though?

Aah, I wrote about Creto before. He is an immigrant boy who fled from his own nation. He is about as old as Bart. He said that in his nation, they were forced to do farm work from morning till night without any break, and if they slacked even a bit, a whip would come their way.

I was so scared that I shivered when I heard that. But what do you think Bart said to me when he saw this trembling fine lady?

—Sophie-sama, your eyes are scary. They seem to say, ‘I’m gonna kill you, you bastard!'” or something similar.

Wasn’t that a horrible thing to say?!

Not only did he not give any care to a trembling lady, he even said I put on such a scary expression!

Even though Bart has been with me for years, he still misunderstands me sometimes. How sad! But that is fine, since both Eric and Sunny still refer to me as the best lady they could have had.

Bart and Creto told me that I was a heresy of a young lady, but Eric and Sunny said that I was a supreme lady, so I guess it evens out?

Okay, I will be working hard today as well.

Well then Tenma, see you again.

Sophie finished writing in her diary; then, as she opened the door of the Linier merchant group, all the employees there stood up and bowed.

Even though Sophie told them over and over that there was no need to give her such courtesy, since she was merely the daughter of the owner, nobody listened to her. On the contrary, somebody even said, “No, I don’t feel like the morning begins before giving such a greeting to Ojou-sama,” with a serious expression. The atmosphere as they said that made her unable to jokingly reply that the morning started the moment they woke up.

At first, there were many employees of the Linier merchant group who were reluctant to show themselves to Sophie, but for some reason, their attitude was currently something like “We are Sophie-sama’s faithful servants!”

Sophie was curious about it, so she asked Bart, but he merely laughed to avoid answering. However, Sophie didn’t miss him muttering, “It’s because you’re a heresy of a young lady.”

Really, to refer to this cute young lady who took such good care of her nutrition and beauty like that, it really is awful of him!

Sophie puffed her cheeks as she recalled that. Sophie opened the door of the room that was used as her private room with such expression on her face, and she saw a man who was trembling in anger and sitting on the leather sofa for guest use.

“Good morning, Ojou-san.”

“Good morning, Creto.”

Even as the man exuded his aura of anger, he still gave his morning greeting properly. Sophie replied to the greeting with a smile, but it wasn’t very effective, as the man immediately proceeded to scold her right after the greeting.

“Ojou-san, I really don’t want to say this. But don’t you think you’ve picked up too many people?! Why did you pick up some orphans right after entering the royal capital?!”

As Sophie sat in front of Creto, Sunny stood behind her. Since it was a usual scene for Sunny, her expression didn’t change.

“Oh, are you angry Creto?”

“Yes, I am angry. Why do you keep picking up all the dirty kids?!”

“Well, you were not that clean when I first picked you up either, though?”

“We’re not talking about that right now!”

Creto was a boy Sophie’s group secured when he collapsed in Rusha Kingdom.

In order to improve the “amane” that Sophie received from Al, she wanted more “amane” seeds and people who were familiar with growing it, so Sophie went to Rusha Kingdom.

She picked up a boy on their way there, who happened to be Creto. The boy had now grown into a tall young man who looked good in suits.

“They all said they would sell their souls to me after all. Wouldn’t you normally buy such things when offered?”

“Hey, no normal ojou-sama would spout such a merciless thing, and I wouldn’t buy it either.”

He affirmed that, which made Sophie cover her mouth with her hand while saying, “Well.” Creto scratched his head because of this shameless ojou-sama.

“Creto, you told me that you lacked human resources, didn’t you? There are children who prefer to move their body over studying, so I want you to teach them how to grow the crops properly.”

Creto usually grew and managed “amane” and many other crops in the resort town where Sophie had resided in for many years.

Since Creto grew up tending fields from morning until night during his time at Rusha Kingdom, he was knowledgeable in that field.

He worked well when deciding the fertilizer quality and quantity that should be used, what cultivation method to use, and selective breeding. He was the most qualified person as her agricultural manager.

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2 years ago

Sophie writing to Tenma is my favorite part of the entire series.

2 years ago
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she always did it for almost every title change

2 years ago

The fuck with that title!?

2 years ago
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someone on denial