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Chapter 074 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~Christina Wellin’s Strategies and Sighs~ II

It continued even after Christina enrolled in “The Queen’s Rose.”

There was nothing new in her life at the girl’s academy, and the only things she looked forward to were the news about Sophie Linier.

Around that time, Christina’s childhood friend, Celine, asked, “Why don’t you write a story too?” and so she did.

The title was “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy.” 

She modeled the Golden Knight Leold after her fiancé, while the black-haired, green-eyed Nicole was modeled after Sophie. 

The reason she made Nicole a man was because the plot wouldn’t be able to move otherwise. Even if both were commoners, the reception towards a man and a woman were different. There was no way a commoner woman could make a dynamic movement. There was no charm in a protagonist who didn’t make any movement, and since she based Nicole’s character on Sophie Linier, Christina didn’t wish the character she wrote to be unattractive.

Christina’s anonymously made creation brought enormous delight to the young ladies of “The Queen’s Rose.” Some of them enjoyed it in different ways, but that was fine.

Christina didn’t know what love was. Therefore, she wouldn’t deny any type of love.

Nicole and Leold were lively in the story.

Writing the story was fun, and she could write it smoothly. However, as the time passed, her writing speed slowed.

The reason was simple. Christina only knew about commoners through the world of books, and she only knew the girl named Sophie Linier through the investigation reports. It was natural that she gradually ran out of things she could write about. There was a time when she considered finishing the story if she found Nicole’s charm reduced or if she was forced to continue writing. And during that period,

Sophie Linier enrolled in “The Queen’s Rose.”

Christina only knew about the girl named Sophie through the investigation reports until then, but according to what she had learned, Christina didn’t think Sophie would be interested in “The Queen’s Rose,” which was filled with nothing but aristocratic young ladies. For a person like Sophie, spending time studying in the girl’s academy wasn’t that important, or to be blunt, it was a waste of time.

Sure enough, after the entrance ceremony, she was walking with her head down while every other girl showed brilliant smiles.

The face of the girl, who managed to get a perfect score in all subjects and surprised the instructors, was filled with melancholy, which made her infer that someone probably forced her to enroll in the academy.

Perhaps Sophie thought she had come to a boring place.

In that case, Christina decided to add a little spice.

If she were an ordinary aristocratic daughter, the spice Christina gave would be so bitter that she might end up crying and running away.

But if it was this girl, Sophie Linier, instead, perhaps she could cook something delicious with it.

That thing that was supposed to only be done once she was sure of what kind of person the other party was, Christina did it right on Sophie’s enrollment day.

The confusion that reflected from her fresh green eyes was so lovely that Christina thought, As expected of my fiancé. It seemed that her fiancé had good taste. If possible, Christina would like to enjoy not just Sophie’s appearance, but also her inner self.

Seeing the model of the character that she wrote about that was loved by the girls at the girl’s academy, she wished the actual person was also a charming person. That was just a little desire of hers.

However, the actual person greatly surpassed her petty desire, and before she knew it, she was also charmed by the girl named Sophie Linier.

Sophie wasn’t affected by the harassment that came from the jealousy, didn’t reveal any anger, and always put on a smile. Her manners as a lady were perfect, her academic ability and knowledge were high, and her motor skills were also good.

Even Christina didn’t expect Sophie to manage to ride horses swiftly and save Lilina, even to the point of resorting to dangerous actions.

There was a scene where Nicole rescued a daughter of a count family during the beginning of “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy,” but Christina only wrote that because Nicole was a man. Even the scene where he rescued said girl was merely him jumping to ride the horse that ran out of control and calming it down, not to the point where he fell to the ground.

Christina never thought that Sophie could manage to surpass what took place in the story despite being a woman.

If Christina met Sophie before she began writing the book, the Nicole in the book would be a girl instead.

Sophie was much stronger than the Nicole that Christina wrote with care. Sophie Linier possessed both the loveliness of a girl and the strength of a boy.

Even when Christina spoke to her with malice, Sophie didn’t feel shock or disappointment. She instead chose to still believe in the person named Christina Wellin.

Rather than spending a lot of time analyzing people from a lot of information and verifying the truth, Sophie chose to believe and love the little information she had and things she saw with her own eyes. It wasn’t out of ignorance or naivety, but because of her strength of heart to choose to trust the person she believed in to the end.

Christina never met such a person before. Neither in the duke family nor in the royal palace.

As she became more fascinated by the mysterious girl, she began to feel jealous of her fiancé who managed to meet the girl earlier than herself.

If she had met the girl first, she could have spent a longer time together with her.

For Christina, who would become part of the royal family and live her life in the royal palace, the present time was precious. The time that she could be free only lasted until she entered the royal palace.

Once Christina entered the royal palace, her status would make it hard for her to even talk with Sophie, who was a daughter of a baron family. The difference in their status became the decisive distance between them.

To eliminate such a distance, there was no other way but to have Sophie become a concubine of her own fiancé. That was Christina’s intention when she first gave the ring to Sophie and performed a bond of sisterhood to begin with.

When Christina came to learn what kind of person Sophie was, Christina once gave up on making her a concubine, but she had to take back that decision the moment she learned Sophie decided to be a nun in the future. Rather than spending her days thinking about the person she could never meet again, welcoming Sophie as a concubine was a much preferable option.

However, since Sophie belonged to a baron family, she lacked the pedigree to be a concubine.

Considering the origin of her fiancé, if she forcefully made a low-ranked aristocratic young lady be his concubine, it would be seen that her fiancé was repeating the same mistake the present king did. While that would put her fiancé in a bad position, it was more unacceptable for Christina to make Sophie’s status in the royal palace turn for the worse.

Against the people that nested in the royal palace, it would not be as easy as dealing with the young ladies at “The Queen’s Rose.”

Then, as Christina spent her days thinking about what she should do, the flower festival began.

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9 months ago

the most surprising thing is that leold WASN’T based on gerald…! so sophie should instead be looking for hints of BL between ferio and other men – like al!! tragic… the others will never know… ah well. BL is better than straight romance anyway, even if it’s sad that christina has no frame of reference for strong ladies and that’s why she wrote the golden knight and obsidian boy like that…

1 year ago

Don’t worry christina, there’s always a gender bender way jn a story.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zaxoraz

dunno if she could stomach it, though, since she couldn’t stomach doujins

1 year ago

Tks for the chapters :]

1 year ago
Reply to  Dio-sama

thx for the comment!