Refuse Harem

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Prius

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Chapter 097 – Dear Tenma, It Seems I Have Underestimated “The King’s Sword” IV

As Sophie noticed her mistake, Lars asked with teary eyes.

“Are both of these books written by Sophie-sama?”

“N-no, I didn’t make the story.”

“I see. I just assume so since the handwriting was the same…”

“I just copied the beginning of the story by hand.”

Lars’ eyes shone as he heard those words.

“That means there is still a continuation, right! Please lend me the continuation! I had a wonderful feeling since the prologue, but I was particularly curious about the continuation of page 35! I keep wondering how Margaret-sama could make her name remembered by Rose-sama… I was so curious that I couldn’t even fall asleep!”

Lars spoke with overwhelming passion, and Sophie couldn’t help but lean closer to him.

“I understand that feeling! Ever since her first introduction, that beauty who expressed the pain in her chest like poetry toward her loved one was incredibly effective in grasping the reader’s heart!”

“Yes! Also, on page 28, Margaret-sama’s longing for Rose-sama sure made my heart start tingling! Even though the two had met at the tea party before they entered the academy, to think that Rose-sama didn’t remember Margaret-sama at all and only saw her as a normal junior… My heart was crushed by the sadness! But despite that, Margaret-sama is still that devoted to Rose-sama…!”

Lars clenched his fist hard, as if he would shed tears otherwise, when he said that passionately, which Sophie gently clasped her hands over Lars’ fist.

“I also thought the same way about that page!”

The two exchanged passionate gazes with each other, like a pair of friends who happened to meet in a foreign land.

“Eh…? Eh?”

Luca was confused because he had no idea what the two were talking about.

For Luca, who didn’t know the contents of those books, he couldn’t understand why they suddenly mentioned names that sounded like they belonged to young ladies.

“Because of this book, it made me feel what love truly is! At the same time, it made me reflect on my past actions. Please guide this foolish one toward the right path! Please let me read the continuation!”

At Lars’ third bow, Sophie thought for a while.

Originally, “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds” was supposed to be only read by the students of “The Queen’s Rose” and their families. It wasn’t like they weren’t supposed to be read by men, since some family members would do so in secret. Lilina’s father also seemed to be a fan of “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds.”

As long as they didn’t spread it outside, it wasn’t like men were forbidden to read them. Indeed, as long as they didn’t spread it outside.

Sophie leaned her head on her palm then nodded her head.

“I understand your feelings… But this book was supposedly only to be spread within the girls’ academy, so originally, men wouldn’t be able to read this book easily.”

Lars was shocked when he heard those words.

“That’s…! So this book isn’t available commercially?! To think this wonderful book actually is not published out there…” 

Looking at the despaired Lars, Sophie gave a deep nod. Indeed, Sophie also considered it was a loss for the world to not have such a wonderful book spread outside.

“Yes. This is a masterpiece that is supposed to be only read by the students of ‘The Queen’s Rose’.”

“T-then, why did you let me read such a wonderful book?”


Sophie couldn’t honestly say it was just slipped in by mistake.

No, perhaps she should say it?

But even if she told him, it didn’t change a thing since Lars already read it. In that case, she could only turn him into an accomplice so he wouldn’t spread it outside.

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2 months ago

haha yes, they are now yuri bros
its nice they can get along now

1 year ago

When you have accidentally sent a yuri manga link to your dad instead of your friend and haven’t noticed it until it’s too late.

Thanks for the translation!