Refuse Harem

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Chapter 186 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~The Thoughts of Lorenzo Forsell~

“I see…”

Lorenzo traced the contour of his chin with the back of his finger and nodded in agreement after a moment of silence.

It was completely a nobleman-like gesture, but Eric, the boy who sat in front of him, didn’t get frightened nor did he flinch from that. He just kept silent and waited for the next oral examination.

As he glanced at the time, half an hour had already passed. If it was a normal person, they wouldn’t be able to endure being examined by Lorenzo Forsell for such a long time.

However, that didn’t seem to be a hard task for Eric, and his attitude showed he could easily last half a day.

So what Sophie-sama said is neither false nor an exaggeration…

Far from an exaggeration, it felt humble instead.

Eric had the composure and extraordinary intellect that one wouldn’t expect from a commoner. The boldness that couldn’t be imagined from his quiet appearance somehow reminded Lorenzo of a certain black-haired girl.

“That’s all from me―how about you people?”

There wasn’t only Lorenzo there, but Deputy Director Nert and several senior researchers were present as well.

When Lorenzo asked, they awkwardly shook their heads like rusty dolls.

For veteran members like them, even if the recommended boy had the guarantee of the purple star, they couldn’t help but feel skeptical about the sixteen-year-old youth, but all those doubts were completely dispelled in this short amount of time.

After all, even Lorenzo’s series of questions that Deputy Director Nert referred to as “violence of knowledge” were answered without hesitation and convinced them.

“Excuse me! I have brought the score for the written exam.”

As if it matched the timing of the end of the oral examination, a staff member entered the room. What he brought to Lorenzo was the answer sheet for the written exam.

The written exam was conducted before the oral examination. Lorenzo replaced the content with far more difficult questions compared to the usual ones, but all the answer columns were filled with correct answers. Moreover, it was reported that the boy finished the exam within half of the allotted time.

“――――There’s nothing to criticize. I’ll issue an official license and allow you to come and go freely between the institute and the academy.”

“Thank you very much.”

Eric quietly expressed his gratitude for Lorenzo’s approval.

Even though most members of the silver star weren’t good at putting emotions on their faces, they would likely loosen theirs once Lorenzo gave their recognition, yet there wasn’t even the slightest change on Eric’s

Eh, won’t you be a little happier at least? Such were the veterans’ thoughts as they were dumbfounded, but it was Deputy Director Nert who spoke up.

“I never thought there would actually be a person in this world who could manage to answer all those questions that oozed the same rotten core of their creator…”

He muttered in admiration as he was staring at the answer sheet.

Although Nert spoke quietly, it was loud enough to be heard by Lorenzo sitting next to him. As a matter of fact, Nert meant for Lorenzo to hear it.

Contrary to the veteran members, who nervously looked at Lorenzo’s complexion to see if he was offended, Nert spoke to Eric without caring about Lorenzo at all.

“By the way, are you interested in working for the Institute of Medical Science itself, Eric-kun?”

Nert asked with a soft voice.

“Working for the institute itself?”

“That’s right! I don’t think the future will be bright if people stick with the concept ‘one can’t have a star if they aren’t an aristocrat.’ How about it?! Why don’t we use this opportunity to have you enter our institute as a silver star?”

At the sudden invitation, the veteran members turned their eyes to Nert.

Granting permission to come and go and granting a silver star were completely different things.

If a commoner were granted the star, his name would be carved as the first commoner to earn a silver star in history.

“D-deputy director?!”

One of the veterans hurriedly tried to intervene, but Nert casually continued his own opinion.

“We’ve always had personnel shortages, so we should actively invest for the future. We’ve already had an increasing amount of work each year, yet the number of personnel kept decreasing. No matter how efficient we try to be, our head is the type of person who would keep seeking more work without a care.”

The last one sounded like a grudge, but it was true that the amount of work increased rapidly after Lorenzo became the director.

But unlike the previous generations of directors who just stamped their seals, Lorenzo’s creativity led to many ideas that were completely different from the established theory. Those with half-baked knowledge and pride wouldn’t be able to follow Lorenzo, who continued to turn the gears at the turning point of time.

“Incompetent people would be kicked out no matter how great their family is after all. We might as well not even care about the origin of the person at this point.”

“That, might… be true, but…”

Nert’s gentle atmosphere and soft demeanor seemed to be the exact opposite of Lorenzo’s, yet it seemed they were the same at their roots, such was something the veterans were convinced about.

The first priority wasn’t pride or concession, but sustainable development.

It might sound like a very natural principle for researchers, but there were only a few who could actually put it into practice. There was an overwhelming number of people who couldn’t prioritize their status as researchers and choose their status as nobles instead.

――――Nert-sama, aren’t you as eccentric as Lorenzo-sama?

While the veterans were silent because they couldn’t speak their minds, Nert began to put the recruitment in full swing.

“Certainly, an ordinary noble couldn’t compete with the research funds that the Linier family could provide, but we have access to the royal research fund, research scale, and a collection of books that are beyond that. I think the benefits Eric-kun could gain for being affiliated with the institute definitely wouldn’t be small.”

Nert weaved his words carefully, as he didn’t want to miss a person with potential, but Eric’s complexion didn’t change at all.

“I’m honored by your evaluation, but let me apologize and refuse it.”

Eric answered without even using any time to ponder.

“The research I wanted is only what Sophie-sama wanted. I’m terribly sorry, but I don’t have much interest in anything else.”

“Eh…? You can speak at least three languages, right? Even though you have such linguistic capability and knowledge, you aren’t interested?”


That short reply was really straightforward.

“Don’t you think it’s a waste? Don’t you have any field you want to research?”

“Nothing in particular unless it’s what Sophie-sama wants.”

Nert asked out of pure curiosity, but Eric’s answer was consistent.

“Even if I say I could officially give you three silver stars and prepare you for the senior seat of this institute if you really wanted it?”

Lorenzo, who had been silently listening to the conversation until then, opened his mouth.

Even Nert was surprised by the offer. It was an exceptional treatment for a commoner.

No, not even children of the aristocracy had received such hospitality.

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