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Chapter 188 – Sophie Linier’s Dream ―Longing―

“I feel pressured…”

Sophie stood still with her finger on the door in front of the glass-enclosed greenhouse, one of the best buildings in the academy.

Perhaps because she was doing that for a while, the coldness of the outside air was transmitted through the cast-iron handle and stole the heat from her fingertips.

No, it wasn’t the temperature, but more of the nervousness.

She had been invited to a tea party by one of the most prominent nobles in this nation after all――――

I never thought the first ever tea party would actually come from the invitation of the daughter of a duke family, which holds the highest rank among aristocrats…

The duke’s daughter, Christina Wellin.

The ring she gave to Sophie on her first day of enrolling not only surprised Sophie, but also the whole academy.

It made Sophie want to tilt her head, thinking it was all but a dream, but when she glanced down at her little finger, the beautiful radiance it gave off insisted that it wasn’t a dream.

The ring was adorned with a blue rose blooming on the golden base.

Not to mention its beautiful shape, the blue sapphire, which could be seen at a glance as having the highest color saturation, was definitely worth a fortune by itself.

Why was such a thing given to her?

That was the question that arose from time to time.

But with her poor understanding, she still couldn’t reach the correct answer.

Being invited to a tea party not long after is an opportunity instead.

The participants of this tea party were only Christina and Sophie. Therefore, even if Sophie didn’t act as she should, she didn’t need to worry about surrounding eyes.

Indeed, the main purpose for today was to return the ring.

Sophie took a deep breath to calm down and made up her mind.

It’s okay. I just need to return it without being rude. I already prepared my lines for it, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Even though she tried to persuade herself, her heartbeat told a different story.

…………I am really bad at dealing with adolescent girls.

In her mind, she couldn’t help Tasuku’s true feelings seep through.

Tasuku had a bad habit of trying to avoid interactions with girls of that age, whether at school or the orphanage, as much as possible, with the exception of Tenma’s elder sister.1

Since she was born as Sophie, she did have interactions with orphans and girls from other nations, but her life here was different.

Those ladies were born as aristocrats, grew as aristocrats, and behaved as aristocrats. Moreover, they were at an age range where they could be the most difficult to deal with.

Thinking back on her past life, the girls began to ridicule him when they were around that age, so he couldn’t help but have a hard time dealing with them.

For a few days after she enrolled in “The Queen’s Rose,” Sophie always felt uncomfortable all the time.

It was even more so since she was aware she was a foreign existence.

How could she, who had her memories as a man, spend time with girls without being affected by them?

No, I can worry about that later! Anyway, my first priority is to return the ring for now!

She came to a decision, opened the door, and stepped in.

The greenhouse was lined with colorful foliage plants, with everything except for pillars and beams covered with glass, which made it known as the “Crystal Palace.” It was a place that was only allowed to be used by the academy student with the highest status, making it the sole place within “The Queen’s Rose” where a clear status difference was displayed.

Originally, there was no way that Sophie, who was merely a daughter of a baron family, would be allowed to step inside.

Unless the other party invited her first.

As she proceeded to the center of the greenhouse, she saw the corner where the garden furniture was placed.

And――――that person was there.

That person had blonde hair more beautiful than the shining sun and blue eyes reminiscent of the clear sky.

Even her seated figure was full of dignity, as if she had been carved into a masterpiece.

As Sophie was involuntarily fascinated, it seemed the other party noticed her as Christina turned her way.

At that moment, she slowly smiled like a large flower blooming.

It was a smile that made one sense affection and beauty, feeling like a good dream…

“I had a good dream!”

As Sophie said that after perfunctory greetings, Gerald blinked his eyes.

“That’s… nice to hear.”

As Gerald flinched at Sophie’s unusually high spirit yet still managed to reply, her momentum became even stronger.

“Having a dream about Christina onee-sama on the day of my duel with Remiel shows it is a good omen! Moreover, it was the dream of my second meeting with Christina onee-sama!”

Sophie’s expression as she held her cheeks with her hands, muttering fascinatedly, would normally look like a picture of a shy, beautiful girl, but in Gerald’s perspective, it was something to be perplexed about.

He heard the time Sophie had spent together with Christina was only a few months.

How did she end up like that in such a short period of time?

If the girl in front of him was the type who was influenced by family background and status, that might be understandable, but the girl was clearly not such a person.

After all, she was about to have a duel (richu) with Remiel (a person with even greater status)―

“At that time, as light reflected under the glass, Christina onee-sama’s figure looked as divine as a goddess.”

It was so beautiful that the color of the flowers around her faded, so beautiful that I forgot to breathe, continued Sophie without stopping.

“Even though I completely forgot to learn about the manners for a tea party before going to the girls’ academy, she instructed me very kindly!”

Even though that was very ignorant for an aristocratic daughter, Christina was neither surprised nor did she ridicule her for that. Instead, she carefully taught Sophie step by step while checking the level of her understanding from time to time. Christina also took Sophie’s status as a daughter of a baron family into consideration and meticulously taught her how to behave with people of different statuses.

“When we first met, I was overwhelmed by her beautiful appearance and dignified figure, but when we talked just the two of us, her soft voice and gentle gestures were just like――”

Then suddenly, her thoughts stopped.

Just like… how did it feel again?

Looking at Christina’s figure gracefully smiling, she strongly felt “something.”

However, it scattered like dust before she could put it into words, and she couldn’t find it again.


Knowing Sophie would continue to talk when it was related to Christina and couldn’t find the courage to stop her yet hearing her suddenly stop, Gerald tilted his head as he asked.

“Ah… Yes―――― Anyway, I will make sure to teach Remiel, who insulted Christina onee-sama, a lesson!”

Looking at Sophie who raised her fist above her head, Gerald sighed in resignation. Sophie ignored such an ostentatious sigh and walked away triumphantly.

Gerald had expressed resignation and followed in silence, yet he suddenly stopped when he reached the large door of the library. It seemed he was told that an escort was unnecessary within the building beforehand, so it seemed he properly followed that.

“As promised, I’ll be waiting here. However…”

“You don’t need to worry. I won’t point a sword at Remiel anymore.”

When Sophie said that the warning about the recent uproar was unnecessary, Gerald slowly shook his head.

“No, that’s not what I meant. It’s just――――Please be careful of Remiel-sama.”


Gerald spoke with a serious expression.

“That person certainly had no desire for the throne and isn’t a person who would plot against others. You can trust him in that sense. However, he’s a person with a strong sense of curiosity, for better or worse.”

“Don’t you think that warning came a little too late?”

Sophie knew that so much to the point she hated it.

When Sophie asked if it was just a reminder of that, Gerald paused for a moment then answered.

“Since his childhood, Remiel-sama had a bad habit of easily exposing the wounds that were buried deep inside of a person and pointing them out even when the person in question didn’t perceive it.”

“Wounds that are buried deep inside…?”

As Sophie repeated that, Sophie tilted her head.

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