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Chapter 190 – Sophie Linier’s Dream ―Longing― III

What I was thinking just now…………?

The thought that was too strong to be passed off with laughter made Sophie’s grip on her queen piece loosen and the piece fell to the floor.

[“It’s an expression of a child who desperately wanted to be loved by their mother and tried to convey their love.”]

[“In fact, when you pointed your blade at me, the expression you have was the expression of a boy who was desperately protecting his mother.”]

Remiel’s words, which were brushed off earlier, were slowly ruminating.

Thinking about it now, her feeling that she didn’t want to return the ring she received from Christina even though she thought of doing so initially and the thought of wanting to stay by her side should be her real feelings.

When Christina gave her gentle smile under the sunshine, what did Sophie think back then?

Back then, I thought of Christina onee-sama as…

Someone like a holy mother.

If such a person was Tasuku’s mother instead, then Tasuku was sure he wouldn’t be abandoned――――wasn’t that the thought?

What the heck, with that…?

As she muttered inwardly as Tasuku, her heart suddenly made an unpleasant rhythm that made it hurt. She felt her mouth was dry and her breathing turned erratic.

She was appalled.

Foolishly, she was still trapped.

Even after being reincarnated and raised with care, Sophie was still trapped by the emotion regarding the mother of her previous life who abandoned Tasuku――――

“I feel your obsession with that woman is as if you’re trying to fill an empty container within you with that, but… Sophie?”

Noticing Sophie, who remained rigid and motionless, Remiel stopped his words with a questioning expression.

“Oi… What’s wrong?”

When he unintentionally reached out his hand, Sophie’s slender body felt a strong rejection and stood up from her seat, and the chair she was sitting on lost its balance. With a thump, a noisy sound echoed in the quiet hall.


Remiel called the girl’s name and looked at her face, and he could see her lips had lost their color.

Her downcast face was hollow, like a lifeless doll.

As Remiel gasped seeing how much her expression changed, Sophie silently turned on her heels.

Seeing the girl seemingly running away from something, Remiel could only follow the figure with his eyes in a daze.

“Will Sophie-sama’s curriculum continue from now on…?”

As Keith mumbled with an exhausted face, Gerald, who was waiting at the entrance of the library, replied with an exasperated voice.

“You only carried it out for a few days, what are you talking about?”

“I know that… I know, but…!”

The curriculum, which included both knowledge and physical strength, could be considered a wonderful way to solidify the foundation of a black star and a proper gentleman.


“The problem is that Evert vainly showed his competitiveness.”

Since Sophie boasted she could complete the curriculum herself without complaint, Evert got irritated and requested an addition to the curriculum.

“Evert excelled in both brains and brawn to begin with. However, other people are barely able to complete the curriculum Sophie-sama set. If the curriculum is increased further…”

For Keith, who was also a coordinator of the black star, he felt like he was being dragged into Sophie and Evert’s conflict. He already looked exhausted after just a few days.

“If we have to participate in the mountain exercise in this situation with Gerald-sama, I honestly feel uneasy about it!”

In the past, Keith was somewhat timid even when he was just making a single report to Gerald.

One would never think that the same Keith would go out of his way to visit Gerald and utter his complaints so loudly.

Was it because he accumulated fatigue or because his nerves grew thicker due to his interactions with Sophie?

As Gerald folded his arms and pondered, the figure of a black-haired girl appeared in the corner of his eye.

Gerald had a bad feeling seeing her return earlier than he expected.

The girl that walked at a faster pace than usual suddenly stopped in front of Gerald and then spoke quickly.

“I’ll be returning to the dorm. I don’t need an escort.”

“There’s no way I… could…”

Gerald couldn’t finish his words.

Sophie’s eyes had a color he had never seen before. Her always lively eyes had faded into emptiness.

“……Please, leave me alone for now.”

There was no liveliness in her hoarse voice.

It was clear that speaking to her further wasn’t a good idea.

“I-is it really okay? Letting her return alone?”

As Sophie left the scene as if running away, Keith asked in a panic.

Even if Sophie was currently a threatening existence for the black star students, an escort was still necessary. That was the absolute condition and royal order in order for her to be here.

Gerald gave his instructions without hesitation.

“I don’t mind if it’s just until she returns to her dorm. Escort her from a distance.”


With a quick reply, Keith immediately followed Sophie.

Gerald should’ve been the person to go, but if Keith were to handle this matter, it would be too much of a burden for him.

Gerald stared at the library with a sharp glare and proceeded to walk inside.

Even if Sophie-sama lost the competition, it’s hard to think she would escape like that…

There was only one reason for her unusual expression and behavior.

As Gerald stopped in front of the cause, he quietly spoke.

“――――Remiel-sama, I told you you ought to be careful of your behavior.”

Gerald knew well that such words were useless toward Remiel, but he couldn’t ignore it as the person in charge of escorting Sophie.

No, that wasn’t just out of his sense of responsibility as an escort; it seemed personal indignation was included to some extent.

Though, Gerald was unaware he was more emotional than usual.

Sure enough, Remiel sat quietly in front of the board without an opponent. Without turning to Gerald, he reached out to the queen’s pawn that was lying around.

The piece that was picked up was black, which was used by the second player. Judging from the board placement, it should be Sophie’s piece.

Gerald, who had been by Remiel’s side since childhood, had seen many people shocked by Remiel’s blunt remarks.

Regardless of how many times he reminded him, Remiel’s blunt remarks never stopped.

His expression didn’t change and he had the same unconcerned attitude toward everyone.

Until now――――

“I already expected she would be angry when I mentioned that woman, but I didn’t expect she would look that anguished……”

For the person who was a lump of intellectual curiosity and never considered other people, his words actually seemed to sound like he was actually regretting it, which surprised Gerald.

At the same time, Gerald became curious about what Remiel said to Sophie.

Unless it was some serious reason, it was hard to think she would show such a lifeless expression.

“What did you tell her?”


Even when Gerald asked, Remiel stayed silent. If it was the usual Remiel, he would have spoken indifferently without hesitation.

For Remiel, whatever Gerald said to him meant nothing. There was nothing to feel bad about regardless of what Gerald said.

But despite that, the fact that he chose to stay silent, was it out of consideration toward Sophie?

That Remiel-sama is actually being considerate?

The surprise made Gerald think he might get struck by lightning today, yet he pretended to be expressionless as he held his breath.

As for Remiel, he seemed to already get caught up in another thought, and he tilted his head with his hand on his mouth.

“In the first place, why does Sophie wear two masks?”

“Even if you say two masks… I heard women have many faces. Wouldn’t just two be considered few then?”

Gerald didn’t think Remiel would seek his mediocre opinion, yet he still spoke his thoughts. Gerald thought he would be ignored as usual, but on the contrary, Remiel raised his eyebrows as if in thought.

“Is that so? But that feels…”

As if forming an empty calculation, Remiel murmured alone.

Gerald couldn’t help but wonder. What did Remiel see in the girl named Sophie Linier?

The perspective of Remiel, who was known to have extraordinary memory, understanding, and insights even among generations of the royal family, could only be said as unknown to Gerald.

Gerald chose to drop the issue regarding Remiel for the time being and was about to leave to check if Sophie managed to return safely to the dorm.

“Why is Sophie so stupid about herself?”

“……If you don’t change the way you say it, Sophie-sama will get angry at you again.”

The man that was about to leave was stopped by Remiel’s remark.

Even though Remiel normally wouldn’t ask for Gerald’s opinion.

Perhaps Sophie was so much of an unknown for Remiel that he even asked for a mediocre opinion from someone he didn’t care about?

Gerald held back on his resigned feeling, looked at Remiel, and told him.

“There are parts that people didn’t wish to be touched. However, that part could be buried so deep to the point that the person in question delves into the topic and thinks about it.”

“Why? You couldn’t even think of a good method of avoiding it like that. Isn’t that just nothing but a foolish action?”

“……Their heart rejected even the thought of learning it. I think that’s possible.”

After Gerald spoke smoothly like running water, he quickly asked to leave before he could be stopped.

Left alone once again, Remiel looked up to the ceiling.

“Their heart rejected even the thought of learning it――?”

It was unusual for that apathetic man.

Perhaps that was the general opinion?

Perhaps he’s talking about himself?

If it was the usual Remiel, he might ask that.

However, rather than Gerald, Remiel was more curious about the girl who left with a pale expression.

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