Refuse Harem

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Chapter 200 – The Gloomy Gerald Forsius

Author Note:

It’s a short one this time (‘◇’)ゞ

With the door to the hall behind him, Gerald was pouring his sharp gaze inside the library.

It hadn’t been that long since he saw Sophie off. If it was compared to the match against the silver star’s instructor, Vincent, it should be around the middle stage of the match.

Even though he understood that in his head, he felt that the passage of time was slower than usual, making his teeth shake slightly.

I hope their game ends without incident…

But there was an incident that occurred just yesterday. He couldn’t imagine those two would end their game peacefully.

His anxiety never ended, but when he thought about Sophie’s condition this morning, he felt like he didn’t need to worry that much. 

That was to show how calm Sophie’s expression was this morning.

Every morning he went to pick her up, she would either be expressionless or angry or talk for a long time as if she realized something.

Such was her busy changing her expression every day, but today, she was calm as if her burden had melted away.

They exchanged morning greetings, announced her destination, and started walking. There was no conversation on the way.

But it wasn’t because she was suppressing her emotions or was lost in her thoughts.

It was just that both of them didn’t see the necessity of forcing unnecessary conversation.

When she was silent in both words and emotion, it was as if she melted into the air.

It was such a quiet time that Gerald briefly forgot that he was escorting her.

As Gerald recalled such a thing, he saw a figure rushing toward him from inside.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t Sophie, but Remiel.


Normally, Remiel would walk gracefully at a speed that was neither fast nor slow. But now, he was walking fast, as if being chased by something.

As Gerald was dumbfounded by Remiel’s behavior that he never saw before, Remiel stopped in front of Gerald and raised his voice.

“Sophie is weird!”

“Why are you――”

Gerald swallowed back the words that were about to spill out of his mouth unintentionally.

Gerald almost forgot his status and said “Why are you talking about such an obvious thing after all this time?” which contained his true feelings.

As Gerald covered his mouth, the next person that came was Sophie.

Her voice of anger reverberated through the hall.

“Wait, Remiel! I’m not done explaining yet!”

She also held her dress and walked fast.

For some reason, she had a large stack of papers in her hand, and Remiel reacted greatly when he saw that.

“I’ve had enough of your desire for that woman!”

“It’s not desire, it’s the truth! See, because you didn’t listen to me until the end, you ended up not understanding it!”

“It’s not something I can understand just by listening. Then it’s useless to listen to!”

“Why do you give up and think it’s useless?!”

“Every time you mentioned that woman’s name, my disgust increased!”

Gerald’s feet, which were about to bring him to get between the pair who were arguing, suddenly stopped at Remiel’s shout.

Eh, what are they talking about…?

Even Sophie was surprised by Remiel’s reaction.

Silence fell in the place for a while, but she immediately opened her mouth as if something came to her mind.

“No way… Remiel… you… Are you actually concerned about Christina onee-sama?!”


“Since you hate Christina onee-sama that much, doesn’t that mean you actually love her?!”

“…I see. It seems you become an incredible idiot when that woman is involved. I understand that.”

Remiel said that with a cold voice, but Sophie also muttered as if she understood.

“Instructor Vincent is also blatantly hostile to Lorenzo-sama, but I think that could already be considered affection instead. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such strong feelings toward the other party. Originally, the opposite of love is indifference after all――in other words, you actually like Christina onee-sama!”

“Don’t open your mouth anymore. It’s disgusting.”

“But that’s not good! Christina onee-sama’s partner must be an elegant, intelligent, and mature man who can support Christina onee-sama in everything! Even His Highness is not good enough, but I just consider him barely acceptable out of subjective benefit as his friend. Just because you care about the other party, I will definitely not approve of a childish person who hurls insults as onee-sama’s partner while my eyes are still black!”1

“Your eyes are green, okay?”

The quarrel continued for a while, and it looked like a fight between barking puppies.

“…Both of you, have you forgotten where this is? Please be quiet in the library.”

Gerald doubted the two would listen to his advice, but he still remonstrated.

That said, the quarrel obviously between the two didn’t end there.

Author’s Note:

[Morishita’s murmur which doesn’t really matter]

I did write that it would end in a chapter or two last time, but I meant that as the end of the arc, and the story will still continue (;^ω^)

As expected, I don’t want to end the story in the style that “Our story will begin from now on” (; ・`д・´) (Maybe).

Also, there seem to be some people that dreamed of Sophie.

But make sure to look properly.

Her content was just a carnivorous plant (*’▽’)

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