A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Aia

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Chapter 17

Today was the final day of the deserted island exam.

We waited for the results in the restaurant. 

Apparently, they would be displayed from the monitor there.

Just as the announcement began, I kept my eyes on the screen.

[“We hereby announce the result of the exam. Last place: Class A and Class C, with both having 0 points.”] 

That was natural. 

[“Second place: Class D, with 225 points.”] 

A pretty high score. It seemed like Ayanokouji was successful in guessing the leader of the other classes. 

In addition, Horikita dropped out, just like in the original, probably so they could avoid being found out by the other classes.

That basically meant…

[“First place: Class B, with 240 points.”] 

This was the moment that Class A’s demotion was confirmed. 

Katsuragi looked resigned rather than despairing.

The expressions of his followers were dark as hell.

On the other hand, the Class B students looked bright. 

I was quite curious why only Honami-san had a slightly complicated expression, but the difference in class atmosphere was clear.

“Everything went as you planned.” 

Arisu-chan smiled at me. It was the cutest thing in the world. 

I feel bad for Katsuragi, but I was satisfied seeing this smile on Arisu-chan’s face.

There was nothing that took precedence over Arisu-chan for me.

We returned to the guest room and I took out my book binder.

I wanted to share the results of the deserted island exam with Arisu-chan.

I wrote down everything that happened on the island, including what I did. 

1. Class Points

 Class A 0cl   → 954cl

 Class B +240cl → 1155cl

 Class C 0cl   → 600cl

 Class D +225cl → 312cl


2. Concluded contracts, promises, etc.

  • Class A → Ryuuen

Everyone in Class A (excluding Arisu-chan) was to pay Ryuuen 20,000 pr per student each month until graduation. Due to another contract below, Takashiro was excluded from paying.

  • Ryuuen ⇆ Takashiro

Takashiro was to tell Ryuuen who was Class A’s leader. In the event that the leader that Takashiro revealed to Ryuuen was the correct one, Ryuuen was to pay 1,000,000 pr to Takashiro. Invalid otherwise. The contract was in effect because the leader was correct, but because both Class B and Class D correctly guessed the leader of Class C, Class C still ended up with 0 points in the end. The pr wasn’t paid the full amount, but reduced from the contract Ryuuen made with Class A above (20,000 pr x 31 months until graduation), and the total balance of 380,000 pr was paid to Takashiro instead.

  • Ichinose ← Takashiro

Takashiro told Ichinose who the Class A leader was without point compensation. The condition was to keep it secret, except for Ayanokouji. 

  • Ayanokouji ⇆ Takashiro

Takashiro told Ayanokouji who the Class A leader was without point compensation. In exchange, Ayanokouji was to investigate who the leader of Class C was and to sell it to Ichinose when he found out. In addition, Takashiro gave Ayanokouji a piece of advice as a friend regarding his trouble due to Chabashira.

  • Ayanokouji ⇆ Ichinose

Ayanokouji sold out the leader of Class C to Ichinose according to the promise above. The details of the transaction were unknown.

“I guess that’s about it.”

Since it was still fresh in my memory, I was able to write smoothly. 

This should pretty much cover all the events that happened.

I handed it over to Arisu-chan, who nodded as she read it. 

“So you included a clause about what would happen if you gave him the wrong leader in the contract with Ryuuen-kun.” 

“That’s right. It’s because I wanted to appeal to Ryuuen that I noticed the hole in his contract with Katsuragi.” 

So she noticed that after all. She was sharp as usual. 

Despite realizing the loophole in the contract, I chose not to reveal it on the spot. That was to prove that I really didn’t seek to benefit Class A.

When I brought the contract to him, Ryuuen was quite surprised. I had no idea why; if it was because he never expected I would blatantly betray the class like that or for another unexpected reason. However, I was quite satisfied that I managed to surprise that Ryuuen.

…Even though I was only there for three days, I actually did quite a lot. 

When I thought about it, perhaps I actually enjoyed the deserted island as well.

“I understand. What kind of conversation did you have with Ayanokouji-kun?” 

“Aah, about that…”

Arisu-chan’s second question was about my conversation with Ayanokouji. 

Some context—Ayanokouji was threatened by his homeroom teacher, Chabashira-sensei. 

She hinted at Ayanokouji’s possible expulsion and forced him to aim for Class A… or something like that. I thought the things that involved his father were a total lie, though.

After he explained, he asked me.

[“Takashiro, what would you do if you were in my position?”] 

I told him a few things that came to my mind on the spot. All of them were something I definitely couldn’t do, but it should be possible if it was Ayanokouji. 

After hearing my answer, Ayanokouji seemed impressed.

I had no idea what he did after I dropped out of the exam, but after seeing the result, it seemed that he kept his promise.

“…I see. It will become an important factor in how we get along with Ayanokouji-kun from now on.” 

“In the end, I don’t know if he will aim for Class A. That said, I don’t think he will be hostile to us. Not like I have proof, but it just feels like it.” 

I had no idea why, but Ayanokouji seemed to respect me a lot. 

In the darkness of the night, I recalled the words he said before we parted.

[“If you received the same education as I am, I’m sure you already surpassed me by now.”] 

It really is regrettable, his expression seemed to say that back then. 

Even though I thought he was just thinking too highly of me, I was happy he seemed to recognize me.

Although he had a side that made him somewhat inhuman, Ayanokouji was still my friend after all.

I wish he could get the “victory” he could be convinced of.

Honami-san’s class became Class A with splendor.

Since Arisu-chan said she wanted to congratulate Honami-san, we were looking for her.

We went outside the guest room area, and it was right at that moment when a student from Class D boarded. 

Kikyou-chan saw us and ran up to us.

“Arisu-chan! I missed you…” 

Despite there being many students around, she embraced Arisu-chan with all her might. 

It seemed she no longer cared about the eyes around her anymore.

“Thank you for your hard work.” 

“I worked hard for a week, you know?”

“Yes. Kikyou-san did a good job.”

…Perhaps she was so cornered that she didn’t have the leisure to wear her mask. Kikyou-chan looked at Arisu-chan with a gaze that clung to her. 

All the students of Class D seemed to be unable to hide their surprise.

“I’m sorry, Haruto-kun. Just for now, please let me embrace Arisu-chan…”

“I know about it, so it’s okay. I also think Kikyou-chan did a good job after all.”

“Thank you. I really like that part of you.”

It seemed Kikyou-chan had withdrawal symptoms since she hadn’t met Arisu-chan for so long. 

Perhaps I would also become like that if I couldn’t meet Arisu-chan for a week.

I gave them some space and watched them.

“Eh, does Kikyou-chan swing that way?” 

“Even if you ask me, I wouldn’t know.”

Suddenly, someone I didn’t know called out to me. 

Who was this guy? Was it Ike?

“But really, you’re always with that cute girl, right? That alone is enough to consider you something wicked, but why are you also liked by our Kikyou-chan? She even said she liked you, so just choose one, will you…?” 

Not only was she not your Kikyou-chan, but I was also confident that her evaluation of me would definitely be higher than yours. 

“Arisu-chan, can I visit your room later?” 

“Of course you can.”

“I’m happy, thank you. I love you!”

Kikyou-chan was delighted with a wide smile. 

Arisu-chan stroked her head with a gentle expression.

…Well, that certainly was something that caused misunderstandings to an outsider who knew nothing.

“Then, Haruto-kun, let’s go soon. Kikyou-san too, please visit us later.” 

“Yes, see you later!”

We left that place and started looking for Honami-san again. 

While we were walking around the ship, we happened to run into people we didn’t want to meet. 

It was the Katsuragi faction of the former Class A. There were dozens of people who became stubborn and stayed on the deserted island until the end of the exam.

I hear them arguing with the dropout group.

“We were demoted to Class B because you are so useless!” 

“Wasn’t it wrong to sign such a reckless contract to begin with? We can’t keep up with you, Katsuragi!”

Aah, how troublesome. 

Totsuka Yahiko. He was one of the few radicals in the Katsuragi faction.

Since a while back, I only saw him pushing the blame on others for their defeat.

I guess he was scared of the blame falling on him or Katsuragi.

“And you two, who weren’t motivated at all.” 

“…And what about it?”

We tried to pass by without drawing attention to ourselves, but he still called out to us. 

“Aren’t you embarrassed? Despite being accepted into Class A, we’re in this humiliating situation.” 

“Not really. I don’t care.”

That was completely sincere. 

It seemed Totsuka never expected that I would say so that he was rendered silent.

And then, he seemed to realize it would be useless to me, so he turned toward Arisu-chan instead.

“In the first place, there’s no way we could’ve won when we started out with 270 points. Why was a weak person like you, who dropped out at the beginning, placed in Class A?” 

…Shut your noisy mouth, I almost said. 

However, I choose to stay silent to avoid further provocation.

Arisu-chan also remained silent and observed the situation blankly. 

Totsuka thought Arisu-chan was silenced because he hit the mark so he dared to continue.

“Someone like Sakayanagi is better off in Class D with Takashiro. You, with a physical handicap? That’s also part of one’s ability. People like you are unnecessary in this class.” 

Any more insults then… 

“We lost because of you, you XXX…” 

Something in me snapped. 

I will kill you.

My body was hot, yet my head was surprisingly cold. 

Less than a second after hearing his words, I grabbed Totsuka’s lapels.

This guy had to be erased.

I drew my fist back, and prepared to swing with everything I could muster, and just as I moved toward it his side… 

“Stop right there!” 

There was a girl’s loud voice. 

In an instant, I returned to my senses and looked behind me.

“I was thinking that I should keep quiet, but I couldn’t stay silent anymore. You actually did something this terrible…” 

It was the king of the new Class A. 

Ichinose Honami.

“If you guys don’t want Arisu-chan, then we will take them. I can’t forgive your earlier remark, and I’m confident that we could treat Arisu-chan better than you.” 

She declared loudly while facing Totsuka. 

It felt exceedingly more convincing than the burst of violence that coursed through me.

I honestly thought she was cool. 

To me, the current Honami-san seemed stronger than anyone.

“There’s no way you ca—“ 

“Can you still say that after seeing this?”

Honami-san showed him her terminal. Everyone’s voices raised in astonishment. 

The 8,142,580 pr displayed there was none other than Honami-san’s private points. It was unbelievable that she had that many points even though not even half a year had passed since she enrolled in this school.

Perhaps they understood how powerful she was, because nobody spoke any further. 

After a short silence, Honami-san continued.

“Totsuka-kun. I really hate you now. You actually said such a thing to the people I cherish, and I will definitely make you regret it.” 

Honami-san left it at that and returned to the guest room. 

Perhaps uncomfortable by the atmosphere, Totsuka also left with a bitter expression.

I had eye contact with Arisu-chan and decided to go after Honami-san.

Totsuka would realize what it meant to be hated by Honami-san in no time. 

I was sure he would think he was better off getting punched by me.

“So that’s Ichinose Honami. I guess it’s natural… that I couldn’t win.” 

Katsuragi’s lament resounded inside the ship. 

Author Note:

The person who knew the protagonist’s nature the best was actually not Arisu-chan.

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