A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 84

Author Note:

It’s a newly written chapter after a very long time.

Also, chapter 82 has been edited accordingly.

Although it wasn’t to the point of being contradicting, I found something that made the flow of the story become somewhat different than I intended.

The next day.

Arisu-chan and I visited Kiyotaka’s room.

“It’s such a shame about Horikita-san.” 

The first thing Arisu-chan talked about was Horikita. 

Kiyotaka was unfazed and nodded once.

“I didn’t expect Nagumo to interfere that much, but I did expect Horikita’s mind to be broken by this event. That’s why, I don’t think it was a mistake to entrust everything to Kei.” 


Kei-chan, who was sitting next to him, didn’t look good.

She seemed concerned that she was playing right into Ryuuen’s hand.

“Don’t worry too much. Thanks to Arisu’s intervention, we were able to avoid the case of Horikita turning into a complete puppet of Nagumo. There’s no problem with that result on my part.” 

“I think so too. She’s useless anyway, so as long as she doesn’t cause any harm, it’s plenty for me.”

“If anything, I think her brother would be the more troublesome one… what should I do about that?”

“Do you have some sort of contract with the previous student council president?”

“It isn’t strictly binding like a contract is, but this would mean I failed to fulfill my promise to that man.”

Come to think of it, I did feel there was some sort of connection between Kiyotaka and Horikita’s brother for quite some time. 

But Kiyotaka didn’t seem to have any intention of talking about it now, so he remained silent.

Since it felt a little awkward, I decided to change the subject.

“That said, he’ll be an outsider in less than a month. Even if he did something, there’s not much time until graduation. I don’t think there’s any need to be wary of him anymore.” 

“Is that so?”

“Aah. Rather, I think the fact that Kiyotaka didn’t make any move during this event was the best move in terms of avoiding any trouble.”

If Kiyotaka was trying to do something about Horikita, Nagumo would definitely notice it. Since Nagumo’s goal was turning Horikita into his “personal property”, he wouldn’t show any mercy against those who directly move to hinder him from accomplishing that goal. 

Of course, I didn’t think Kiyotaka would lose against Nagumo. However, the current Horikita had no worth for Kiyotaka to go out of his way to attract trouble in order to save her… I think Kiyotaka himself also thought that way.

“I’m glad to hear you say that. There’s no need to turn into a moth flying into the flame after all.” 

Kiyotaka said that while patting Kei-chan’s head. 

Even after that, Arisu-chan and Kiyotaka talked about various things and seemed to be getting along well.

There were topics that there will be more opportunities for Nagumo to cooperate with Ryuuen, and Kei-chan’s future plan from now on.

It made me respect them for considering so many things.

I was also impressed by Kei-chan’s level-headedness as she kept up with their conversation.

However, what had been in my mind ever since was something completely different. 

It was about an important person who wasn’t here right now…

I guess it’s something that can’t be avoided. 

It was about the girl who was probably the least compatible with Horikita Suzune. 

That night.

We decided to eat out today, so we brought Kikyou-chan to the restaurant.

“Sometimes, things like this are quite nice.” 

As I watched Kikyou-chan spread out the menu, a man walked straight toward our table. From his physique and the way he walked like a thug, I knew right away it was Ryuuen Kakeru. 

“Keh, you’re always getting accompanied by women, aren’t you?” 

“What’s wrong, Ryueen? Do you want to eat with us?”

“Don’t be stupid, there’s no way I’m here for that. Kukuh… I just happened to see you making out with your girls when I passed by the store.”

“So you want to eat together after all…”

“Enough with that, or I’ll kill you. The one I want to talk to is Sakayanagi.”


Arisu-chan was stunned. 

Ryueen sat down next to Kikyou-chan as if it was the most obvious thing to do and ordered a steak on the tablet.

You were going to eat with us in the end. What a tsundere.

“As you probably know, Ibuki earned the right to move classes due to the previous event.” 

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Welcome that woman to Class A.”

After saying that, Ryueen violently threw the tablet next to him. 

Kikyou-chan stared for a moment at his attitude, but she entered her order without saying a word.

“I think that would happen without us needing to do anything as long as she wished for it herself, but since you went out of your way to request me, it seems Ibuki-san herself isn’t willing.” 

“Keh, I have no idea what that woman is thinking. A small fry should just choose to ride on the winning horse.”

His words were vulgar, but the things he said were quite gentle. 

Ryuuen had this side of him after all. 

When I was grinning at that thought, he glared at me.

“Even if I persuade her, do you think she will change her mind?” 

“If she keeps spouting nonsense, just use my name. You can just tell her that Ryuuen says ‘Someone like you is unnecessary in my class.’ Well, not that it’s actually wrong.”

“I think it’s better for you to tell her yourself… but well, I understand. I will tell her the next time I see her.”

……I wonder why?

Today’s Ryuuen didn’t make himself clear, and it was unlike his usual self.

Did he hesitate about something?

“Ryuuen, your goal is to transfer every member of your class to class A, right?” 

“……I wonder.”

There seemed to be no doubt about it.

I recalled how Ryuuen looked back at the Mixed Training Camp. On that day, although Ryuuen showed his frustration at losing the battle with me, his atmosphere regarding Hiyori’s treatment somehow seemed to say “I’m glad.”

I won the little game of comparing strategies. But what about the competition?

Hiyori was transferred, with Class A paying the points. From Ryuuen’s perspective, what would he think about this result?

Perhaps back then, I ended up helping him achieve what he wanted.

……Based on that, there was also an event the other day. In one way and another, this man was amazing.

“Fufuh, Haruto-kun is praising you, you know?” 

“Is that so? He acts as if he’s in a superior position.”

Surprisingly, I thought he just couldn’t make up his mind to push Ibuki away. 

If so, that would be really interesting though.

“Geez, everyone is just pissing me off.” 

After the meal arrived, Ryuuen vigorously shoveled his meat and rice. 

The behavior he showed somehow looked like him trying to conceal his embarrassment from me.

After Ryuuen paid his bill at the cash register, he quickly left. 

I was thinking of treating his meal as payback for telling me such an interesting story, so it was a bit of a surprise.

After leaving the restaurant, we walked on our way home.

“Is that Ryuuen guy really planning to transfer everyone in his class to Class A?” 

“I think so.”

It was the first time Kikyou-chan heard about that, so she seemed intrigued. 

“Indirectly, Honami-san’s class will become even stronger.” 

Arisu-chan had an indescribable expression. I wasn’t sure whether she found that interesting or boring. 

In the process of carrying out the plan to transfer everyone, there was no benefit for Ryuuen to attack Class A in the inter-class conflict. It was because if Honami and others in Class A couldn’t maintain their status, the whole premise would collapse. Far from attacking them, Ryuuen probably hoped for an even bigger difference in class points between Class A and the other classes.

In other words, by this school year, only Class C had a chance of breaking the domination of Class A. Given that Kiyotaka had no interest in becoming Class A, then whether that thing was possible would be…

“Is it up to Kei-chan?”

“I don’t think it’s possible for her to overturn the situation… but if it helps her grow, then it is fine. I’m sure Kiyotaka-kun thinks that way.”

She declared that clearly. 

The battle for Class A almost came to a close by the end of the first year.

If I was told this when I first enrolled, I would definitely not believe it.

At that time, all I wanted was to enjoy a calm and peaceful ordinary life. 

What about now?

Of course, it was better if it wasn’t boring, but…


Water droplets dripped on the coat while making noises. It looked like it was going to rain. 

It would be troublesome if we caught a cold, so we hurried to the dormitory.

Somehow, we managed to get back before the rain started.

Arisu-chan was out of breath, probably because we walked a little faster.

The student dormitory was dimly lit at night, creating an eerie atmosphere. 

When we got off the elevator, even though it was already 8 PM, there was a figure in front of our room door.

It was hard to tell from a distance, so we closed the distance with some caution. 



It was someone I really didn’t want to see coming here. 

Seeing that black hair, Kikyou-chan made a blatantly disgusted expression.

“……How annoying. Why do I have to look at her face at this time of day?”

She didn’t even try to hide the fact that she hated it. 

The once peaceful space turned chaotic in an instant.

Considering the relationship between the two, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

It would have been better if it was during the daytime when Kikyou-chan put on her façade, but…

“For the time being, let’s go in. It’ll be cold if we stand here like this.” 

I unlocked the door and let the woman enter the room. 

I would have preferred if she just left right away, but I guess it couldn’t be helped.

This could become terrible. 

I still haven’t told Kikyou-chan the details of the event the other day. It was hard to think Kikyou-chan would stay calm if she knew what Arisu-chan did to that woman. 

“Suzune-san, is something wrong?” 

“……Nagumo… is asking for me.”

She seemed to be asking Arisu-chan for some sort of advice, but I didn’t give a damn. 

I caressed Kikyou-chan’s back as she sat next to me, trying to stabilize her mind.

It was because Kikyou-chan’s face stiffened the moment she heard the name that Arisu-chan muttered. 

Well then. 

In the first place, about this woman… I have no feelings toward Horikita whatsoever.

If I were asked which one was more important to me, I would choose Kikyou-chan 100-0.

I was thinking that Horikita should just get crushed by Nagumo. 

Of course, I was aware there had been some sort of exchange between Arisu-chan and Kiyotaka, and I could understand why it would become troublesome if Horikita became dependent on Nagumo. 

However, all of those circumstances became trivial if they caused massive stress to Kikyou-chan. I didn’t give a damn how Horikita ended up becoming.

I could see that Arisu-chan and I had quite different ways of thinking regarding the treatment of Horikita Suzune. 

For me, something like that had no priority over Kikyou-chan’s peace and safety.

No matter how interesting things might become because of that, that wasn’t a good reason to make Kikyou-chan feel bad.

Of course, I wanted to respect Arisu-chan’s opinion, and I wasn’t going to complain about how she came to that conclusion, but the strategy of saving Horikita’s mind and making her dependent on Arisu-chan was a choice I would never take if I was in Arisu-chan’s position. It might already be too late for that, but I wanted to tell Arisu-chan this later.

“……You, of all people, are someone I wish to not intrude on this place no matter what.”

As Kikyou-chan said that while glaring at the dull-eyed Horikita, I embraced Kikyou-chan. 

I had guessed to some extent what kind of relationship these two people had now.

“(It’ll be fine.)” 

“(Thank you. Can I stay like this until she leaves?)”

“(Of course.)”

I whispered to Kikyou-chan and calmed her down. 

When I squeezed her soft hand, I could feel that she was trembling a bit.

Arisu-chan always entertained me.

She understood me well and chose actions that would make me happy.

However, I think she made a big miscalculation this time.

From Kikyou-chan’s perspective, the time that she spent with us in this room had become a sanctuary that she didn’t want others to invade. Although Horikita had weakened considerably, it was definitely not a place that someone like her, the symbol of Kikyou-chan’s dark history, should be allowed to enter. 

It wasn’t a matter of Horikita’s mind breaking or her changing for the better.

If Arisu-chan prioritized entertaining me and tolerated the stress placed on Kikyou-chan for that, I would tell her “That’s not the right way.”

“(As I thought, I should have just destroyed her back then).” 

Kikyou-chan whispered to me in a volume that only I could hear. 

I couldn’t allow my family to be hurt.

I decided to intervene in their conversation that was about to take place.

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