A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 56

6 pm. Arisu-chan and I visited Honami’s room.

There was already a guest there. She had a gentle smile and was normally a harmless girl.

“So Chihiro-chan also came.” 

“Yes, Arisu-chan sent me a message, telling me to come.”

She was Shiranami Chihiro, who was becoming a celebrity in the school. 

By the way, after the sports festival, we started to call each other by name. It seemed she recognized me as a close friend since then, but that was quite scary in its own way.

“Well then, let’s get down to the business.” 

“Okay. Then can you tell us about your plan?”

Honami straightened her posture and asked. Seeing her like this made me a little relieved. 

The relationships between the two had changed dramatically, but they never became enemies.

“There’s just one key point for this exam. It’s ‘don’t make the question bank’.” 

“…What did you say?”

I couldn’t help but retort. It was a proposal that was just the way I liked it, but what did that mean? 

“I think it was mentioned during the explanation of the rules, but in case the question bank isn’t completed… the school side would supplement very easy questions to make up for the missing amount. We just need to have both Class A and Class B solve those questions.” 

I was convinced by that explanation. It was an amazing shift of thought. 

What would happen if both classes nominated each other and neither made a question bank?

…Everyone would end up facing extremely easy questions for the exam which could be cleared easily.

“On top of that, let’s adjust it so the average score of class B students wouldn’t exceed 90. It would mean the difference of points would open up by 100cl, but I think they wouldn’t complain. But if you still think that isn’t enough, you can offer them ‘compensation’ of 10,000 pr monthly as one of the solutions.”

If everyone in the class scored 90 points or lower the average score would be much lower. Sensei even said the questions would be very easy, so it originally served as a penalty for the attacking class if their question bank was incomplete. Since that was the level of the questions, people of Class A should be capable enough to exceed 90 points on average. 

And with this method, everyone could get through the special exam easily. Perhaps they didn’t even need to study for the exam. Considering the people of Class B already lost their motivation and put their first priority on having fun, this condition was too hard to refuse.

Aah, it really reminded me of the ability of Arisu-chan. 

To think she actually came up with that in the short time after the explanation of the rules…

“See, isn’t she amazing?” 

“She really is… you can actually come up with that idea.”

Chihiro-chan let out a voice of admiration while staring at Arisu-chan with a look of respect. 

Ah, Arisu-chan looked a little happy. This part of her was always simple… she really was cute.

Since Kikyou-chan wouldn’t be coming today, the four of us decided to eat together. 

We moved to a Japanese restaurant with private rooms and continued our conversation.

“Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be possible for the attack target to overlap?” 

“That possibility is low. Class B was formerly Class A, so everyone knows their academic ability is very high. In addition, attacking Class A for this exam is too high risk and low return. It’s safe to assume that Class C and Class D would be attacking each other.”

Arisu-chan seemed to be confident that the attack target wouldn’t overlap. 

Well, unless they were pretty confident, people were likely to target those with lower academic ability. Besides, Ryuuen didn’t seem to have any reason to avoid Class C where Kiyotaka was… now that it came to this, wouldn’t the exam have already concluded?

“Eh, we already reached the game set just like this? It means our exam is already over the moment the nomination is concluded?” 

“That would be the case for our classes.”

Just like the cruise ship exam, the exam was finished very quickly. 

But where did Arisu-chan come up with that idea… don’t tell me.

“Did you see my troublesome expression back in homeroom?” 

“Fufu, you’ve noticed it well. I’m always observing Haruto-kun.”

Just as I thought, this tactic seemed to be inspired by my attitude in the classroom. 

I had an attitude that I didn’t want to create the questions. In that case, Arisu-chan only made it so nobody had to create it.

…U~hn, I could only say it was as expected of a genius. As I thought, Arisu-chan was outstanding in many ways.

Since Honami was treating our meal, I decided to have a tempura meal set. 

Its overall price was high, but it tasted quite good. I want to continue to have our confidential conversations in this shop.

“Arisu-chan, may I ask you one thing?” 

“What is it?”

Honami, who had been quiet for a while, asked a question at this time. They gradually felt less awkward. In terms of improving the relationship between these two, I think we are heading in the right direction.  

“Is there anyone who might turn traitor among the students of Class B? We got a contract that would make people like that pay points, but I don’t think everyone would become obedient with just that, right?” 

That was a suspicion that organization leaders tend to have. Even if Honami was a kind person, she still couldn’t fully trust the students of Class B. Considering their actions during the sports festival, it was obvious. 

Arisu-chan received those words and winked at Chihiro-chan. It seemed she already expected that question.

“Honami-san, you don’t have to worry in that regard. Class B students would let us know if they see anyone showing signs of betrayal. I already designed a system that as long as they found evidence of betrayal and submitted it to me, they would be rewarded with 500,000 points… I will definitely not allow anything that could possibly harm you.” 

“I-in that case, I can feel relieved… I guess?”

Chihiro-chan smiled and explained the system she had made. 

Although her mouth was smiling, her eyes didn’t. She felt completely different from the Chihiro-chan from before.

I could feel crazed faith. Perhaps I should refer to this as Honami mode?

“Making the members of the group monitor each other. I think that’s a very effective method.” 

In contrast to me who was getting scared, Arisu-chan looked happy. She clapped her hand lightly and praised Chihiro-chan. Surprisingly, they might get along well. 

“Sooner or later, everyone would consider others around them as enemies.” 

“You’re right. Those with low loyalty to Honami-san will all become skeptical.”

I decided to think about the meaning of Arisu-chan’s words. 

First of all, those who already follow Honami would gladly accuse others of being traitors should they find one. There was no doubt about that, but the question was how the other would act.

…About those who weren’t believers of the cult and had no dissatisfaction with the system. For current Class B students who were mostly considered that category, they might accuse others for the 500,000 point reward. No, since they already prioritized personal benefits, there was no doubt they would do that. Being able to earn tons of points with practically no risk was definitely something they would do. 

On the contrary, for those who had the intention to betray, the situation was nothing but fear. If they left any evidence, they would be hoisted by Class A and have to pay a huge amount of points as compensation. Moreover, the informer might be someone who sat next to them.

“Even in a sense of preventing betrayal from occurring, I think this is a great strategy. It’s perfect.” 

“Ehehe… thank you, Arisu-chan.”

The gap between Chihiro-chan’s shy appearance and what she just did was so big that it left me puzzled. 

That said, it was rare for Arisu-chan to give such direct praise. Was there any reason?

“You have a friend with high governance ability who will definitely not betray you. I think it would be best to leave the system maintenance to her and Honami-san could just focus on the class competition.” 

“…It seems so.”

Honami closed her eyes once and stroked Chihiro-chan’s head. Chihiro-chan’s happy expression was that of a maiden in love. 

I suddenly came up with a possibility. Perhaps Chihiro-chan had done something that Arisu-chan was trying to do ahead of her. No, I was sure that was the case. Exploiting people through their anxiety and fear was something that Arisu-chan was best at.

Even though it was just part of it, Chihiro-chan managed to reach the same conclusion as the genius. Perhaps Arisu-chan was happy with that. If so, there was a possibility that Chihiro-chan might become Arisu-chan’s “favorite” from now on.

…To think Chihiro-chan could achieve Arisu-chan’s level of thought if Honami was involved, how did that work? Was it the power of love? 

Until we returned to our dorm, I couldn’t get her smiling face out of my head.

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