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Chapter 55

Today is the day when the class points of this month would be announced.

Mashima-sensei pasted the paper on the whiteboard as usual.

Class A – 1355cl 

Class B – 524cl 

Class C – 362cl 

Class D – 0cl 

So the points of Class D… Ryuuen’s group had become 0. Even though it was something that happened to another class, many couldn’t help but be appalled by how tragic it was. However, if I thought about it calmly, it wasn’t unreasonable. 

Three of their students were expelled and one was suspended. They ranked last during the sports festival, and they also committed numerous violations during it (though Class B also did). With all of that happening during the same month, it couldn’t be helped that all their points were gone.

The impact from the Class D penalty was too great so there was a matter that had less attention, but the points that Class B lost were also great. 

It was reduced more than I thought. Apparently, messing things up at the sports festival caused quite a lot of damage. Since nothing else could have caused the points penalty, it naturally became like that through the elimination process.

In retrospect, the school did explain the 30-point penalty from pole toppling, but no one said other competitions had the same amount of penalty points. Considering the degree of danger of foul play, it would be natural that the penalty from the cavalry battle would be greater than the pole toppling. 

…If you think about it normally, you can understand that Mashima-sensei’s arrival right after the pole toppling was meant as a “warning.” People of Class B didn’t understand that and thought they could commit as many fouls as they liked with just a 30-point penalty.

In addition, nobody knew about the regulations regarding violations over multiple competitions. Since nobody asked about that, the truth was buried in the dark.

In any case, it wouldn’t be weird for sanctions to be imposed. It was already too late for regrets.

A few days later, the result of the midterm exams held last week was announced.

My score was hovering around the 50s due to the lack of studying, but that wasn’t what I was interested in this time.

“Arisu-chan, did you go all out this time?” 

“It’s a bit vague to call it going all out… but there’s no meaning in adjusting my score to avoid standing out anymore.”

Arisu-chan got perfect scores on all subjects. This was something that occurred for the first time since we enrolled in this school. 

Needless to say, she ranked first in the whole school year. The students in the class couldn’t hide their surprise and made noises.

This change was likely because Class B was already under Honami’s group’s control. 

Arisu-chan wanted to avoid being nominated as a leader at all costs. But if she revealed her genius intellect, the people who were anti-Katsuragi, who already existed in small numbers from the beginning of the school year, would likely declare themselves as the “Sakayanagi faction.” That was the reason she chose to act in moderation. 

However, that was no longer necessary. Now that the whole class had already become a colony, even if other people realized how competent Arisu-chan was, there was nothing they could do.

“There are 0 students who dropped out from test results. You shouldn’t let your guard down and keep working on your studies from now on. As for the main topic, I’m going to explain about the special exam… which is commonly known as Paper Shuffle. Listen carefully.” 

Just by hearing the name of the special exam, the students of Class B expressed how troublesome it was through their faces. 

After making a wry smile, Mashima-sensei began to explain the outline.

“A quiz will be carried out next week, but the result won’t be reflected in grades. Instead, the quiz’s result will be used to form pairs… The borderline of being expelled will use the pair’s combined points instead.” 

Simply put, they would have a hard time if paired with an idiot. 

With this alone, there were few elements of the special exam, but it was just the introductory event.

“The main point will be the final exam with its unique method of implementation. Students of each class will create questions and present them to other classes then the total results of both classes will be compared. The victorious class will earn 50 class points while the defeated class will lose 50 class points. Just imagine it as a class ‘attacking’ another.” 

…There was no way this school would conduct a simple exam. The students’ expressions were distorted.

In other words, someone had to think of the questions. I couldn’t help but think of how boring it would be.

I was already ready to run away. Asking me to come up with 400 questions was just too much to ask.

“In addition, if the class you attack already had 0 points and you come up victorious, you will still earn 50 class points without problem. That defeated class’ points will stay 0, but the minus 50 will be counted internally. To be more specific, in case they earn class points, they will be deducted until the 50 points are paid. Therefore, the total difference will be 100 points. There’s no loss even if Class D were selected as an attack target.” 

Mashima-sensei’s explanation was easy to understand, but it felt a little awkward. It was just my speculation, but maybe there weren’t any classes that lost all their class points before the Paper Shuffle exam. Since there was no precedent, it was natural the way he talked was like reading straight from a manual. 

I didn’t care about that. I really hate troublesome tasks, so I have to avoid being chosen as a question creator. Let’s go home quickly without talking to anyone as soon as the briefing is concluded.

At the end of the briefing, in case the question bank wasn’t completed, the school’s side would supplement low-level questions to make up for the missing amount. I didn’t give a damn. Rather, I would prefer if those questions were used to begin with. 

When I silently turned to Arisu-chan, she showed me a smile. She was cute as usual today.

As soon as the homeroom ended, I tried to leave the classroom with Arisu-chan. 

It would be troublesome if someone like Katsuragi called out to me, so we needed to move as fast as possible.



The moment I opened the door vigorously, there was Honami in front of me. That surprised me… 

There was Kanzaki behind her. Did they come immediately to give instructions to Class B?


Honami made an ecstatic expression for a moment, but she immediately shook her head and regained her focus. 

She entered Class B’s classroom as it was and stood at the podium. Most of the female students looked at Honami with sparkling eyes. The boys also stopped chatting and waited for her to start. They behaved completely differently compared to when it was Mashima-sensei who spoke.

I took Arisu-chan’s hand and reluctantly returned to my seat.

“Okay okay~ thank you, everyone!” 

When Honami waved her hand, many would be fascinated by her beauty regardless of gender. 

After all, the current Honami wore plain clothes instead of a school uniform. Needless to say, it was the one million points outfit she bought on my order. It was probably the first time she had shown it in front of many people. 

…Its destructive power was incredible. Even I, who already saw it once, couldn’t take my eyes off her. For those who saw it for the first time, especially men, it should be enough to steal their hearts.

“I came here to talk about a certain topic. Have you all heard about the rules of Paper Shuffle?” 

In conclusion, having a cute appearance was a benefit. 

Even though she was just speaking normally, it was enough to attract everyone’s attention. In addition, Honami had her innate charisma and charm. Was there anyone else who was more suitable to be a dictator?

The content of what she talked about was simple. It was to select Class A to be the target to attack during the Paper Shuffle. Since both classes were in cooperative relationships, it was something obvious so no student was surprised by it. 

“The pairing would be like a lottery so I can’t guarantee it will work… but if the pairing has a ruling like I think, I will tell you the strategy. I want you to cooperate with me.” 

Honami had a somewhat fluffy atmosphere. Her appearance and gentle tone numbed the senses of the students. 

If she asked them to die for her sake, I think some would actually comply. She gave off such an overwhelming aura that made me seriously think of such a thing.

“But I will promise you this. I will never make anyone suffer and will fight in a way that benefits everyone. My purpose is to make the people of this school happy after all.”1 

Arisu-chan was looking at Honami’s behavior happily. Judging from Arisu-chan’s expression, it seemed Arisu-chan had something in mind. 

…This exam was the type of thing that Arisu-chan was good at. Perhaps she would play an active role then?

After we returned to our room, Arisu-chan sent a message to someone. 

…Kikyou-chan already sent us a message that she couldn’t come today. It seemed they had a strategy meeting in their class. I was sure she didn’t want to go, yet the fact she still did showed how tough it was to protect her status as a popular person.

I think I should listen to her complaints next time so she won’t get too stressed.

“Haruto-kun, let’s visit Honami-san’s room later.” 

“Okay. I look forward to what we will talk about there.”

Compared to the sports festival that she couldn’t participate in, I could tell that she was having a lot of fun. 

Influenced by that, I was also feeling excited. As I thought, it wouldn’t be fun if Arisu-chan didn’t take any action.

Although making a question bank would be troublesome, it didn’t feel bad.

…No, it was still troublesome after all! 

While feeling lazy inwardly, Arisu-chan and I headed to Honami’s room.

Author Note:

Because there are many things to edit in the second half, I split the chapter again.

I think I could release it… about the day after tomorrow.

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