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Chapter 71

Mashima-sensei received an explanation from the staff member in charge and nodded deeply.

Then he wore a serious expression and started speaking in a voice that everyone could hear.

“I have certainly received it. With this, Shiina Hiyori’s expulsion has been confirmed. Regarding those who would be expelled from the school, we will guide you to the return bus from now on. The people in question should wait in the gymnasium for a while.” 

It seemed the expelled students would ride a different bus to go home. They must have felt awkward, so it was a natural measure. 

…Well, we wouldn’t be riding on that bus, though. 

The noises in the gym subsided. Everyone must have thought that it was all over.

“Well then, this concludes the result announcement of the special exam.” 

After Mashima-sensei said that, he smiled as he saw the envelope containing Hiyori’s notice of withdrawal. 

Well then, it was time for the climax.

“Sensei! Please cancel Shiina Hiyori’s expulsion!” 

A girl’s voice echoed through the gymnasium. Everyone began to make noise again as they wondered what was happening. 

The owner of the voice… Honami smiled brightly as she stood in front of Mashima-sensei.

“…Very well. You’ll have to pay 20 million private points for that, but is that alright?” 

“Yes. Including the 300 class points I have to pay, I agree.”

Most students didn’t even understand what was going on. 

The consistent rule of this school was they wouldn’t answer things that students didn’t ask. Therefore, there was no explanation why this kind of thing was possible.

“Okay. Then let’s proceed with the procedure.” 

“…Mashima-sensei. Is it alright if I ask for an explanation of what’s happening?”

Horikita’s brother asked a question on behalf of the students. I guess it was as expected of him to not suddenly retort about how strange it was. This time might be a humiliating event for him, but he was a previous student council president after all. 

“Even if you ask for an explanation, I only do things according to rules.” 

“I heard that it’s not possible to rescue a student from another class.”

“Of course that’s true, but Shiina is currently not affiliated in any class… isn’t that right?” 

Mashima-sensei spoke halfway through and then turned to me. It seemed he meant to have me explain the rest. 

“That’s right. The moment the expulsion is confirmed, that person loses their qualification as a student in their current class.” 

Horikita’s brother was startled when he saw me suddenly explaining fluently. He seemed to understand my intention. 

He was really quick to understand. While I was grinning inwardly, I continued my words.

“Therefore, she is currently not enrolled in any class. However, her expulsion wouldn’t be processed until the chairman approved the withdrawal form she had filled in. In other words, she was still enrolled as a student of the school. Although her name has disappeared from the roster of the class, she still exists as an unaffiliated student named ‘Shiina Hiyori’.” 

There was a gap between the submission of the withdrawal notice and when the withdrawal actually took effect. I made use of that time lag.1 

This rule might seem complicated at first glance, but it was something that naturally existed. Just consider what would happen if a student’s existence was erased right after the expulsion notice was turned in.

…It meant in case the desperate expelled student caused an incident that harmed the teacher or student, the class that student originally came from would have to be held on joint responsibility and be severely liable for that act. I didn’t think there were many things that were as terrible as that. 

Also, while the rule of the Mixed Training Camp mentioned that “You cannot rescue the student of another class,” nowhere did it say “You cannot rescue a student that doesn’t belong to your own class.” I made use of that loophole.

“That’s how it is. Do you understand?” 

“…Thank you for answering my clumsy question.”

Horikita’s brother seemed convinced by my answer and left the gymnasium. 

After Mashima-sensei saw him off, he began to speak to all remaining first-year students.

“If anyone has other questions, I will accept them. In addition, if there is any student other than Ichinose who wishes to cancel Shiina Hiyori’s expulsion, please let me know on this occasion. I will not accept any objection once the procedure begins.” 

There was nobody who could do that, and even if they could, no one but Honami could do it. Nevertheless, this was a necessary process. Since Hiyori currently didn’t belong to any class, anyone had the right to rescue her. It could be said this process was to prevent other students from saying “The school is unfair” after the fact. 

“…It seems there’s none. As of now, I have confirmed that 20 million private points have been deducted from Ichinose’s possession. In addition, Class A would have 300 class points deducted from them, and the point processing is now completed.” 

The gymnasium was getting noisy. I was glad everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

I was relieved that I had achieved my goal of preventing Hiyori’s expulsion. What was left was the last strike, the most important punch line. We proceeded to the scene where the effect of me bombarding questions to sensei would be revealed.

“Now then, Shiina Hiyori’s class will be reassigned.” 

“What the… oi!”

At this point, Ryuuen finally understood the situation. He hurriedly raised his voice and approached Mashima-sensei, but it was already too late. Other teachers were also not surprised and preparations such as documents for that proceeded. 

“I told you earlier that I don’t accept objections. The right to decide which class she will be assigned to is given to the class representative who paid the points to cancel the withdrawal.” 

This was the biggest point this time. What would happen if a student who lost their qualification to enroll was revived? It seemed there was no precedent for this before, so the chairman made the ruling for that. 

“Is it okay to consider Ichinose the representative? In that case, please declare which class she will be reassigned to.” 

“Of course… it would be 1 – A!”

Honami said that with a satisfied smile. 

Cheers rose from Class A’s group. The joyful voices of both men and women echoed in the gymnasium.

I guess the case was closed. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, I stretched my body. 

“Okay, it’s over, it’s over.” 

Hiyori was staring at my behavior. 

“Haruto-kun… Thank you very much.” 

“I’m glad you’re saved. But give your gratitude to Honami who actually paid 20 million points to make it happen.”

“Of course, I will have to return the favor to Ichinose-san. However…”

Unusual for Hiyori, she seemed to hesitate. She blushed slightly and turned around to look behind her. 

“This warm feeling I have is definitely directed to you.” 

Leaving those words, she walked toward Class A’s group. Soon, Chihiro-chan and other girls surrounded Hiyori. That calm atmosphere really matched her personality. 

Her high school life began today. It was not an environment where she would be treated badly, and she would definitely be cherished there as a student (though she may be counted as a member of the cult as well). If she could fully demonstrate her true abilities and enjoy her daily life in her own way, it means my effort and Honami’s were rewarded. 

“…Bastard. You really mess things up.” 

Ryuuen slowly walked towards me. His expression wasn’t as bad as I thought. 

“Ouh, I had fun thanks to you.” 

“Is that so…”

He wore a wry smile at my words and narrowed his eyes as he stared at Hiyori. Surprisingly, he might have thought this was fine as it was.

…Now he had done so much, even if Hiyori returned to Class D, only misfortune would await her.

“Keh, motherfucker. We’re returning.” 

While cursing, he took his minions and left. 

It must not be forgotten that Ryuuen’s group wasn’t completely defeated this time. Class A lost 300 class points and 20 million private points. Both Class B and Class C had a student expelled. Since Morofuji of Class D was expelled, their class point returned to 0, but the class point difference with Class A was shrunk. All in all, it was a tough result for the first years overall. 

“Fufuh, Haruto-kun. As I thought, you are really the best comrade.” 

“…Chihiro-chan, huh.”

Chihiro-chan spoke to me. She was smiling in a good mood. 

…I was sure there were some students who wouldn’t feel good purchasing Hiyori with 300 class points. But I wasn’t too worried about that part. This was because in Class A, there should be no objection to Honami’s decision. Even if they were dissatisfied, if they actually spoke of it, the heretic inquisition by the scary executive in front of me would be waiting for them. 

Above all, Hiyori will be serious from now on. She would definitely continue to contribute to the victory of Class A to prove she was worth the huge expense. Once that happened, people would definitely think 300 class points was a bargain. The extraordinary insight that she had… that was an extremely valuable talent.

“You don’t have to worry about the points. I will transfer about 5 million points to Honami-san.” 


She made an outrageous statement. I was too scared to ask where she got that many points from. I heard that Chihiro-chan was in charge of managing donation money, but … u~hn, she was still a dangerous woman as usual. 

After a quick talk with Honami, I headed over to Mashima-sensei again. 

There was only one task left, and I was going to do it.

“Okay, Mashima-sensei… Aah, so you already knew it.” 

“Of course. I don’t want to receive this kind of thing.”

Mashima-sensei smiled and returned the notice of withdrawal I had submitted. 

While the eyes of the students gathered, I firmly grasped the envelope with both hands…

“I cancel my withdrawal!” 

Then vigorously tore it apart. At that moment, I was struck by a strong feeling of fatigue. I guess I worked too hard this time. 

Even so, this time was a wonderful special exam. I got to witness Ryuuen’s cunningness, Kiyotaka’s behind-the-scenes work, and Honami’s great action. All of them amused me. I couldn’t thank my good friends enough.

I got on the return bus with a stimulating feeling in my chest.

Author Note:

It was definitely something that was bad for Arisu-chan’s heart.

There will be one more chapter, which is the epilogue for this arc.

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