A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 70

Just like how it went for the men’s group, the results of the women’s group were also announced one after another starting from the best group.

“…This concludes the result announcement for the women’s large group. Regarding small groups with average results below the designated borderline, there were two of them. First would be the small group with Igari Momoko from 3 – B as the person in charge, and another… is the small group with Shiina Hiyori of 1 – D as the person in charge.” 

When Mashima-sensei announced the results, the gymnasium erupted. It was a contrasting reaction compared to the men’s announcement. 

Nagumo had a happy expression. Horikita’s brother had a bitter face as if he had swallowed a bug. It seemed he didn’t expect there would be a person expelled from the third-year and most students ended up puzzled.

Eventually, some third-year students who realized the situation confronted Nagumo. As for Tachibana, who got caught by Nagumo’s strategy, she stared blankly into the void with unfocused eyes. Many eyes were drawn to that scene.

And there was also… a child who was crying alone in the corner of the gymnasium. 

“It’s okay, Hiyori. You’re not alone.” 

I walked up to Hiyori and tapped on her shoulder. Her expulsion was already considered an established fact. It was because Ryuuen’s strategy was more blatant compared to Nagumo’s. The many misdeeds of girls of Class D, including the boycott of classes, left a strong impression on students of other groups. 

“Haruto-kun… I’m sorry. It’s already over for me.” 

“Don’t say that. I’ll definitely not abandon Hiyori.”

As I embraced her body, she leaned against me powerlessly. It seemed she reached her limits, both physically and mentally. 

Seeing us like that, Ryuuen had a grin on his face. He seemed to think he was completely successful. He crossed his arms and approached me.

Hiyori cowered in fear, but it was understandable. She must have realized that he was the culprit who set her up long ago. An ordinary person would shrink when exposed to easy-to-understand malice.

“Takashiro. Looking at your reaction, it seems you already knew this would happen… and you also realized you can’t do anything about it, huh? You know what I mean, right?” 

Ryuuen crossed his arms and talked to me. 

He must have meant to sign a contract with him. But I shook my head and laughed.

“Sorry, but I refuse. Mashima-sensei, please do that.” 

I spoke as loudly as possible. Ryuuen was perplexed by my unexpected action. 

Hearing that, Mashima-sensei nodded and pulled out an envelope. Inside was a tri-fold piece of paper. The A4 paper with Takashiro Haruto’s name on it was unmistakably a notice of withdrawal from the school.

“Wha, you…” 

“First of all, let me say that it’s a brilliant move. It’s a strategy that fully understands my nature where I am soft to the people I am close to and exploits that. I never thought someone would actually do it that way. I give you my praise.”

As I clapped my hands, I closed my distance with Ryuuen. Hiyori blinked, seemingly not yet understanding the situation. 

“However, you misunderstand one thing. For me… dropping out of school isn’t a big deal!” 

I declared clearly as if I was shouting. 

The arguing seniors also stopped their words and looked at me. All the students were watching me.

Hiyori wasn’t the only one who was surprised. With the exception of a few students who were already aware of my plan beforehand, everyone else was dumbfounded. I gloated inwardly as I saw the reactions I desired. I wanted to do something like this.

…This was fun. As I thought, surprising people was interesting. I continued to speak while feeling great.

“I will also drop out of school together so Hiyori won’t be left alone. I’ve already decided to do so the moment I realized Ryuuen’s strategy. Dropping out of school isn’t the end, but a new start to life. The thing that is necessary for that is this notice of withdrawal… That’s why, you can write it confidently, Hiyori. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” 

I spoke the sentence I thought beforehand clearly. Did it sound like an act? 

When I looked around, I caught sight of Arisu-chan with her mouth wide open. I was happy to see my surprise was successful. However, the enjoyable time still continued.1

“Y-you shouldn’t. Haruto-kun shouldn’t mess with your own life for my sake.” 

“I didn’t mess with it. It just went in the right direction.”

“Aah, why are you doing so much for me…”

It seemed Hiyori realized my intention as she grabbed my clothes. Her warm hands gripped it tightly. 

Silence came again. Most students still couldn’t process what was going on.

“…I understand each of you have your own thoughts about what’s happening. However, the announcement is not over yet.” 

As Mashima-sensei judged that the situation had calmed down, he opened his mouth again. 

“I think you already understand, but it means both people in charge would have to prepare the document regarding their expulsion. In addition, just like how the men’s group went, you may name someone to take joint responsibility. Please decide within five minutes.” 

The two people nodded and immediately replied. 

“Morofuji Rika-san. I would like to select her.” 

“Mine is already decided as well. Of course, it’s Tachibana Akane-san from Class A.”

I heard voices of relief. Geez, everyone treated things as leisure as they knew they were safe. It must be fun watching things from a safe distance… Well, not that I could complain about it. 

Hiyori nominated Morofuji, who was once suspended from the school. I could somehow feel Hiyori’s kindness from that. Considering Morofuji already lost her place in the class, she would only suffer the least amount of damage from expulsion. It was highly possible that Hiyori selected Morofuji because of that. 

…Even though Hiyori herself had already suffered so much, she could still make such considerations. It was really amazing of her, or rather, something I could respect her for.

“As for people who managed to read my plan, there’s not even one… ah, no, there are barely any of them. Horikita-senpai, how are you feeling right now?” 

Nagumo approached Horikita’s brother and provoked him as much as he could. U~hn, Nagumo seemed to be having fun. 

I stared at the battle between the second and third years for a while.

After that, Horikita’s brother quickly decided to rescue Tachibana. The solidarity of 3 – A was high and none of them gave critical opinions about that. 

There was Hiyori, who had already stopped crying, and Tachibana, who cried loudly. The contrast between the two was quite interesting.

Nagumo began to talk about his strategy while laughing.

After that, the 3 – B group also decided to rescue Igari, and the battle between seniors concluded there.

Then Hiyori headed toward the desk that was already prepared by herself. She picked up the pen and signed one paper after another regarding expulsion. Her attitude that seemed to no longer be burdened by the fact was somewhat refreshing. 

“As long as you’re there with me, then I… fufu.”2 

There was no sign of despair in her flushed expression. I didn’t expect her to be able to be able to move on this much, but it wouldn’t affect the plan. All that was left now was to wait for the final twist. 

Ryuuen and Honami were facing each other and arguing about something.

“Ichinose, I never thought you were actually a woman without blood and tears.” 

“Nya~ I don’t understand what you are talking about. Why should I use the precious points to help the student of another class? To think you actually seek my help for that, is Ryuuen-kun’s head filled with a flower field?”

…Honami seemed to be growing strong. There was darkness in her bright smile. 

On the other hand, Ryuuen’s face was horribly distorted, and the difference in composure between the two was obvious.

If things ended as they were, Ryuuen would suffer the greatest damage. 

Class A was unharmed and his class lost 200 class points for having 2 students expelled. It was a hopeless ending that could be considered the worst of the worst.

The thing I was trying to do… was also an act that overturned Ryuuen’s decisive defeat. 

However, I felt no resistance to doing so. My goal wasn’t to grant complete victory for Class A after all.

It was to make the special exam interesting and have Arisu-chan and others enjoy it. I would prevent Hiyori from dropping out and restore her calm school life. Those two were my only wishes to begin with.

After Hiyori finished writing the paperwork, an employee who seemed to be in charge of the administration went to check it. After confirming everything was fine, they were put back in the envelope and handed over to Mashima sensei. Well then, let’s leave the rest to the god. 

Honami, I’ll leave the rest to you. 

The goddess would extend a helping hand by the end of it. That kind of story didn’t sound bad, right? 

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