A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 72

Author Note:

Epilogue of the arc, so it’s short.

A bus that was not very comfortable to ride ran through a mountain road with one lane in each direction.

Ever since I got on, Arisu-chan grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go. It seemed the surprise I did earlier was so astonishing to her that it was bad for her heart. I regret that I overdid it a little.

“I knew things would be just fine. However, when I actually heard the words… I couldn’t calm down. As I thought, I really can’t live without you.” 

Even though we see each other regularly, this was the first time we’d been apart for a week. Still, she was able to finish the Mixed Training Camp in good spirits without a single wound. Even though it was the result of the hard work of Kikyou-chan and the girl’s group, I never thought things would go this well. 

Even so, she still said she couldn’t live without me… huh.

“Wouldn’t Kikyou-chan and Masumi-san be able to take my place?” 

“Of course we couldn’t.”

The one who answered my question was Masumi-san sitting in the seat in front of us. 

Her cheeks were puffed out. She seemed angry, but I couldn’t help but think that expression was cute.

“Do you know how hard it was without you there? …On the other hand, I’m impressed you actually managed to do all that alone for all this time. Even without your earlier remark, I really think Haruto is amazing.” 

After saying that, Masumi-sen let out a big sigh. It seemed she was having a hard time back then. I was deeply grateful for her as I thought about how I should do something to thank her, Kikyou-chan, and Kei-chan for that. 

“I’m sorry for making you feel terrible.” 

“Ah… I have no intention of complaining about Arisu-chan. Sorry if that offended you.”

Masumi-sen apologized with a flustered expression. Even though it was clear she didn’t mean to offend Arisu-chan at all, she still apologized, showing how kind she was. 

The expression on Arisu-chan’s face upon receiving the apology was more of joy than discomfort.

“No no, it’s a fact after all… fufu.” 

After those words, the conversation ended. 

The bus passed through a steep mountain road and entered the highway. The inside of the bus was so quiet it was hard to believe it was the same group that was with us as we came to the Mixed Training Camp. Many people were sleeping, showing how exhausted they were.

There was an announcement that we would be arriving at the school soon. There was no traffic jam, so it seemed we would be able to return smoothly. 

The sleeping students also woke up and started chatting with people around them. However, only Katsuragi Kouhei had closed his eyes and been thinking about something without saying a single word since he got on the bus.

After the sports festival, he was isolated in class. It was because he didn’t get along with those who had committed bad deeds and stuck to his belief in being fair and square. That was a wonderful thing, but it also became the trigger for him to become estranged from students who were once active as part of Katsuragi’s faction.

How did Katsuragi feel about Totsuka’s expulsion? Ever since Totsuka enrolled, he stuck with Katsuragi like a remora as his loyal subordinate, but after the sports festival, I got the impression that they had given up on each other.

Well, it’s nothing to do with me. 

After thinking that much, I returned to my consciousness. It seemed Arisu-chan got carsick again as she leaned against me with a pale complexion. 

When I gently stroked her head, her body trembled happily. Her cute reaction warmed my heart.

“I wonder what will become of Hiyori-san?” 

“I think she’ll do just fine. She won’t be ‘stained’ after all…” 1

As if she suddenly remembered that, she asked me about Hiyori. 

Hearing my answer, Arisu-chan made a slightly complicated expression. Then after moving her gaze outside the window, she stared at my eyes again. Her eyes were beautiful today as well. 

“There’s no doubt that she’ll bring a breath of fresh air to Class A. I’m also a little interested in what the outcome will be… and if I have to say more, that’s the only interesting thing left now.” 

“How about Class D?”

“Aah, I think Ryuuen-kun wouldn’t do anymore. At most, I’ll just hope he will give off his last brilliance. It might be weird to say this, but he is less than what ‘we’ expected of him.”

Arisu-chan said coldly. Her attitude showed she wasn’t interested in him anymore. 

I wonder who she included as “we.” Was it me? Or was it Kiyotaka?

…Since she said that much, it seemed Ryuuen was in a severe situation. 

While doing so, a familiar landscape entered my eyes. Unfortunately, prison life resumed. 

The bus entered the school grounds and turned off its engine in a parking lot near the school building. After checking my luggage, I grabbed Arisu-chan’s hand and stood up. Somehow, this situation reminded me of the day I enrolled in this school.

The extraordinary life ended and the daily life would return after a while. 

Seeing Arisu-chan smile with relief, I was enveloped with a happy feeling.

Kei-chan’s POV

“Damn, damn it…”

It was on the return bus. Sudou slammed his fist into the seat in front of him and groaned in frustration. 

Not knowing what to say, I leaned against Kiyotaka’s shoulder.

“What should I do…?” 

“Don’t say anything. For the current Sudou, doing nothing is the correct answer.”

It was unexpected that Yamauchi was expelled from the school. I thought our goal this time was to get through the exam safely and take home as many points as possible. 

But that wasn’t the case. From the beginning, Kiyotaka acted to get Yamauchi expelled. He involved many students of Class A and also Totsuka Yahiko… the student with a selfish personality who was expelled from the school along with Yamauchi, to be part of Yamauchi’s group. All of them were traps set up by Kiyotaka and another person.

…Indeed, Kiyotaka wasn’t the only one who took action. The absolute leader of Class A, Ichinose Honami, was also involved in the strategy. Perhaps Totsuka ended up in Yamauchi’s group because of her instruction. It must have been part of her tactic to make Yamauchi feel comfortable taking on the role of the person in charge.

Such a person can never be defeated. 

The difference between me and Ichinose-san was massive. She had a charming personality and a good appearance that she was born with. If her schemer side, which was comparable to Kiyotaka, was added to the calculation, nobody could win against her. 

…It’ll be impossible for me. She was a perfect person in all aspects, which made me unable to win against her even if I tried for the rest of my life. After doing group activities with her, I realized that it was impossible to beat her.

In the first place, I was nothing but a parasite that couldn’t do anything alone. I did act like a leader while being carried on Kiyotaka’s back, but I was by no means a strong person. 

Now that there was someone in our class who got expelled and the atmosphere turned worse, what could I do? How should I proceed from now on? No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find the answer.

“Recently, I think Kei is doing really well. I really like how hardworking you are.” 


His kind words touched my depressed heart. 

Even if I couldn’t become Class A, as long as I had him… as long as Kiyotaka didn’t abandon me and always loved me, I would be fine. Thinking like that made me feel a little relaxed.

Kiyotaka didn’t seek results from me. Even if things didn’t go well, Kiyotaka appreciated the process of me moving for his sake. He might scold me for making mistakes and getting carried away sometimes, but he made sure to always treat me gently afterward. And he would always accept me for who I was.

I had known for a long time that this man had a scary side. But he was such an attractive man to me that was enough to erase such an impression.

…I guess we should have a date once we return. Getting along and having fun, enjoying our time together that we didn’t have for a week. He might be ignorant about the world, but it should be okay if I lead him.


“That’s amazing, so you’ve already gotten through the depression.” 

“Fufuhn, because… I am Kiyotaka’s girlfriend after all.”

The moment I said that, something incredible happened. 

The corner of Kiyotaka’s mouth rose slightly and he smiled. The expression I saw for the first time made my heart feel as if it had been shot through.

“What’s wrong?” 

It seemed he wasn’t aware that he was actually smiling. I found that really cute and it made my heart pound. It made me want to do everything for him. I guessed this is what people mean when they say it was troubling to love too much. 

“…I love you.” 

I rubbed my face against his chest. It calmed me down when I smelled him… well, I do think it was perverted, but I couldn’t stop. When he stroked my head with his gentle hand, even I was brought to smile. 

Before I knew it, the anxiety in my heart was blown away.

Author Note:

I had always thought that the Mixed Training Camp was the most I could follow the general plot of the original story.

I had plans for the future story, but it might make me slower at writing.

At the very least, I already imagined the general plot until the end of the first year, so please continue to support me from now on.

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