A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 73

The special exam was over and normal classes restarted today.

When I lifted my body up, the two sleeping next to me also woke up.


Kikyou-chan yawned. I was worried about her mental health during the Mixed Training Camp, but it turned out to be a needless worry. Although she was separated from me, she was practically next to Arisu-chan all the time during that period, so she seemed to be very stable. 

…Arisu-chan seemed to have a one-sided perception that she was “being taken care of,” but that wasn’t the case. The relationships of both of them require each other. It was something that could be said about my relationship with Arisu-chan as well.

“Okay, let’s get ready.” 

I got up and started my weekday morning routine. 

It was the moment when I strongly felt that my daily life had returned.

During that day’s lunch break, Arisu-chan and I visited Class A’s classroom. 

“Ah, good afternoon, both of you.” 

The person who welcomed us was Hiyori. She seemed to have already started to fit in with the class. 

As the 41st member of the class, Honami’s group seemed to have warmly accepted Hiyori. I was grateful for that.

“It seems you’re having fun.” 

“Yes, it’s all thanks to Haruto-kun.”

She took my hand and smiled happily. I didn’t think I ever saw her smiling like this when she was in Class D’s classroom… so I really feel glad. 

“…From Hiyori’s perspective, how is Class A?” 

“Let’s see… I think it’s a very comfortable and wonderful class. However, I also feel there’s one big problem. Let’s talk about that together next time.”

After saying that, Hiyori returned to the girls’ group. I thought she would speak longer with us, but she seemed to want to prioritize her communication within Class A right now. I was happy to see that things were going in a favorable direction. My actions weren’t wrong. 

“…Fufu, as expected of Hiyori-san. I guess this is good in its own way.” 

For some reason, Arisu-chan had a surprised expression on her face but it soon changed to a gentle smile. I couldn’t read what she was thinking, but it was clear that she accepted the situation positively. 

I was a little worried about what this girl would think of Hiyori, so I was relieved.

“Haruto-kun and Arisu-chan, you’ve come!” 

“Yo, Chihiro-chan. We came to play… what’s that thing you’re holding?”

The next person to talk to us was Chihiro-chan. 

I was curious about the A4-size notebook she had. On the front cover was written “Donation Management Ledger.”

“This is the memo of the points that everyone donated to Honami-san.” 

She opened it up and showed it to me. 

First of all, I noticed that the students of Class A and Class B were written in roughly the order of the list.

…Hiyori’s name was added to the end of the list out of necessity. Well, it couldn’t be helped since they couldn’t imagine that the number of students would increase. 

I flipped through the pages and saw the data prepared for each individual.

In it, there were related matters such as how much each student on what day and month were written in detail. In addition, the page of donors with a total of 300,000 points or more was marked with a red sticky note, making it possible to see at a glance the degree of their “contribution” to Honami.

“Amazing, you’re managing everything?” 

…She was seriously an outrageous girl. She was too competent in controlling the organization. 

“That’s right~ Haruto-kun, why don’t you try donating too?” 

“Okay, even though I have a lot of points, I won’t get to use them all anyway.”

“Thanks. For each point that you donate, I’ll give you Honami-san’s goods as a present.”

“Okay, let’s do it.”

I thought it was interesting, so I immediately took out the terminal and transferred points to Chihiro-chan. 

How much should I send? Uh~n…

“I’ve transferred it.” 

“Okay. Let’s see… eh.”

Chihiro-chan’s eyes opened wide and checked the point displayed on the terminal. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“O-one million?! This is a little— Are you really okay donating that much?”

“Of course. Feel free to take it.”

Those points were something I got from Honami anyway, but I wouldn’t say it. 

The surprised Chihiro-chan was somehow adorable. I have reconfirmed the fact that as long as it wasn’t involving Honami, she was a cute girl.

“Okay… I’ll prepare the goods then.” 

After saying that, Chihiro-chan ran to her seat. My name written on the ledger was embellished with a highlighter pen. Apparently, I was ranked first in the donation ranking. 

“Thank you for waiting. First of all, this is an ‘L-size photo’ for donating 100,000 points, then a ‘handshake ticket’ for donating 300,000 points, and a poster for donating 500,000 points. I haven’t thought about what should be given on 1,000,000 points, but what do you think would be good?” 

“…Something like a hug?”

“Okay, approved. Then I’ll call for Honami-san.”

My random proposal was adopted immediately. Was that really okay? 

In addition, it seemed that the bonus items were cumulative, so I received 10 photos with different compositions, 3 handshake tickets, and 2 types of posters that were packed in a handbag.

…My current appearance was like an otaku who brought idol goods during the live sale.


Honami ran up to me and embraced me tightly. 

It was warm and soft. She gave me an overly passionate embrace, not minding the stares that were attracted.

…No, I guess this was also her strategy. I guess it was important to stimulate the desire to do so.

“I-I’m envious…” 

Chihiro-chan put her finger in her mouth and looked at me very enviously. 

Students around me had the same reaction, and I understood that this was an outstanding publicity effect.

This system was too scary. I was sure there would be many people who cut down their spending to donate. It was no wonder that Chihiro-chan had such a huge amount of 5 million points with her. 

As I felt somewhat cold, Arisu-chan and I left the classroom.

[“Even if you don’t donate, I’m yours for the rest of my life!”] 

Right after that, I smiled wryly when I saw the message sent to my terminal. 

…Everyone, even if you donate a lot, you won’t get rewarded as much as I did.

After school, we visited the student council room. It was a busy day.

“You’ve come. Well, just sit down.” 

After being prompted by Nagumo, we sat down on a chair. 

We were getting summoned by him through a message. He didn’t tell me the reason, so I was thinking to pretend I didn’t receive the message, but just as I was about to go home, he stopped me through a phone call.

As expected, it was hard to ignore it since he did that much. Partly because I didn’t want to earn Nagumo’s resentment due to weird reasons, we came here reluctantly.

“So, what do you want?” 

“Aah, when I saw Takashiro’s action back in the Mixed Training Camp, I came up with something. I could proceed without telling you, but you guys are people who will eventually join the student council after all, so I thought I have to share it with you.”

I have no intention of joining the student council at all, but it seemed it was already an established fact for him. What a shitty bastard who acted like a king. However, other than arrogance out of belief that his opinion was absolute, I felt a certain freshness in it.

“Fu~hn, is that so?” 

“…You’re still acting as usual. It’s something I’ve thought up to make sure you’re not bored. I think you ought to appreciate it more… but oh well, let’s proceed to the main topic.”

Surprisingly, it seemed to serve as entertainment for me as well. 

Did he want me to enter the student council that much? I wasn’t sure why he evaluated me so highly, though…

As Nagumo watched me make a difficult expression, he laughed lightly.

“At the end of this month, we’re planning to hold a small ‘event.’ Third-year students who are about to graduate are excluded, so only first and second-year students would do it.” 

Saying that, he got up and brought out some printouts that were on the desk. 

Looking at the thing that seemed to be a proposal, there was no doubt that it was something that Nagumo created.

“There’s nothing to do until the special exam in March, so I think it’s just the right timing. Do you want to add a new one?” 

“…Adding a special exam is a high hurdle in many ways. Unless there’s a reason to persuade teachers and board members, it will not be approved. However, as long as the format is an event, I could control it to some extent using my authority as the student council. Of course, I do not intend to force participation.”

It seemed the event would be voluntary instead of compulsory. This meant the benefit of participating in the event would be great. Nobody would care about an event that only had disadvantages. 

After confirming that we understood, Nagumo handed over one of the printouts he had in his hand.

While making sure that Arisu-chan could also see it, I looked over at its content.

[“Class Transfer Ticket.”] 

  • The person who used this ticket would be allowed to transfer to any class in the same year.
  • How to use: Until March 31st this year, inform the homeroom teacher of the class you wish to transfer your intention to use. Failure to comply with this deadline will invalidate the ticket.
  • The ticket could only be transferred/sold to students of the same year.

“We plan to present the ticket written there to the student who achieved the highest result in their grade for this event. Isn’t it pretty interesting?” 

“…You’re right.”

Even though Nagumo’s boastful expression was annoying, I honestly thought it was very interesting. 

I see, by this rule, it made sense for even students of Class A to try to acquire it.

The fact it could be sold to other students was also great. There were tons of students who wanted to transfer to Honami’s class in the first year and Nagumo’s class in the second year. It was almost certain that the ticket could be traded with a high amount of points.

“Regarding the content of the event in question, we won’t do anything that takes time or effort to do. The purpose this time is to experiment with how students would react to the transfer ticket after all.” 

Nagumo crossed his legs as he revealed his intention. 

I felt like he wanted to revitalize students to take “actions” for expulsion and class transfer, but I didn’t think that was his whole plan. In a sense, I thought this event would serve as a stepping stone for the future.

“…President, what do you think about class transfer at 20 million points?” 

Arisu-chan, who had been silent, opened her mouth. 

“I don’t really like it. The points in their possession aren’t necessarily proportional to their ability. I think that’s a system that doesn’t fit my way of thinking.” 

“I understand, thank you very much.”

Arisu-chan stood up, seemingly convinced. She held out her hand, so I stood up and walked to the door. I guess she meant there was no need to stay for long. 

“…Let me ask one last thing. Takashiro, do you feel nothing even if you ended up expelled?” 

“It’s not that I feel nothing about it, but I won’t feel pain in particular. I just think that’s just one result after all.”

I thought rather than being expelled and forced to leave, it was more interesting to mess things up and voluntarily drop out afterward. But that was all. I didn’t find any value in this school to keep clinging to it. 

Nagumo, who heard my answer, twitched his face and turned to Arisu-chan.

“Sakayanagi, it seems you’re having a hard time too.” 

“I’ve gotten used to it recently.”

After seeing the two of them conversing, I left the student council room. 

Arisu-chan hurriedly snuggled up to me. Her silky silver hair fluttered.

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