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Chapter Four: Gloomy Prospects (03)

Legion left through the back door and crouched, cradling his head, uncaring of the rain that lashed against him.

What frightening calm!

There had been times when he had served his noble masters who employed him as a subordinate knight in the bath. He hadn’t thought much of it before, but he could not do so with Vio.

I am troubled precisely because that person has no understanding of his own charm!

Because Vio was despised by his father and elder brother, his evaluation of himself was quite low. That was precisely the reason why he did not believe he possessed any good points.

With such a brother, one can’t help but sympathise……. Lord Violant too, is quite accomplished as a nobleman’s son.

He was good enough to govern the town and villages, albeit in the countryside; he had broad horizons; he had the farsightedness to make judgements in quick succession; just this much, other nobles would never be able to match at the age of 15.
Rupheus denied everything about Vio, but Vio’s behaviour and conduct was admirable, and even the way he treated his subordinates was kind and just; he seemed like the ideal master to Legion.

Furthermore, his beauty.
With just a slight smile, the townspeople would be beside themselves.
Even Legion, who knew his master’s good personality first-hand and spent most of the day by his side, worshipped him wholeheartedly.

Ahh, it’s impossible for me. He seems to almost shine even on an ordinary day. If I see him naked, I’ll surely collapse.

Even though he saw him as something sacred, ambiguous feelings of wanting to touch him arose. It was strange, for he had never felt something of this sort for his previous masters.
Legion who had a hunch that he would be in a quagmire if he thought any deeper, gazed at the garden swaying in the gale.

We didn’t find anyone despite patrolling, but if someone broke in during this storm, it wouldn’t raise a single sound. There was the incident with Lady Flora too; I have to become a shield that protects them!

Renewing his spirits, he stood at attention, guarding the door, when the back door opened after a while.

“Legi? I’m done, so you can enter.”
“Yes! However, Lord Violant, what is with your appearance!?”

His voice quavered which he covered with a cough.
On the other hand, Vio, dressed in a hemp-colored gown, gave a perplexed look.

“Isn’t it normal?”
“Th-that is true. My apologies.”

Certainly, wearing a nightgown was nothing out of the ordinary.
It was a breath of fresh air seeing Vio, who was always dressed in prim clothes, wearing such loose clothing. While trying his best not to look at his collarbone peeking out from the edge of his gown, Legion asked:

“If you do not wipe your hair dry, you might catch a cold.”
“Hm? Ah, you’re right.”

Running his fingers through his dripping wet hair, Vio nodded. And then he chanted the incantation in a somewhat annoyed manner.

“Heed my wishes, o’ gentle spring breeze —Blow, o’ wind!”

A warm breeze blew, making Vio’s hair sway, and disappeared. His hair dried in the blink of an eye.

“Look, it’s dry now.”

Vio spoke nonchalantly. Legion was dumbfounded. Vio made it seem like a piece of cake, but delicate adjustments were necessary for humans to use Attack Magic, and thus, it was surprisingly difficult. If one did not take care, one’s muscles could be torn to shreds, making all hell break loose.

“Lord Violant sure is an excellent practitioner of Spirit Magic.”
“How? This is just the combination of the basics.”
“No no, I always had a doubt. Aren’t the rumours in Nada completely wrong?”
“Ahh, are you perhaps speaking of the rumours saying I ‘Don’t have talent in Spirit Magic’? They are correct in their own way; I became proficient in it after I came here.”

Vio replied in a matter-of-fact manner. Legion felt frustration build up inside him.

“Don’t you wish to correct them? If they saw you now, I am certain the Lord and your Elder Brother would apologise.”
“Those two?”

Under the small lamplight set up in the bath, Vio’s violet eyes sparkled in amusement.

“Do you really think so?”

Legion unconsciously averted his eyes.

“Right? Nothing will change. Because I cannot step outside, I am of no use. In fact, I might even be made into a laughingstock. Despite having talent, I have no means of using it. If there was, I’d be glad.”
“My apologies.”

There was no room for any argument. Seeing Legion in low spirits, Vio let out a chuckle.

“You’re a nice person, aren’t you……. Right now, bad rumours are circulating about me. That I am wilfully keeping the best knight of the kingdom by my side.”
“But the one who wilfully dismissed me was Lord Rupheus?”
“I’m saying he’s a person who does things like that. If you understand, take care not to show any weakness to that person. If you’re careless, you’ll get devoured by him.”

Vio made a throat-cutting gesture seemingly in jest, but his eyes were serious. It was easy to imagine, and Legion shuddered.

“In my case, he let it go at this because I am his younger brother. I’m grateful for that.”

Seeing Vio mutter in a carefree manner, Legion asked,

“Can I ask one more thing?”
“It’s all right, but……Could you come to my room after taking a bath? My throat is a bit parched.”
“Ah, my apologies!”

Legion, who remembered they were still in front of the back door to the bath, bowed his head in a fluster.

“It’s all right, raise your head. Hey, am I that scary?”
“Not at all. There is no son as kind as Lord Violant.”
“Then why such an excessive reaction?”
“That is……Um. It might be pitiful, but I fear being hated by you.”

Vio, who stared blankly, gave a light laugh.

“The ones I hate from the bottom of my heart are traitors. As long as you do not become one, I will not hate you.”
“I shall by no means become one!”
“Then, that’s good. Both of our worries have reduced by one, haven’t they? Then, see you later.”

Once Vio left, Legion once again cradled his head.

That person, I cannot match up to him in a lifetime……!

He fell in love all over again with his master.

Just how far is he going to clutch my heart, that person. He’s cunning, geez…..

E/N: Poor Vio. But also, hahaha. Legi is cute all flustered like that.

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