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Chapter 16 – An Orphanage Tour desuwa

A week had passed since academy life began. Around the time Lydia bullied Abraham and he began to realize things were worse than he expected, Maria, who received Lydia’s casual donation of 100 million credits, accepted the surveillance by Makia and Makina.

Normally, one would hate this kind of monitoring. However, Maria responded positively to it and even thought of taking them in. 

“I always return to the orphanage on weekends. See, there’ll be someone picking me up soon.” 

The calendar of this world was adapted from Japan, and many people took a rest on Saturdays and Sundays. The magic academy was also closed on those days, and Maria always returned to the orphanage at that time. Tanuta parish, which was considered to be deep in the countryside, was about 120 km away from the imperial capital. 

When Maria pointed to the sky, two wyverns came down from there. Those wyverns, which wouldn’t be cheaper than 10 million credits if trained to listen to human instruction obediently, came in turns. 

“Maria-sama, are they messengers of Duke Lydia?” 

“Yes. Simmons, you should carry Makia-san with you.”

A human was riding on the male wyvern, and after he confirmed Makia and Makina with Maria, he said, “My apologies for staying seated as we talk,” then he got off the wyvern and introduced himself as Simmons. 

Makia’s impression was that the man was a nice, good-looking guy. 

Makina’s impression was that she recalled Simmons was the name of the former owner of the orphanage.

Maria had Makina ride with her and Makia rode with Simmons while the wyverns flew high in the sky. A wyvern wasn’t a rare creature in this world, but only a few rich people would use them as a means of transportation. 

Since wyverns easily attacked people, they had to be patiently trained from the time they were young, and only by the time they were adults would they move as instructed. Above all, since wyverns traveled at high speed, the rider needed mana to continuously cast wind magic to cancel out the headwind created during travel. 

“Amazing! The cityscape looks so small!” 

“Please hold on firmly. I will speed it up a little.”

“Makia-san seems to be having fun. Is Makina-san bad with heights?”

“…It’s not like I’m bad with them in particular.”

As the four rode on the wyverns, it only took an hour for them to arrive at the Tanuta parish after they left the imperial capital. 

Makia’s impression when they arrived within an hour was that a wyvern was a fast creature. 

Makina’s impression when they arrived within an hour was that she recalled the average speed of a wyvern was supposed to be 80 km/h, therefore the wyverns that Maria and Simmons rode must be excellent individuals.

“Maria is back. We have visitors today, so make sure not to be rude!” 

Then Makia and Makina were astonished by the large number of children who appeared from the orphanage gate. The normal standard of an orphanage in this world was 10 or 20 children if there were many of them. It wasn’t rare for an orphanage to only have a few children in it, but it was also not rare for an orphanage to have 50 children if it was supported by the nation or the lord of the territory. 

However, Maria’s orphanage clearly had more than 100 children even by a rough count. Maria was already buried in a mountain of children, and Makia and Makina saw that all those children were thin. Makia asked what the number of children was and when Simmons casually answered there were 506 of them, the two were surprised even more. 

After that, Maria introduced Makia and Makina as messengers of Duke Lydia who donated a large amount of money to the orphanage, which was followed by thanks from the children. Makia and Makina couldn’t help but feel weird at the gratitude of the children since it wasn’t their money, but Lydia’s. 

“Well then, I will use the money at the nearby store, would Makia-san and Makina-san follow along?” 


“…Of course.”

After arriving at the orphanage, Maria carried a large bag brought by Simmons and went to a nearby shopping street. Naturally, Makia and Makina came with her and Maria proceeded to use the money to pay the butcher and greengrocers. 

“My debts have piled up recently, so I’m glad I could pay it back all at once. It is all thanks to Lydia-sama, so please relay my gratitude as a representative of the orphanage.” 

“…You paid 9 million credits to the greengrocers, how many months-worth of debt that was?” Makina asked.

“It’s a payment of 1 month’s worth of debt and prepayment for the next two months, so it’s a payment of 3 months-worth in total.”

As Makia heard that, she worked out that it would be 3 million credits a month and 10 credits daily, so she confirmed the cabbages were priced at about 500 credits each. This was considered an average price even compared to the price in the royal capital, and even if they bought 200 cabbages daily, Makia thought it could be easily consumed by more than 500 people in the orphanage. 

When Makina heard that, she thought it was an illogical number. Paying 3 million per month was too expensive for an orphanage. Having children of an orphanage consuming vegetables like those sold in the imperial city was something weird in the first place, so she couldn’t help but feel something was wrong. 

Tsukii’s Note:

It’s funny that the difference between Makia’s and Makina’s opinions is like comparing DND players failing and successful on their stat check to the respective situation… 

PalenMisha’s Note:

Makia rolls a perception check: 3. Everything is fine. Makina rolls a perception check: 20. Allow me to explain in detail what is wrong with the situation. HAHA

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