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Chapter 44 – Dungeon desuwa

Since the chat known as beating each other was over, we were treated to a meal in the demon territory, but the rice was extremely delicious. They clearly improved the rice varieties, so I could only applaud the reincarnator from the past desuwa. Rather, seeing how rice was available everywhere, it could be seen how much the reincarnators of the past longed for rice.

At the same time, it made me wonder how many reincarnators came to this world. This variety of technology was impossible to achieve for a single person. At the very least, I had no knowledge about rice cultivation. I also had no idea what kind of bacteria was necessary to produce miso and soy sauce. 

The one I met at the dining place was the prince, the candidate for the next demon lord that got beaten down by me and YEETed with a full swing during his past raid on the imperial city desuwa. He was still half naked as usual. It was nice to see his toned muscles, but his usual style of boxer shorts and mantle was too much of an exhibitionist.

The prince was called to serve as my guide to the dungeon. His competence was doubtful, seeing as he was trembling when he saw me, but he was considered the hope of the demon race that fought at the front line, so I guessed we should be able to reach deep into the dungeon. 

Rather, the ability to collect skills from the dead was totally a cheat. It only worked if the former owner of the ability gave the permission, but since the demon lord’s gigantification was intended to be succeeded by him, it showed that he was the best candidate to be the next demon lord desuwa. Since he had teleportation, he wouldn’t quickly die even if he fought at the frontline, and there was a possibility he might inherit more abilities from his comrades down the line, so he might grow stronger in the future. 

“By the way, how many abilities do you have now?” 

“…The only additional abilities I got are regeneration and anti-explosion.”

When I asked about his abilities, he steered the conversation away, so I guess he wouldn’t reveal his hand easily. Once we got along well enough, we would go to the dungeon. I had entered the dungeon for a bit during my stay in the magic academy, but we were only allowed to roam in the upper layer, where only dog-shaped small fries gathered. 

That was what I thought, but the demon beast that came out of the dungeon’s entrance was a creature that didn’t seem to belong to this world. There were eggs with dozens of human leg-like objects growing out of them and demon beasts in the form of rotten human bodies clumped together in spherical shapes. I never saw either of them before. 

The egg could charge at tremendous speed, and the demon beasts with dozens of black human bodies were vomiting poisonous gas-like substances from their mouths. The demons that were clashing with them were also peculiarly dressed, with many of them naked. Since it was a battlefield where flame flew everywhere, I guess burned clothes would be a hindrance. I could feel the difference in cultures here. 

“Have you ever seen such a demon beast before, Mei?” 

“…No. What are those creatures that freeze one’s spine just by looking at them?”

“They were originally corpses of people who died in the dungeon. The goddess took them in and turned them into weapons of slaughter against demons. I guess it’s something like that.”

Melt, the demon prince, gave an explanation about the demon beast. So they were originally humans. That would mean the goddess took corpses of humans inside of her and gave birth to such ugly monsters en masse… it was really arousing. Whether it was me or other beautiful and handsome people, ending up like that was a good option for me desuwa. 

First of all, let’s deal with the demon beasts that kept vomiting poisonous gas. The surrounding demons seemed to hit them with a torrent of burning black flames and bullets of freezing ice, but seeing it wasn’t very effective, it seemed magic itself wasn’t good against them. 

“The magical attack doesn’t seem to be effective…” 

“Aah, perhaps only physical attacks are effective against them. But due to the poisonous gas they keep vomiting, we can’t get close carelessly.”

On top of that, the poisonous gas was so potent that the demons were instantly knocked out with a single breath so it was hard to fight at close range, so it seemed physical attacks from a distance would be the best option. The demons gathered their archers, so I guess arrows and stones were the best options for dealing with them desuwa.

“Well then, I’ll try to get close and shoot magic at it.” 

Well, even though I had analyzed it that much, I still chose to approach the demon beast and shoot magic at it from close range. Melt was trying to stop me, but seeing him let me go, he seemed quick to understand how to deal with me. 

Getting close would obviously make me inhale the poisonous gas, but this was dangerous stuff. It felt like my whole body was corroded, or rather, even my skin seemed to corrode as well, how does it work? My whole body felt so terribly painful and prickly that it was wonderful. 

I didn’t manage to cum during the battle against the demon lord, but I managed to cum this time, so my underwear was in a terrible state. Anyway, I was able to move to a close distance, so as I was about to be caught by the long and slender hands, or rather, tentacles, I made spiraling wind magic and threw it at the big mouth that was left open. 

…Immediately after that, the demon beast exploded and scattered green body fluid everywhere. It stuck to me but then began to melt my clothes so it was a very vicious demon beast. To think these were the weak demon beasts that were driven out of the dungeon’s upper layer, it was amazing that the demons had survived until now. 

Tsukii Note:

YEET rasengan to the demon beast mouth! It exploded!

Even though her skin corroded initially, by the time the green body scattered, only her clothes melted. It seemed she had built the poison resistance before she knew it.

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1 year ago

Tentacle play with clothes melting is a classic. However… Not like that.