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Chapter 56 – Epilogue desuwa

It went without saying that Lydia led a successful life after that. In just 10 short years, the Arcelus Kingdom, the O’Shay Federation, and even the demon territory were all annexed by Lydia, but she didn’t make a move toward several former territories of the Lowlet Empire, including the Hein Kingdom.

It was because these regions had established the Knut religion as their state religion, and had all become a communist nation that was led by Maria. Lydia was Maria’s greatest supporter, and while Lydia longed for the moment of Maria’s betrayal, the nation that would collapse the moment Lydia stopped her support lacked the power to betray her. 

The world was divided into only two nations: the Narorosa Empire and the Knut Theocracy, but these two formed a strange coexistent relationship. The YEETed people from the Narorosa Empire would naturally end up in the Knut Theocracy, but due to the Theocracy ending up as a densely populated area, they were always suffering from poverty. 

However, the executives of the Knut Theocracy could live a reasonably prosperous life thanks to donations from the Narorosa Empire. Because the Narorosa Empire that kept YEETing incompetent people didn’t end up as the sole continental nation, they always had a hypothetical enemy and destination to YEET people, thus preventing corruption and civil war from occurring. 

After a while, Lydia bore a child. Since her childbirth went well, she didn’t suffer as much as she expected, but she still got addicted to the pain of childbirth, so she welcomed king-ranked people among her vassals as her grooms, and she ended up giving birth to 4 boys and 2 girls. 

Since all of her children had different fathers, Lydia grinned at the thought of those siblings most likely ending up fighting each other in the future, but unfortunately for Lydia, the relationships between the siblings were very good, and after the empire’s territories were divided with her eldest son as its center, all the siblings worked together and the territory prospered. 

And after an even longer period of time, Lydia had grandchildren and all of them were healthy, so Lydia was unable to taste the unfilial behavior of having them pass away before her. By that time, Lydia’s only wish was to suffer as much as possible and die, but even as she turned into an elderly woman, she was far from injury and illness. Rather, she was at her strongest the year before she passed away.

In the end, she couldn’t dispel the curse of the goddess and Lydia didn’t manage to get her wish for a catastrophic end. That said, such desire just happened to be her greatest wish, but it wasn’t that Lydia wanted it to happen no matter what, so despite having a dissatisfied expression as an emperor and after being retired, she still lived and did what she liked. 

When she was 96 years old, Lydia’s body suddenly became unable to move anymore and she passed away while surrounded by her grandchildren. Her throne had already passed to her son and again to her grandchild, but Lydia, who had already given up most of her authority, still went around the empire during her late years and YEETed incompetent people and criminals whenever she found them. However, nobody came to exact their vengeance on her.

And at her final moment, her prayer for a rebellion and internal division ended up reversed, and the Narorosa Empire continued to be peaceful for 300 years after her death. After those 300 years, the Narorosa Empire began to divide, while Lydia’s name, who had built the foundation of the empire, was carved into history as a saintly ruler. 

Lydia’s wish for being treated as a tyrant had never even come into being for a single moment. 

300 years later, when the Narorosa Empire began to be divided, the Reynald Kingdom, one of the kingdoms affiliated with the Narorosa Empire, started to be devastated by war. Eventually, in that world of war, it was a serf girl who rose up and put the world back together. 

Author Note:

This marks the end of “YEET Lady.” Thank you for your many favorites, ratings, and comments. It’s all thanks to readers that I managed to complete it.

I might post a short story about this later, but just like my other completed stories, it might end up having none written, so it is unknown whether this story will be updated.

I didn’t know if any of you are my fans, but the timeline of “YEET Lady” belongs to after “having a split inheritance system in the middle age world…” and before “the girl who had the demon lord of disaster.” It’s my first time actually writing a sequel story to completion, so it served as a good experience.

I am a little tired now, so I will take a break and write a new novel or resume “the girl who had the demon lord of disaster.” I made the questionnaire for my next work, so please follow me if you like. ⇒

Thank you again to all readers for reading this far. I would be happy if you gave me the rating. We might meet again in my next story or other places. Thanks for everything.

Tsukii Note:

And we reached the end! Well, it was short, compared to my other translation project, at least.

Anyway, since it’s mentioned above, I think I might pick up the prequel of “Split inheritance in middle age” and translate it later. As for the sequel, as implied by the author above, it’s currently on hiatus, so I won’t touch it just yet. I didn’t read thoroughly on either of them, but as far as I skim through, it wasn’t as enjoyable as YEET lady, but I’ll still do it for completion’s sake.

Also, our Lydia acted like Mito Koumon in her late years LOL.

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1 year ago

Аuthоr thе nоvеl wаѕ wеll rесеіvе аnd І ТНІNК ТНЕ СURЅЕ ЕХІЅТ ІN YОUR NОVЕL ВЕСАUЅЕ ТНЕ ТRАNЅLАТОR ЕХРLАІN ТНІNGЅ ІТ МАКЕѕ thе. NОvеl whо іѕ ѕuрроѕеd tо Lасk Сhаrасtеr Dеvеlорmеnt UNLАzу wrіtіng рорulаr ѕо Еvеn іf thе NОVЕl ѕuрроѕеd tо bе ВАD іt Весоmе РоРuLАR LОLТrоlоlоlо!!!!

1 year ago

Love the fact that the County lasted for as long as it did after she died.

1 year ago

Thanks for translating and bringing this story to our attention.

1 year ago

Considering that MC “suddenly” died at the end – makes you wonder what she wished for? …did she gave up on her dreams at the end? That’s kinda sad.

Anyway that was a fun ride! Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago

Thanks for all translated Yeet Lady!!! I hope the next novel been translated will be fun like this. I wonder is the MC became a goddess…