After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 03 – The Path to Reach the Rare Jobs

It was my first day teaching at the adventurer school. 

After skimming through the curriculum handed to me in the staff room, I let out a big sigh.

“Are you dissatisfied?” 

“Is it that obvious?”

I returned the curriculum paper to the vice principal who was standing behind me and waiting for my feedback. 

It could be considered a normal curriculum for an adventurer school. Compared to what I received during my time, I could see it had been refined to keep up with the changing times, which I was impressed by.

But that was all.

“It’s well written for its level, but just like the version I received, it didn’t introduce anything novel or helpful for my level. I think it will also be the same for those three.” 

“Oh my, does that mean I can consider them geniuses just like your generation?”

“It’s just a matter of course…”

Well, I did say something like ‘there’s no way they could be on the same level as us back in my time’ before. 

“That’s why it is really lucky that you contacted me. I think you would be a better teacher to these girls than I was when I was teaching your class.” 

“I see. Back in my time, you were half-crying and tried your best to teach us, so you learned from that experience and decided to get others to do your difficult work now, huh.”

The vice principal smiled and pointed her small cane at my head. 

I raised my hands in a posture of complete surrender.

“I’m sorry. It was completely stupid of me just now. Please don’t cry.” 

“Geez…it’s not like I was half-crying back then…”

You were, but it would be too stupid to point that out, so I just kept it in my thoughts. 

But thinking about it now, the five of us, including me, were truly a rowdy bunch of shitty brats back then.

“Anyway, I’ll do what I can.” 

“That would be helpful. If there’s anything specific you need, please let me know.”

“Things I need?”

“In terms of teaching, that is. I think there are things that Haruto-kun could understand exactly because you had a lot of experience as an adventurer. So, if there’s any way the school can help, please let me know.”

All my experiences were just me pretending to be a scum hero, though. 

Well, since she said it, it couldn’t be helped.

Then, the worst thought process that I had cultivated as a scum hero soared to the surface. 

My lips lifted, eyes sharpened, and my face became that of a man who only cared about money, women, and status.

An idea came!

“Shall we require them to wear swimsuits instead of uniforms during class? Vice principal, here’s my first request. Just prepare swimsuits for three people.” 



Light disappeared from the vice principal’s eyes.

Something beyond contempt was barely contained in that gaze. The thought that she couldn’t understand why a man like this wanted to become an educator was written there.

“……I’m really sorry, it was just a joke, a joke.”

“Heeh, so you like young girls.”

“No no no, you’re wrong! That’s just a bad habit from the past…”

I thought she would scold me as an educator, but it seemed the vice principal was caught off guard, and not actually offended. 

Wait, did that mean ── she considered it was a safe idea as a teacher to make their students wear swimsuits for class?!

…There was no way that was the case, you idiot. I was so ashamed, I could barely even focus on making my teaching plan.




“Err~ for the first class, I would like you to think about what kind of adventurer you want to be.” 

The three who wore adventurer school uniforms lined up on the training ground and tilted their heads together. 

“Err, teach’, is that something like a dream for the future?” 

Erin raised her hand and asked timidly. 

It seemed she suspected that I was going to start talking about moral lessons to young children.

“No, it’s to narrow down the Job candidates to report to the adventurer guild.” 

“It’s about 100 times more proper than I had imagined…!”

In the game system, each character could change Jobs or evolve to higher level Jobs by consuming dedicated experience points. 1 

After being reincarnated, one could only obtain a Job by applying to the guild and having it written on their adventurer card. Weirdly enough, there wasn’t any aptitude test, just the application, so you could technically get whatever Job you wanted.

It seemed that the purpose was simply to use it as a pretext to promote themselves when forming a party, or as an indicator for allocation when gathering multiple adventurers through a guild and having them act. 

Or rather, I’d like to quickly have them make it clear on this part… To be more specific, I wanted to open the status window…!

“I’d like to be something like a ‘Sword Master.’” 

“Say that after you actually master your sword.”

When I shot her down curtly, Erin shrugged her shoulders while saying “So it’s like that after all.” 

Her Job was fixed as “Samurai” → “Sword Master” → “Sword Saint.” Was she a woman with a completely straightforward path in her Job class? That’s amazing. Even if she hated her family home, she should be proud of her sword talent.

“What’s your Job, sensei~?” 

As I was worrying about Erin whose Job was stubbornly clinging to a “Swordsman” type, Kuyumi, who had been secretly coming from behind, caressed the back of my neck as I stretched. 

The way she touched wasn’t that of an erotic woman, but that of a bizarre murderer, so that habit should be corrected as soon as possible.

“My Job is called ‘Braver’. It’s the only one of its kind, so it’s a top class unique Job. Well, I don’t think you know its value yet.” 

“Sensei, your pulse and body temperature stabilized when you said that, but is that a routine to calm yourself down~? Your personality is so distorted♡”


This girl just had to see through so many things that she wasn’t supposed to!

The Job which Kuyumi was suited for should have been the “Thief” type, but she was too skillful in her two passive skills, [Concealment] and [Appraisal]. That shouldn’t be possible unless she was in the level 60s.

“I think Kuyumi should be on the ‘Thief’ path, but what’s your current Job? Is it ‘Ninja’ after all?” 

“‘Ninja’… what do you mean by that?”

For the first time, Kuyumi showed a dumbfounded expression. 

“No? Then it’s seriously something unrelated. It’s no wonder that you don’t know.” 


Kuyumi looked at me suspiciously. 

But looking at what she had been doing, it was clear she had reached a superior Job level. No, I guess I was thinking too much of this as a game? I guess I could just conclude that there were geniuses like her once in a while…

“Well, I guess two of you have decided on a certain direction… then the last one.” 



Eris was planning to take the Job related to the sword for now.

Kuyumi was a “Thief” who had the dignity of a superior Job.

The only one left was Sharon, who was holding an assault spear equipped with a magical bombardment mechanism.

She had a high aptitude for both “Knight” and “Magician” type paths. . 

If her Job evolved properly, she would eventually reach its final destination, which was a completely unique Job called “Blaze Buster,” which was a mixture of the two.

This path should never be destroyed. Unlike Erin, the sword idiot who had no other option, and Kuyumi, who had already reached the peak of her abilities, Sharon might not be able to reach “Blaze Buster” if she wasn’t raised properly (Source: 1 failed run). 2 

That was why ── she was probably the person I should be most passionate to nurture as a teacher. Of course, I didn’t intend to treat her differently, though.

“Sharon, what do you think your strength is?” 


It was a vague answer. 

Sharon deployed the weapon she had brought to the training field into bombardment mode, and then fired a magical bombardment at the automatically projected virtual target.

The magic power that had been charged was released as a mixture of flames and lightning, melting the ground in the line of fire as it launched.

The virtual target was annihilated by the direct hit, and the outer wall of the training ground was gouged out by the fireball that swelled up in the aftermath.

“To burn everything down.” 

“Just… do it on the target.”

She burned out too many things other than the target.  

Was it like the remains of the forest fire? Simply put, it was a picture of hell. Both Erin and Kuyumi were taken aback.

“……Sharon, you didn’t shoot this with your allies in mind, did you?”


She seemed to have expected my question and she answered immediately. 

Damn it, come to think of it, she was like this even in the game version.

The nicknames attached to her were all terrible, such as “Annihilator Onee-san,” “A single task woman who kills all her enemies,” and “The target that witch hunters should really hunt.”

However, unless we cultivate this transcendent firepower carefully, there would be no future for the world. 

Educational guidance was necessary here.

“You see, you should think about your friends a little more before you act.” 

“Things like comrades are just──”

“I mean, I think both Erin and Kuyumi would be able to withdraw before they got caught, even if you increase your output a little more, so it’s better for you to do so.”


After a long pause, Sharon just said, “Hah?”

“Though I won’t say I know everything just by seeing, I could vaguely tell from their presence and reaction. What you use is still far from your maximum output, right?”

“……Even if you told me that-”

“I told you not to assume that your comrades can’t keep up.”

I glanced at the other two. After they looked at me and the devastation that Sharon had created, they began to shake their heads violently. 

You shouldn’t lie! I knew your status parameters, you know! There was no way both of you couldn’t withdraw in time and get caught by friendly fire!

“……But if they get caught in it, everyone would think of me as-”

“This teacher will take responsibility, so it’s okay.”

It was a responsibility I would never have to take since it was an impossibility considering their statuses. 

Therefore, I was able to declare it immediately with full confidence.



Sharon was staring at me in silence.

I couldn’t say more than this.

Believe me. PROMISE ME! Ah, that one had a different meaning.

“Then promise me.” 

I was surprised. I thought she read my mind. 

“If I accidentally burn my classmates to death… then sensei will take responsibility.” 

Listening to it again, it sure sounds terrible! 

Even though I knew it would be okay, it was ethically difficult to make such a big promise. It was difficult but,

“Aah, okay. It’s my duty to prevent that from happening, after all.” 


Sharon nodded and looked into my eyes, probably for the first time. 

After staring at each other for a few seconds, as if confirming that our gazes met, she grinned.

“Your affirmation just now was cool. That’s amazing.” 


“A good adult shouldn’t act like that.”

That was certainly true, but it seemed I lacked restraint in that regard. 

Thinking about it now, even though I was reincarnated into a game world that I knew, I led a life where flirting with girls was just a pipe dream. I would like to be spared from being teased like that.

“Heeh, you’re a hot blooded type♡ but when sensei says that kind of thing, it sure sounds convincing~”

“Eh? Really? I thought my reputation was pretty bad, though…”

When I turned around at Kuyumi’s words, she showed me a book. 

On the cover was a picture of a very handsome onii-san.

This was what was written on the book’s cover.


“The one who proceeds with indomitable courage.

A descendant of a being who dispelled darkness and brought light to the world in the distant past.

It is none other than the descendant of the hero ── Haruto!”


I was speechless. 

I was at a loss for words from the bottom of my heart.

As I accepted the offered book, Sharon tilted her head.

“What’s this?” 

“It’s a newly released book! ‘The Deeds of the Descendant of the Hero~ Deciphering the Achievements of the Strongest Adventurer, Haruto~’ By the way, it was written by the monk who was a party member with sensei~♡”

“Where’s that idiot now!!!!”

What would happen if this ended up in Mariemaia’s hand and my evaluation was revised upward! 

All of my plans would be ruined because of that idiot!!

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