Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 007 – Oda Nobunaga [A]

“E-err. Well, magic isn’t relevant in my training, so don’t worry about it and let’s proceed to swordsmanship training right away!”


Yururu was being considerate. She was acting as if the magic aptitude test from earlier didn’t happen and proceeded to the swordsmanship training. 


“Pu, ahahahaha! She said that he only has non-elemental attributes! I thought that you were an interesting person during the entrance exam, but it turns out you’re just a mook!”

“…You’re being noisy.”

“…Bouran-san, you don’t have to say that much.”

Arthur and Tlue stopped Bouran’s laughter. Arthur did it because for some reason she hated what Bouran had said. As for Tlue, he was afraid of possible consequences. He thought it would be bad if Fay was offended. 

Also, Fay would spend his time with this unit from now on. Yururu thought that it would be bad if the relationship within the unit worsened because of such mischief. 

“Aah?! But what I said is a fact?!” 

“Y-you see, Bouran-san. Sensei also thinks that it’s not good to say such a thing, a-after all, we’ll be together from now on…”

“What’s with that? What’s wrong with saying the fact—”


Fay opened his mouth as Bouran was talking. He said it as if it had nothing to do with him, with an emotionless voice like a machine. 

“I don’t mind. What she said isn’t wrong anyway.” 


Fay reacted differently to what Bouran had expected, so she no longer looked down on him but instead looked at him as if he was a mysterious creature. Of course she would. She thought it was natural if people would get angry if they were made fun of. 

If a person was laughed at, they would feel uncomfortable and their emotions would fluctuate.

However, Fay showed nothing of it. 

“Let her say what she likes. After all… That’s indeed my current self.” 


Bouran was at a loss of words at Fay’s statement. She closed her mouth and clicked her tongue as she looked away. 

“…Err, well, then let’s proceed to swordsmanship training.” 


When Bouran went silent, Yururu was relieved and proceeded to resume her swordsmanship class. She gave each person a wooden sword from the five she had brought with her. 


“Let’s begin with a light swing! I’ve heard of your skills beforehand… Nevertheless, I wanted to see it for myself.” 


With that said, Yururu turned to the four. 

“Let’s see… for now… let’s have everyone fight three times, one time against each person.” 


They were given their first training. Indeed, they were part of a special unit, so she added, “I’ll say it first, but the person with the highest number of defeats would have to walk around the royal capital using their hand ten times after the training.” 


It was a unit that imposed a strange trial. 


Damn it, now I have to walk around the capital upside down for ten laps… I did a handstand and went around the royal capital. I lost all the matches. 1

Well, they all sure were strong. Haah, they were indeed strong. For now at least? I’ll eventually grow stronger than them in the future. Well, I would have to give them some opportunity to show off, after all. 

Also, I was in the period where I was still weak. It was clear that I was the weakest person among them, with a big gap at that. There must be some meaning for me to be this weak right now. 

Even if you are a failure of a person, as long as you just train desperately… was something that was often said. 

Even so, the training was quite hard. Now that the swordsmanship sparring was done, we had to dash, dash, and dash like this. Having enough stamina should be important right? So now I dash, dash, and dash. 

That yuru-character sensei sure said something nasty despite her cute face. Also, it seemed that sensei’s class forbade the use of art. That was why everyone was running on the verge of dying. 

She said it was to strengthen one’s body and gain stamina. Although everyone was on the verge of dying, mine was especially worse. I will grow from now on, yes, from now on… 

Having to walk upside down was painful, but I was the protagonist. This should feel like a breeze. I would face a ridiculous enemy eventually after all. 

And one day… 

[“My efforts on that day paid off…”] 


It was obvious I would say such a thing. My arms were at their limits. I lost my balance many times and fell over. However, I would still continue. I wouldn’t make a compromise. 


I was the protagonist after all. 


Once I completed the task, sensei suddenly came out of nowhere. It seemed that she had been watching me walk upside down all this time. It was something that commonly happened: a character watching over the protagonist.

It had come to this. She was probably the key person who would allow me to grow stronger.  I would have her train me! 


He is still doing it…


Fay went around the royal capital on his hands. Yururu Garethia secretly followed him and looked at the situation. 

Even though it was right after doing that much training, he still continued on. The training within the special unit was much harder compared to other units. 


Even though his swordsmanship, pure physical strength, and magical aptitude… is the worst compared to others in the group… 

His movements were filled with weird habits and his stamina was decent, but it was clear that he was greatly inferior to others. He also had no aptitude for magic. 

Perhaps he is imposed with the greatest mental burden in the history of special units. 


There are three people who are better than him near him, and they clearly show a greater speed of growth as well. It would be very painful for Fay once that happened. It would be like this: by the time he makes his first step, the others are already on their tenth step. That is definitely…


It was something that Yururu Garethia could greatly empathize with. She couldn’t make great progress no matter how desperately she trained, whether it was back then and even to this day. 


…I also did handstands a lot back then. I also went through this route. 


She was laughed at, ridiculed, and treated like a clown. Even so, she continued working. Fay’s figure seemed to overlap with that of herself who was made a fool of back then. 


I heard that some people will slack off once they think that nobody is watching them… but he did it properly… 


He was still doing it even as he breathed heavily. Once he was done, he laid his arms on the training ground with three trees and breathed into his lungs over and over. 


“Great job you did there.” 


She naturally went to him and passed him a water bottle which was made of sheep’s stomach and filled with water. 


“Haa, haa… you saw it?” 

“I’m sorry. I was just curious.”

“I see… thanks for the water…”


He drank the water in the water bottle that Yururu gave him. 

“I’m sorry… I drank it all.” 

“No, that’s fine.”

“I see… do you still have time after this?”

“Eh? I-I do?”

“I see, in that case, train me with your sword.”

“…Eeh?! Bu- but, you already did so much today… you should be at your limit, right?”

Yururu was so surprised that she made a loud voice. Of course she was. After all, he just did his training in addition to the punishment to do laps around the royal capital upside down. 

Even as she looked carefully at him, she saw that he had fallen over many times and his clothes and body were covered with dirt. She could feel that he was at his limit. 


“There is no meaning… if I don’t exceed my limits.” 


“I’m the weakest among them… that’s why I want to grow stronger… more than anyone and anything.”



She was reminded of someone at that moment. It wasn’t the figure of her desperation, but someone scarier to her. It was someone she didn’t want to recall. In the dark abyss of memory, she felt she was familiar with the eyes he gazed at her with. 




It was the figure of one of her brothers on his quest for power. He had cut off everything, including his own father, and proceeded into the darkness. She was reminded of her own brother, whom she thought she would never come to understand nor be able to meet again. 

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Please tell me he actually gets stronger, it would be truly depressing if the author keeps using his weakness as a gag

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Lol. The training remind me of rock lee

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
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Thanks for chap
Please not another person who’ll want to stop him and try to hold him back by making him weaker , one maria was enough.

Honestly I really hope mc surpasses them all

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