Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Anecdote – Fay-kun’s Inner Story [A]

“This feels disgusting.”


Arthur sighed. She, who lived inside Fay, narrowed her eyes. 

There was a fellow denizen of the spiritual world, Baragi, the former exorcist who abandoned her humanity and became an oni. She snorted as if Arthur just mentioned something obvious after all this time. 


“Why bother saying that after all this time.” 

“This man is absurd.”

“I already have gotten used to it.”

“Besides, that’s not the only thing I’m worried about. There’s also this appearance!”


Arthur was wearing a sailor uniform. She pointed at herself and spoke roughly toward Baragi. Baragi, who was told that, was also wearing a sailor uniform. 

Furthermore, the place where they were was very similar to a modern day high-school classroom. There were a lot of seats, and two people were hanging out in the back seat by the window. 


“Besides, there’s also this place.” 

“This is Fay’s spiritual world, and it is said that spiritual and memories could be treated the same way. Perhaps Fay lived in a place like this somewhere in his past.”

“You mean he wore something like this in a place that looks like this? I’ve seen Britannia, the Elf Nation, and the Beast’s villages, but I don’t find any place similar to this.”

“I don’t know about that, both of us are already long dead after all. Perhaps somewhere in this world had a place like this before we knew it.”

“As of now, I haven’t seen any place with construction technology as advanced as this place, though…”


There was no way they could have known this place was a high school classroom back in Japan. As expected, they couldn’t have guessed a Japanese man would die once and later become a man known as Fay.


“I think the cultural forms are too far apart.” 

“It’s meaningless to nit-pick everything about Fay. Rather, don’t you think this outfit is quite graceful? I really like it.”

“Well, it’s indeed stylish and cool.”


When both of them looked at their respective uniforms, the classroom door flung open. Both of them looked at the source of the sound. There they saw Fay wearing a student uniform. 

He had black hair, black eyes, and sharp eyes, so a black uniform suited him well. 


“Fay, huh.” 

“Isn’t it Baragi? Oh, there’s also Arthur on the side.”

“Don’t say it like I’m just an addition. I’m a holy sword, you know.”

“I’m the protagonist after all.”


Fay confidently entered the classroom and looked around in nostalgia. 

“It really feels nostalgic. But why is it a classroom?” 

“Let’s just say this is inside your dream.”

“Aah, so I’m in a dream. It’s a dream of my past, huh. So both of you are also affected since you’re inside of me?”

“I guess so. But Fay, you got good taste in clothing. I like this outfit.”

“You mean sailor uniform? I certainly didn’t hate that.”


He sat in a corner of the classroom. 


“It really feels nostalgic, so much so I feel like doing a stamp rally on my memories.” 

“Is this a place where you used to spend your time?”

“Aah, that’s right.”

“I might get swallowed if I tried to touch your soul after all, so I try to not carelessly touch it.”

“If it’s something that happened in a dream, you can see it. It’s a somewhat difficult system. But I guess it’s possible to see memories of the past when I dreamed in my sleep. In that case, let me try to recall. Look, these are the memories of the protagonist before I became one.”




“Hey, are you awake, ○○-kun?”

“I’m awake, what’s wrong?”


The high school boy answered lightly. The one who talked to him was a high school girl who went to the same high school. 


“Is it true you scored 0 on the test?” 

“It’s true. Look.”

“No way, seriously?”

“What about Tachibana-san?”

“Kaoru scored 100! You see, it’s because Kaoru goes to cram school and studies every day.”


The girl named Tachibana Kaoru was at a loss for words when she saw the certain high school boy’s exam score. 


“Even so, 0 points means supplementary lessons.” 


“That’s dangerous.”

“Doesn’t fixing what went wrong sound like the manga protagonists in the past? Does that sound dangerous?”

“It is. The fact that’s the first idea that comes to your mind is dangerous.”


The high school boy spoke casually. Let’s give him the tentative name of High School-kun. He was just a nobody. High School-kun was a normal student you could find anywhere. 

Tachibana Kaoru evaluated such a person as dangerous. He was being casual despite scoring 0 in the exam after all. 


“Huh? But this exam paper has traces that the answers were erased with an eraser… hey, why did you erase the answers you had already written? If you didn’t, you could have scored 98.” 

“Yea, I know.”


“After all, it’s better to be on the extreme as a protagonist. Isn’t it cooler if it’s either 100 or 0? It’s because there’s a question I don’t know the answer to, since it will make me score half-assedly at that rate, I decided to erase everything.” 

“Aren’t you an idiot? Well, it is said if idiocy went too far, it could be considered a genius… I guess not.”


High School-kun yawned while stretching. 


“Well, I’ll just score 100 next time.” 

“Can you? You got 0 points because of some unknown reason there.”

“I don’t hate the plot where the protagonist has to fight the same enemy over and over.”

“Wait a minute, what are you talking about? We’re talking about exams, right?”

“Yes yes, we’re talking about that. Even if the protagonist would be defeated, they are only allowed to lose once. I hate the plot where they overlook the same enemy over and over after all.”

“You don’t sound like you’re talking about exams there.”

“That’s why I’ll score 100 next time.”


Tachibana Kaoru and High School-kun’s story unfold with a light rhythm. He’s weird, Kaoru thought. 


“This is a school broadcast! This is a school broadcast! Since a typhoon is approaching, the afternoon classes will be canceled. As soon as homeroom is concluded, all students are to go home immediately!”


The school broadcast sounded between the two. Immediately after that, the homeroom teacher entered the classroom, stopping their time to talk. 

And then, after the homeroom was over, the students began to go home one after another. 

High School-kun and Tachibana Kaoru also headed home. The two of them were walking together since they go in the same direction until halfway. 


“It’s raining so hard. My umbrella might get blown away.” 

“You’re right. Rain is unavoidable, so it’s frustrating.”

“Uwah, the force of the river is also amazing. Look, over there.”



As High School-kun looked at the river in the distance, he abandoned his umbrella and started running.


“Eh?! W-wait?!” 


She also ran to chase after him. He was running unbelievably fast. There might be differences in man and woman’s physique, but then she recalled. As far as she remembered, he always did his best in P.E. 

In terms of speed, he wouldn’t even lose to the track and field club. 

High School-kun accelerated steadily. Without hesitation, he jumped into the river from the bridge over it. 


“Whawhawha!! What are you doing!!” 


She raised her voice and looked down from the bridge. When she looked, she saw a cat inside a cardboard box had been washed away by the river. 

She realized he was trying to save it. High School-kun swam to the bank of the river and climbed out of the river. 


“I thought it was a cat, but it turned out to be a cat doll!!” 


He muttered loudly. In his soaking wet hand was a cat… nay, a cat doll. Since it wasn’t a real cat, there was no need for him to jump. 


“Well, I can just consider that practice by the river.” 

“There’s no way you could!! Idiot! You make me worried!”

“I won’t die.”

“How can you be so sure!”

“After all, I… aah, I’m just a normal high school student. I guess I could die then.”



He seemed to try to boast about something, but in the end, he realized he was just a normal high school student, so he resumed walking in the heavy rain as if nothing had happened and headed towards home. 


On the contrary, there was a discrepancy in the fact that she, who was in no danger, panicked instead. After Tachibana Kaoru no longer froze, she immediately came to his senses and chased after him. 


“Hey, that was dangerous. Be careful.” 

“Thanks for worrying.”

“That reply also sounds off…”



The two continued walking in the heavy rain. Kaoru seemed to be trying to share her umbrella so he didn’t get caught in the rain, but High School-kun didn’t seem to care and continued to get caught in the rain. 


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30 days ago

Ahhhhh the translation caught up to the raw.
See you folks again in 6 months

2 months ago

Fay past side story incoming~, also, a new heroine appearance? Another reincarnated person ? Thank you for translation as always~

2 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Man I was hoping for a situation similar to the light novel what if, but maybe that’ll make fey less special? Nah he’ll come up with some BS excuse that makes him the mc anyway.