Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 047 – Shishou [B]

Fay’s group of five was going around Free City. They explored the dungeon’s premise and searched various back alleys, but couldn’t find it easily. Free City was enormous. If the inside of the dungeon was also included, then there were almost limitless places to look through.

Such was the case… but as expected, the game scenario still occurred. As a result, a certain figure appeared in front of Yururu, Mei, and Aliceia. 


“Oi oi, you actually bring 4 women with you… isn’t this enviable?” 


He had very short white hair, or rather closer to gray since black mixed in somewhere. The man with cloudy blue eyes looked somewhat similar to Yururu. However, he lacked her naivety and kindness. He was nothing but a brute whose shackle of human morals was already gone, all to fulfill his desires. 


“Gaheris nii-sama…” 

“Ah? Who are you?”

“Nii-sama… it’s me. Yururu Garethia…”

“I don’t know you.”

“…I guess you no longer care about memories… I came… to cut you down.”

“Hah, interesting. Come at me.”


Yururu had already drawn her sword. She had decided to kill her own brother from the beginning. There was hesitation in the act of killing her own family, but she showed her will to fight. 


“Ojou-sama, are you okay?” 

“I’m okay. Fay-kun, you should just watch there as well.”

“I see.”


Aliceia and Mordred seemed to have no intention to join in as well. However, Aliceia asked Fay if it was really okay for him not to help. 


“Is it okay? Letting her fight on her own.” 

“She said she’s fine with that after all…”

“I see…”


Since it is Fay, he’ll intrude at some point anyway. 


Yururu ran while pointing her sword at Gaheris. Iron swords crossed, with her movement refined although hesitation was still there. While teaching Fay, her swordsmanship also became sharper. 

While flipping her sword lightly, she tried to stab his shoulder. But then, hesitation got in the way. She recalled how gentle her brother was back then and her sword stopped in its tracks. Using that opening, her opponent’s sword went her way. 




The opening was exploited and Yururu felt her defeat. However, an even more profound clash of swords resounded instead. 


“Time to switch. Leave the rest to your disciple.” 


When Fay intruded, the battle between Yururu and Gaheris stopped temporarily. Fay entered from the side and backed down while holding Yururu. He then told Mei without looking at her. 


“Oi, cover her eyes.” 


Mei did as she was told and embraced Yururu, burying Yururu’s face in Mei’s chest. Everyone realized it was Fay’s consideration to not show how her elder brother was beaten down. 


“A disciple, huh… Her sword is similar to mine… perhaps yours as well?” 

“Keep guessing, but I need no sword to fight you.”


“You are weaker than I am.”

“You boast greatly, motherfucker.”


Darkness tainted his eyes. It covered, no, perhaps it was better said it enveloped him. The darkness planted inside him by a certain someone was unleashed. His combat ability, physical ability, and combat instinct increased dramatically. 


“Let me have some fun.” 

“I doubt you have the leisure for that. I doubt I could enjoy it either.”


Gaheris’s sword swung at an incomparable speed to what he did to Yururu toward Fay’s neck. 


――I win, you small fry.


Gaheris recognized that. His opponent truly didn’t draw his sword and stood defenselessly. However, Gaheris’ wrist was hit by Fay’s left leg, blowing his sword away. 


“Oi oi oi, you’re quite fast.” 



Soft against hard. Gaheris tried to punch Fay, but his wrist was caught, twisted, and got shoulder thrown by Fay. However, Gaheris made use of dark art to recover his stamina and wounds. Even then, it didn’t mean he had the advantage.


In that case, all I need to do is strengthen myself further with darkness. 


His mind was already filled with darkness. His memories were erased and he grew stronger like that. He really forgot about Yururu and the fact he killed his own mother. 

He gave himself up for a moment of pleasure. All he did was repeat that. He gave away his self-control just like a child. But that was exactly why he easily challenged an existence that he should have avoided.  

It was people with amazing abilities like Mordred and Arthur. It wasn’t just them. There were more of such people out there. However, they were another kind of existence as well. 




Even after reinforcing himself further, the one he fought still lies above him and kept beating him mercilessly. His opponent was unlike anyone he fought so far, lacking any hesitation over killing others. A strike performed by such a person was stronger than anyone’s. 


“Hah hah, you won’t be arrogant for lo-goh!!!” 


A corkscrew punch hit his heart region, several times as if trying to smash it. Aliceia, who watched from behind, had her eyes fixed as if to burn the scene into her mind. Her expression was filled with astonishment. 


“That guy grew stronger than before…” 

“Eeh, as expected of Fay-sama!”

“…I thought I’ve grown stronger too… if I and he (Fay) were to fight, who would win? Of course, anything goes, including magic.”

“You’ll lose.”

“…I see. But I should be able to score a victory over 100 fights.”

“You mean over 1,000 fights.”

“I see… so I need at least 1,000 tries before I can reach him.”

“But Fay-sama is a person who would forcefully drag the situation of that 1 out of 1,000 back to what favors him… well, you should take that into consideration as well.”

“…Doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to beat him for life?”


They already knew the result of Fay’s fight against Gaheris. That was why they could watch it with a casual attitude. 


“W-what’s this… such a powerful person…” 


Moreover, he isn’t just strong… he doesn’t have “hesitation” at all… 

Even I have no hesitation over cutting down people. However, his lack of hesitation reaches an extreme degree. He already thinks of the act of beating others as something obvious like breathing. 

He doesn’t even consider such an act to be frowned upon, unlike me who overcame reason and got overwhelmed by joy in doing so――


――He really feels nothing.


“O-oi, is it okay? Since your master called me her elder brother, although I don’t have any memories, if you kill me then she――”

“――And what of it?”


Fay continued to beat Gaheris in silence. Dark art circulated from Gaheris’ heart and recovered his body. However, the speed of recovery slowed as Fay slammed his fist into his heart. Moreover, Gaheris realized he couldn’t beat Fay even if he tried, so he abandoned the thought of healing his injuries. 

The winner was just looking down from above. Fay then dragged Gaheris to the guild and had him arrested. 

He refused to let Yururu see how he beat down her brother and how he had him arrested. 

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4 months ago

These are canon fodder fights. So worry not, our Fay is just that strong. In order to see fay laughing face in battle we need a game ending disaster utsu scenario for that and Fay is charging straight to that while blasting his main theme.

10 months ago

Holy hell. He’s become just a absolute badass at this point. He is stronger than Yururu as is and basically a rank 3 knight?
But.. man these are arcs that should be long that are.. so rushed. So many major events happen that end just like that.
Hell, Fey BEAT ONE OF THE 7 ABYSS and no one talks about it? Bro that’s a feat worthy of hero and isn’t it a highest rank? It’s like Lancelot then.
Authors focusing on LN I guess..

11 months ago

Somehow it’s boring and a bit disappointing , suddenly fight is good,but now way to win too boring nothing like before.

In past:
– fight skeleton with sword duel while laugh cover blood.
– fight with senior in another level of bleeding
– fight abyss 1 vs 1 with gamble
– fight monster parade while hijacking people
-and else…(too many to remember but the ending always extreme fun)

I know our mc is stronger but is a bit sad too write this level fight