Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Intermission – Inquiry [C]

66 Anonymous God 

<News Flash> Hestia announced her determination to dedicate her virginity to Fay!!

<News Flash> Hestia announced her determination to dedicate her virginity to Fay!!

<News Flash> Hestia announced her determination to dedicate her virginity to Fay!!

<News Flash> Hestia announced her determination to dedicate her virginity to Fay!!

<News Flash> Hestia announced her determination to dedicate her virginity to Fay!!


67 Anonymous God 

We-well, maybe it is possible? Hestia has big boobs and is not less beautiful compared to Yururu-chan… it’s just her personality. First generation Hestia-sama has a problem in that department.


68 Anonymous God 

Don’t call me first generation!!!


69 Anonymous God 

I think Fay will teach Hestia to know her place instead.


70 Anonymous God 

Rather, it’s funny how Fay managed to mass produce heroines without him knowing.


71 Anonymous God 

How many people already fell for him?


72 Anonymous God 

I would like to request Fay’s victim association.

  • Heroine who is left untouched after they fell for Fay would become its member.
  • Heroines who entered the association couldn’t leave once they entered.
  • If they turned into yandere, they are allowed to unofficially stab Fay with a knife.

At present

Member of Association: 1 


She is a commoner who happens to be very beautiful and rescued from her fated death, but she was left alone in the village she is from. Is it possible for her to cause a reversal?! 



73 Anonymous God 

That’s a good one!


74 Anonymous God 

Fay would make several heroines of the game fall for him.


75 Anonymous God 

Moreover, he is actually unaware and only does things out of good will. Perhaps he will get stabbed someday.


76 Anonymous God 

Speaking of which, that paladin named Kakukaku seemed to fall for him.


77 Anonymous God 

Even a man ended up being taught by Fay and came to learn his place.


78 Anonymous God 

That old man named Magnum also approved of Fay.


79 Anonymous God 

Fay is very popular.


80 Anonymous God 

Of course he is. He managed to make a god fall for him after all. Are you aware how much Athena earned using Fay? It’s frigging 500 trillion. Things like stickers and mayonnaise sell like a hot cake just by sticking Fay’s picture there, making all resellers run wild. 


81 Anonymous God 

Fay, the 500 trillion man…


82 Anonymous God

Is Fay as great as you say? I watched his battle against dark Yururu several times and I can’t find what’s so interesting about him.

Battle against dark Yururu  

First time watching: “What is so interesting about him?”

Tenth time watching: “What is so interesting about him?”

Hundredth time watching: “What is so interesting about him?”

Thousandth time watching: “What is so interesting about him?”


83 Anonymous God 

You’re totally gotten addicted there!


84 Anonymous God 

Let’s go back to the review again. Fay arrived in the Free City and suddenly created a false impression about adventurers.


85 Anonymous God 

Aliceia-chan goes like… Fay is a rookie?! And there are tons of people like him around?! So the Free City is actually some sort of demonic realm?!


86 Anonymous God 

There’s no way there are tons of people like Fay around LOL


87 Anonymous God 

What a sudden misunderstanding LOL. Also, who are the duo that came out later?


88 Anonymous God 

I know about it. Those siblings are descendants of an exorcist family. The father of the two owned the magic eye of a dragon snake, but that eye was taken away by his disciple as that disciple killed him. The elder sister is known to be cute and erotic over the internet. She got assets, like her thighs and boobs. 1 


89 Anonymous God 

Hehehehe, that’s nice-!


90 Anonymous God 

Her little brother is one of Aliceia-chan’s male leads. He’s like the prince character in the otome game. He’s a handsome dude.


91 Anonymous God 

What is the dungeon after all? What makes it different from others?


92 Anonymous God 

If I were to put it in a word… It would be like cancer.


93 Anonymous God 



94 Anonymous God 

Anything more than that would be a spoiler, so I’ll refrain from explaining. Rather, seeing Fay who laughs as he bleeds due to heavy injuries is like a light horror scene.


95 Anonymous God 

It’s not a light scene at all. That’s totally some serious horror scene.


96 Anonymous God 

Aliceia-chan, her mind immediately filled with Fay. That male lead failed to enter her mind at all LOL


97 Anonymous God 

Fay’s character is just too thick, so it can’t be helped.


98 Anonymous God 

He got a thick character after all.


99 Anonymous God 

It makes even the generation of heroes seem a bit lacking.


100 Anonymous God 

By the way… it seems those heroic spirits have begun to pay attention to Fay recently, you know?




1 Anonymous Hero 

I heard that a new hero was born recently.

2 Anonymous Hero 

You meant Fay, right?

3 Anonymous Hero 

“Aren’t those gods just making noise about it?” Or so I thought and went to watch… then my thought became “Doesn’t this guy have greater mental fortitude than us?”

4 Anonymous Hero 

Who is that?

5 Anonymous Hero 

He is supposed to be a commoner that is reincarnated to the novel game called Round Table Heroes…

6 Anonymous Hero 

That person is definitely not a commoner. 

7 Anonymous Hero 

Round Table Heroes? Never heard of it.

8 Anonymous Hero 

It’s the story where Arthur and Tlue are the protagonists.

9 Anonymous Hero 

Arthur, huh… Isn’t that the origin and the pinnacle of the hero? Even in social games that feature such characters that reference Arthur, their popularity is always among the top. As expected, Arthur stands out even among heroes.

10 Anonymous Hero 

Okay, we don’t need such references, Arthur the hero. You’re always trying to come on top.

11 Anonymous Hero 

If only Fay was my right hand back then, I wouldn’t get betrayed at Honnoji Temple and would continue to conquer the world…

12 Anonymous Hero 

Those names give it away LOL. There’s no meaning in your anonymity.

13 Anonymous Hero 

I’m quite curious how Fay managed to cure people by hitting their solar plexus.

14 Anonymous Hero 

You’re Nightingale, right?

15 Anonymous Hero 

So, what does Fay look like? I didn’t know here… Well, I doubt he’s someone amazing though.

16 Anonymous Hero 


He is strongly under the suggestion that he is that world’s protagonist.

It makes him immune to all other suggestions, even the highest class one.

Because he thought it’s normal for a protagonist to get injured.

He got fear resistance over injuries.

Because he thought it’s normal for a protagonist to endure pain.

He got pain resistance.

Because he thought everything would work out for the protagonist.

He could force a 1/10000 possibility into reality.

Attention – He got no cheat whatsoever. He is reincarnated as a cannon fodder.


17 Anonymous Hero 


Isn’t that a monster…? I don’t understand what you’re talking about there.

18 Anonymous Hero 

It seems even gods couldn’t understand that. There’s even a Fay’s inquiry group there.

19 Anonymous Hero 

He also seems to be a man of 500 trillion.

20 Anonymous Hero 

He’s a legendary person who managed to greatly affect the economy of the god realm single handedly.

21 Anonymous Hero 

It seems Hestia wants to give her virginity to him.

22 Anonymous Hero 

Freya seems to have seriously fallen for him.

23 Anonymous Hero 

That shut-in god Hephaestus seems to seriously consider him to be their spouse.

24 Anonymous Hero 

It seems there are many women who have already fallen for him.

25 Anonymous Hero 

We-well, we’re still better, right? I guess we should watch over him as his senpais… yep.

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1 month ago

The heroes make this so much better.

8 months ago

I see. Author is FGO fan also, now it makes sense.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago

Thanks for chap
Whoa Arthur, Oda Nobunaga and Florence Nightingale? We in fate with proper genders or something?

Yep they set a flag there by saying they’re better than the gods. Mc unknowingly shaking worlds lol

11 months ago

iirc the mob that attacked Heimi was a mid level or higher level boss so ye you gave those who forgot about that an even bigger spoiler, Mr…..

11 months ago


Will FAY become new hero after this chapter!???

Thx for update this chapter, i very enjoy to read

(Again, i am not in first comment)

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
11 months ago

Wow Oda and Florence Nightingle also appeared there? ?
Fay u are total bigshot!

11 months ago

He not just big shot, maybe master piece

5 months ago

He’s already the 500 trillion man after all..

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Thanks for the chapter!

11 months ago

If this was a Tower/Dungeon manhwa, Fay’s vision would be swamped with alert screens from all the heavenly and supernatural attention he is getting

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