Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 56 – Clash, Snow King [B]

It was an avalanche!!!! I’ve never surfed before, so I thought I’d give it a try in an avalanche, but I was already caught in it when I thought of that.

After a while, the avalanche seemed to subside, and there was a lot of snow on my body. 


I blew them away using the power of the protagonist’s muscles. 1 2

When I got up after removing the fluffy snow, I was greeted with a blanket of snow surrounding me. Wow, the snowy landscape sure is beautiful! 

Just as I thought of that, I recalled that I got separated from Bouran and Tlue. Where did they get blown off to? 

I doubt that they would die from a mere avalanche, though… 

As I looked around, I saw a faint red color. There was a faint hint of red in such a pure white space, so I got curious and went closer just as I saw a faint flame shoot up into the sky. 




Bouran was covered in snow and collapsed upon discovery. I see, so she was trying to call for help… It couldn’t be helped. Abandoning her here was against my principles. 

I was the protagonist after all. 

I carried the weakened Bouran on my back to this cave-like place nearby as it seemed able to block the snow. It sure was cliché, as expected of the world of a fantasy novel game. 

Things like this could happen. 

I picked up random pieces of wood outside. It was quite wet but if I did my best, I should be able to light a fire. 


“Uuh, it’s cold…” 


Bouran looked cold, so I covered her with my jacket. I was left with only my pants. 

I heard about how Tlue stripped himself during the drinking party. Honestly… I was impressed how much impact his character could give. I also wanted to do something that produced a similar impact, but unfortunately I’m a cool type of protagonist so it wasn’t something I could do easily. 

This was a good opportunity since Bouran looked so cold, so I decided to strip as well. It just happened that way. 


I threw my pants to Bouran then lit the fire and managed to light it successfully. Then I fed more wood into the fire, which made the flames even bigger. 

As I listened to the crackling fire, I waited in style, completely naked, for Bouran to awake from her slumber. 


“…Hm… Fay…” 

“I see you’re awake… (Full nude).”

“I… Oi, why are you naked?!”


“Ah, I see. You gave your clothes to me…”


It seems she understood everything. Well, there was also me wanting to be completely naked legally.  


“It seems I’ve troubled you.” 

“…You already have from the beginning.”

“Be more considerate will you?!”


“Ah~ I’ll treat you to a meal after we return, so we’ll get even with that!”

“No need, you don’t have to do anything.”

“I see… what are you going to do from now on?”

“It’s obvious, I’m going to defeat the Snow King.”

“With this appearance?”

“No problem.”

“Of course there is! Being naked in a blizzard is definitely not good! At least be patient until morning when the blizzard subsides!”

“…I refuse.”

“Not good! Definitely not! Otherwise, I’ll tell Maria that you were together with me in a cave completely naked.”

“…I’ll wait until morning.”


As expected, it would be bad if she told Maria about it, I didn’t want to be hated by her after all. But I’d be happy if she got a little jealous. 


“I’ll tell Arthur as well.” 

“Do whatever you want about that one.”


I honestly didn’t give a damn about Arthur. I didn’t mind if she hated me. 


“…Oi, don’t you have to wear clothes?” 

“I don’t mind.”

“…Then at least, stay close to me. Otherwise, you’ll catch a cold…”


I wouldn’t catch a cold. I was the protagonist after all. 


“Whatever, just come over. I’ll share warmth through my skin.” 

“No need.”




Uoh, Baragi suddenly appeared. 


[“Go, you fool. You should realize what I mean, right?”] 


…I see, I get the gist of it. I might be stupid, but I know this place is cold. You’re telling me not to catch a cold, right? 


[“Wouldn’t it better for this world if he just dies?”] 


As I was talking with Baragi, Bouran was next to me before I knew it. She wrapped her arms around me to keep me warm. 

Somehow, her face seemed flushed red. Did she get frostbite? 


“…Hey Fay, how long do you intend to fight? Haven’t you already done plenty? You’ve already grown strong enough.” 

“…It’ll go on forever. There’s no limit to strength.”

“I see. Don’t jump into danger too much though.”


Bouran said nothing more. 


[“Go, go, she’s right there… you can do it now, confess your feelings.”] 


Baragi was a little noisy. 




When morning came, the blizzard had stopped and the sun was rising. Bouran returned my clothes to me and I ran out of the cave. 


“Fay… so you’re alive after all.” 

“Of course. That wasn’t enough to kill me.”

“I guess so, I expected you to come here.”


Tlue and I met up near the top of the mountain. Then a gorilla-like creature, which was an unidentified creature known as a Yeti in my previous life, appeared. Was that the demon known as the Snow King?


“If you’re still not fine because of your drinking habit, back off.” 

“It already went away. I feel refreshed.”


Flames erupted around Tlue. Apparently, his hangover has already subsided. I wanted to say I would defeat it alone, but Tlue seemed to be full of motivation, so perhaps the event was to fight it together? 


“I’ll move on my own.” 

“…Okay, I’ll match your movements.”


When I attacked, the Snow King threw an ice ball at me. Even if I didn’t avoid it, I was sure Tlue would do something about it. 

I proceeded without avoiding it and, sure enough, Tlue broke it with flame magic. 


“Oi! At least try to avoid it! What would you do if I failed to support you?!” 

“I won’t die. That’s all.”

“Wha, do you not think I will fail at all?”


I was the protagonist after all, so I wouldn’t die. Tlue would also grow from this, so I was sure he wouldn’t fail in his support. 

Friendship, hard work, and victory seemed to be the principles of a protagonist after all. It was his rare chance for a joint fight with me, the protagonist, so of course he would do his job well. 


“Damn it, why are you making me unnecessarily nervous…” 


Thanks to the support with fire magic, it seemed I could defeat it easily. I cut it in two as I did with other enemies. 


“Fay… You- did you trust my support so much that you decided to launch such a reckless attack?” 

“I dunno.”


In the end, the Snow King wasn’t all that strong. It was something I could defeat alone after all… The only interesting thing that happened this time was getting naked in front of Bouran. 

How boring… such was my thought as we arrived at the royal capital. 




Aliceia was waiting for me at the gate. 

“It seems an accident occurred in Free City… Um, it seems related to the descendant of calamity…” 

“Let’s go.”

“Thank you!”


It seems an interesting event has finally arrived. Huh? Now that Tlue and Aliceia were next to each other, didn’t they look alike? 3 4 5

Well, I guess it didn’t matter. 


“Fay, good luck! Make sure to return properly.” 


After lightly glancing at Bouran, we headed for Free City. 



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4 months ago

I like how Fay just wanted to be naked after hearing drunken Tlue swinging his clothes like kazuma.

7 months ago

Boys will be boys, if one gets even half-naked, the others will be full naked.

8 months ago

Its fast forward

Thanks for the update