Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 039 – Blank Slate [G]

A night had passed since the battle against the Abyss. Sajinto put together the information regarding the Eternal Foundation and Abyss then went to report, while Ese, Kamase, and Tlue went shopping for Fay, who was still sleeping.

Arthur and Bouran were also reporting the information they learned, but the Alpha sisters were nursing Fay who fainted after the battle last night. Even though Fay’s breathing was already stable, his eyes didn’t open. 

They wiped his body, checked his condition from time to time, and stayed with him until he woke up. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were filled with worries. They were well aware of the magic swords made by their father, and they experienced the cruelty it could cause firsthand. Looking at Fay who wouldn’t wake up after receiving that, they became worried at the thought that his psyche might be broken already. 

Gamma and Beta were filled with a strong sense of remorse since he shielded them. Alpha tried to convince both of them not to blame themselves, but they wouldn’t accept her words. 

Beta held Fay’s hand and wished for him to wake up. And as if to answer that, Fay opened his eyes at that moment. 



“…Fay, are you awake?”

“…You are.”

“Do you recognize Gamma?”

“Aah… how long did I sleep…?”

“Err… half a day?”

“I see… don’t tell me… have you been here all this time?”

“Eh, uh, yes…”

“I see… Sorry to trouble you.”

“N-no, Gamma is the one who is supposed to say that…”


Gamma glanced at Beta and Alpha. Fay noticed that the other two were also with him while he was asleep and proceeded to thank them lightly before he tried to leave the room to change his clothes. 

Beta held Fay’s hand silently. A normal man would have their face flushed at the sensation of the soft hands, but Fay looked the same as usual.



“She also wanted to thank you.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Please accept it. She really appreciates your help, and so do I.”


Alpha tried to explain Beta’s intention but Fay quickly cut the topic since he didn’t seem interested. However, Beta was holding his hand firmly and Fay couldn’t leave. 


“………………………………………………………………Thank you.” 1 

“I didn’t do anything worthy of gratitude. I merely walked my own path, and just happened to save you along the way.”


Beta released her hand at those words, and he left the room as if to disappear at the same time. Alpha sighed at Fay’s cold reply and tapped Beta’s shoulder.  


“Well, aren’t you glad you managed to say your gratitude properly…? O-I, Beta, are you listening to me? Also, Gamma too…” 


Alpha saw that both Beta and Gamma looked as if they were a girl in love and their eyes were chasing after Fay’s leaving figure. 


“…Hey, wait a minute- I do feel grateful for him, but please say it’s not that. My head hurts, I’m having a headache. To think that both my little sisters are attracted to that berserker-like man, my head hurts, and my bosom is also beginning to feel pain… Beta, please rethink it.” 


“My forehead hurts… My stomach also hurts. Moreover, even though it’s been forever since you last spoke, those are the two phrases that you say, huh…”


Alpha recalled when Fay fought the living dead while laughing. Since Alpha considered Fay a fellow avenger like herself, or something greater that went beyond her understanding which could only be considered as a crazy person, Alpha couldn’t afford to support their love. 

However, Beta’s pupils were already in the shape of a heart, so Alpha could only caress her own temple and stomach. Gamma also had a similar reaction, so Alpha’s stomach felt even worse. 


“Give me a break… Why must it be both of you…” 

“Fay is definitely an amazing and gentle person!”

“I definitely doubt that… I can only see him as a crazy guy… That’s why, please rethink it. You can definitely find a better person.”

“No way! Gamma has fallen for Fay!”


He… is definitely crazy… I definitely can’t recommend him even if I die… I should put effort in convincing them to give up. Yep, let’s do that… But I’m already exhausted for today… so let’s go to sleep… 


Alpha was exhausted so she slept. 




The night came. We, who were stationed around the tall outer wall, were told to hunt the Abyss that appeared everyday… It was a big mission that included Sajinto-sensei, the paladins stationed at the city, and people of the same generation. 

However, the city was so big that I couldn’t see everything at once. I could barely see Ese who was stationed in the distance. He seemed to be trembling, was he really okay? 

Well, if something did happen, I would protect him as the protagonist. Well then, as I waited with my arms crossed… 


“Here they come…” 


I said something that built up the atmosphere as I noticed the incoming enemies. I doubt anyone heard what I said. However, I should never forget that I was the protagonist even when nobody heard or saw me. 


The wild Abyss appeared. There was Abyss A, Abyss B, Abyss C, and so on. 

Well then, it was the protagonist’s time. Now that multiple Abysses appeared, it was time to hunt them stylishly. 

Perhaps because of my daily training, I could defeat them easily. 2 

I see… I thought I didn’t train enough, but… I… am actually getting stronger…!! 


Since Ese seemed to be struggling, I went to help him. After I helped Ese, I noticed that Kamase was also struggling so I went to help him. Then I saw how Gamma and Beta were attacked so I went to help them.  

Helping others was the basic procedure of being a protagonist. 

Fumu, I felt that the opponent this time was the main dish. Ah, “Because I shielded the two” something like thorns stabbed me… 

But there was barely any damage…

Then I noticed as I thought that far. It wasn’t that I suffered damage because I shielded the two. I had the ability to cut multiple thorns in an instant, so if I helped them earlier, I wouldn’t suffer any damage to begin with. 

That was dangerous. I shouldn’t blame my incompetence on others. Well then, let’s defeat the enemy. 


The enemy was attacking me with a stylish sword. Nothing different from usual, having me bleed was something that always happened… 

But, I wonder what’s with the opponent’s expression who thought she managed to win whenever the thorn hit the enemy? 

It was quite a killer sword if the opponent looked happy for mere scratches… 


Ah, she escaped… and there were meteor falling elsewhere… this feeling… don’t tell me, it was Arthur…? Damn it, she always stood out better than me! 

Since it already came to this, I definitely wouldn’t let the enemy escape!! I would chase her to the ends of the earth!! I definitely wouldn’t lose against Arthur!! 

I kept on running, forcibly strengthened my legs, healed the damage with potion, and continued to run. Then we arrived at a cliff. 

Fufuh, you’ve been cornered on the cliff now, okay? Culprits were also cornered this way on Saturday Wide… 3


However, I used up my potions. I couldn’t do any more forceful strengthening. I guess it was the time to try to chant as Yururu-shishou suggested… It was said it was a method that allowed me to grasp the feeling of art movement. 

Let me try it for the first time here. 

Ah- no good, I couldn’t contain my excitement for my first chant. Wasn’t it all about a man’s romance?! My brain juice was in an amazing state, not that it leaked out of my head though. 

Haa haa, I got excited… My opponent also showed no sign of moving. Did she notice the change of my atmosphere? Perhaps she noticed my excitement of doing my first chant? 

Or was it that? It was like a common enemy who would wait until the protagonist’s transformation scene completed to ensure my spotlight? 

Well whatever. I should start chanting. 


“…I am the heartbeat of the world…” 


I was the protagonist, so this wasn’t mistaken. 


“As long as I continue to move forward, the world shall be carved. The world shall point the path to me, and I shall spin the new line. I shall not stop until I reach the end. I aim for what lies beyond the end.” 


I just said the cool words I mentioned earlier in reverse order since it was cool. 


“Aah, aah, the song shall grant me power.” 


I knew it was something cool enough that anyone would repeat if they listened to it. 


“Grand Road (Endless Path of the Hero).”  


I also knew that using katakana to speak the skill name while being written in kanjis was also cool. 

And I hit her!!! It didn’t feel that different from usual. Even so, it gave some sort of special sensation. It felt like the difference of having a flag or not on a kid’s lunch set. 

I honestly thought that chanting was merely something attached to some sort of skill. I thought it wasn’t something that was necessary to be done or something like that? But it wasn’t actually the case. 

Having direction of words and dialogue was something important. I broke my arms and legs through forceful strengthening as usual, but I was still satisfied.

The flashy direction of words would move one’s heart, and one would be more focused on the spell through the chant, giving fluidity to what was rigid… I could feel it. 

Well basically, chanting was important. 


And I also fell to the abyss… I followed the path of the thorn by pulling it and punched my opponent. Somehow, touching this thorn felt like using a hand cream that didn’t fit my hand which made it feel prickly. Well, I guess it was just my imagination. 4 

My fist caused my opponent to fall, and I couldn’t move due to excessive bleeding so both of us were falling into the abyss. No good, I forgot about my bleeding… I couldn’t move.

I guess I was falling… It felt quite interesting…

Well, it should work out fine somehow… good night… 


And good morning.  

When I awoke, there were Gamma, Beta, and Alpha there. Eh? Were they nursing me until I woke up?! 

Gamma… so you… were gammachi until I woke up. Gamma the gammachi… it rhymed. Then there was Beta of beta development… These sisters sure rhymed well… In other words, the fact that the author made their name rhyme well with their affiliated actions, it proved that they were mob characters who lacked screen time. 5 

So they were mob sisters… Well, they looked quite good, but most people I saw in this world did look quite good after all… I see, so they were Gamma the gammachi and Beta the beta development. It showed that both of them were mob characters… 6 


You don’t have to thank me… I just did my thing as usual. Regardless of what I did as I walked my path, I don’t care much. Well, I think it sounds bad if I say it that way… but I would continue to walk my path. I wouldn’t look back. 

Besides, I was a cool type of character!! It wasn’t like I had something to do in particular, but I left the room sagaciously… 

I began to think as I left the room. Since two of those three sisters with purple hair and silver eyes were mob characters… Did that mean Alpha was also a mob character? I wonder. There was a pattern where one of the sisters was different from the other after all.

It would be confirmed if Alpha’s name rhymed to something, though… but I guess such thought was meaningless for now. Well then, I guess I should confirm the mission was completed and proceed to eat lunch alone in a cool manner.


—After that, both Arthur and Bouran demanded I eat with them and I had no choice but to treat them to lunch. 

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6 months ago

I finally understand.
Fay’s mental strength is incredibly strong. (Duh, but I’ll continue)
A normal person would at best, be crippled if they were hit by that thorn and at worst, die from shock.
To Fay, it tickled, so his mentality is built like a goddamn bunker, prepped and ready for nuclear fallout.
I also love how her sword tickled him so much that he forgot he was bleeding.

1 year ago

We need more story part break and notice, sorry for this but it’s a bit confusing for Fay part suddenly appear,like:

Main story
Fay Pov

Sorry for this, I just need to give my opinion,I hope it make some idea

Oh and I cheer Two sister,but no matter what [Fay x Maria ] is the best!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Carrion
1 year ago

That retelling of him doing the chant was fucking gold. Are we gonna have new chants everytime he uses art from now on? Pretty please?

Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan
1 year ago

I understand Alpha! I truly understand!

Fay is truly insane!
Good luck Alpha! I’m rooting for you!
Also please take these stomach meds XD

1 year ago

Fay… Didn’t train enough?!
What do you mean didn’t train enough?!

You’re making me feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life!

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite


I we all know he insane and need power but that news to me!!

11 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Even Saitama couldn’t do it without figthing someone who has a similar power level lol

1 year ago

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

Man I love Fay

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

Who read this all love him !!!

1 year ago

the more the story goes the more i love it! But still, the only problems now is how dense Fay is, dense is fine, but too much dense can backfire sometime. it may sound childish from me, but…. We need more romance!!! Please notice other feeling Fay-sama!! Thank for translation as always!

1 year ago

Honestly the Radiation sisters were pretty high on my list of who to root for they just went to the top this time after that would be Shisho, then Original MC’s Sister, then other two in free city arc, then Multiple personality Orphanage instructor, then Mob character from first mission, Mei(d), (idk maybe the paladin leader we met in background chapter telling that one paladin to watch Arthur belongs here along with the Nurse that regressed Shisho’s mental age), then Bouran followed by Arthur this is the list of who I’m rootingfor in what order I guess I’m not counting Fey’s sister

1 year ago

Wow Arthur is last

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

I mean, she is the panda-like rival character, afterall. Can’t possibly be a love interest, no way, nada.

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Ahh that right it’s not normal like her naming sense (lol )

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

I don’t very sure about that, the cover novel it’s Fay,Arthur and Bouran(?) right?the illustrated is beautiful and when I see it,my opinion is :

where the heck in her are panda!?!? Fay are too many screw loose in your head!?!?

1 year ago

I miss noir