Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 041 – Siblings Killing for Love – Original Timeline [B]

“Hello, Arthur. It’s been a while.” 

“…Is he your acquaintance?”

“He’s not… I think.”


The young man seemed familiar but also not at the same time. It was a mysterious feeling. However, Arthur didn’t let go of her sword. She had no idea who the young man was, even though he felt somewhat nostalgic, Arthur knew full well that the man in front of her was trying to kill her.


“It might be sudden… but please die for my sake.” 


“Y-you, what are you talking about! There’s no way she would do that! Rather, you shouldn’t shoot people with that kind of magic so easily!”

“…Sorry about this, Arthur.”

“…I can’t afford to get killed here. It is because I have to become a hero no matter what.”

“…So do I. I have to become a hero no matter what. I must draw the holy sword and kill the calamity… I would be worthless otherwise. I have a promise I have to fulfill.”


“…I guess I talked too much. I just wanted to talk to you for the last time… to think that I… no, let’s stop here. Let’s continue.”


“O-oi! Don’t screw with us! If you went wild here, other paladins would come!!”

“Ah? I have no idea who you are, but I suggest you better stay away. It means nothing even if small fries like you gather together.”



 Bouran lost her words, not because of his impolite attitude, but because of his clear killing intent. However, the young man showed no interest in Bouran and such killing intent was not directed at her. Even so, she felt goosebumps from the sensation.


“Let’s do this, Arthur!!!!” 



The two clashed. Bouran couldn’t follow their movement with her senses. She felt something pass in front of her and before she knew it, Arthur was clashing swords with the young man. 



“It’s really fast. Oi oi, seriously…? Moreover, you… you held back just now, didn’t you?”

“…Who are you? Do you know me?”

“Answer my question, will you? Well, I don’t mind though. Yes, I know you.”

“…I see. Then I will defeat you and make you tell me about it.”


They were clashing swords at high speed. However, Arthur raised her performance by several gears. 




Agitation filled Kay’s face. He kept responding in a hurry, but the speed he faced gave no guarantee that he could continue to do so for long. It gave an illusion as if gales made of swords surrounded him from all directions at exactly the same moment. 

He strengthened his body, concentrated on defense, and escaped from the gale-like onslaught. 


…She is still growing despite being this strong. She still has more dormant potential… Ah, I see. I’m unable to defeat her normally. 

Because she stands in front of me, I can’t become the hero. In that case, I have no choice but to kill her. 


“Give up…You can’t win against me.” 

“…That’s some arrogance you have there, Arthur.”

“…It’s true after all.”


…I guess I have to use it. It annoys me to use something given by that old bastard though… 

I have no choice but to kill the monster in front of me. However, I can’t kill her upfront. I need to drive her to the deep end before killing her. Only by exhausting her mental aspect would I be able to kill her. 

Even if I use the dark art, it would take some time before it becomes effective. I can’t see the bottom of Arthur’s potential, and I know I can’t win through normal methods… 


The young man (Kay) threw a stone toward Bouran. Although it went to Bouran with unusual speed, Arthur immediately responded and cut the stone down. Meanwhile, Arthur amplified the light art in her both hands and released it into the sky. Arthur could also use them. 


“Oh, star, light, rain down, from the realm beyond human knowledge. Receive the wrath of the stars and heaven on thy body.” 

“—Stardust Shower.” 


It was clearly smaller compared to what Arthur used in Pond City. Moreover, the stars rained not around Arthur, but around Bouran, in large numbers. 


“The stars do not penetrate, the stars spin, rotates around itself, and the region of stars shall be the ancestor of the universe.” 

“—Sternscheibe (Geometric Disc).” 1 


 A sphere with a radius of one meter surrounded them like a full moon. It blocked the rain and nothing was damaged.

Bouran sat down on the spot. 


“I’m sorry. I… ended up being a hindrance…” 

“It’s okay. I don’t mind.”


Bouran felt like crying as she felt powerless in the situation. Arthur looked away from Bouran and looked at the front. The young man, Kay, wasn’t there anymore. 




Children dressed in white robes like lab coats were sitting in chairs and eating bread on the table. Young Kay was sitting in front of Sen. 


“Hey, do you have a little sister, Kay?” 

“…That’s right.”

“What kind of girl is she?”

“It doesn’t matter, does it?”

“Please tell me.”

“…She’s a cute girl.”

“Heeh… so she’s cute.”

“…She’s so tiny, yet so loud. Since she was so young when I last saw her, she never called my name.”

“I see. So she’s still a baby. I’m sure she looks cute then.”

“…I’ve thought of protecting her since I first saw her. I promised to protect her. Even though Arthur couldn’t even recognize me as her elder brother, I still made such a promise on my own.”

“So her name was Arthur. She happens to have the same name as the Origin Hero.”

“Aah, my mom seems to like it since it sounds auspicious so she used it as my little sister’s name as it was.”

“Heeh… It is said that the Origin Hero was an elf.”

“You’re right. I also wanted to be a hero. So I longed for it…”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”


Kay suddenly stopped talking. Even though he intended to not mingle with anyone, he ended up talking too much despite not meaning to. 


“Please tell me. I’m really curious about Kay’s story.” 



Kay looked away when Sen smiled at him. He would gain nothing even if he talked more than this. Since he knew that, Kay had no intention to continue talking. But when he looked away, he saw a large scar on Sen’s arms. 


“…Arthur’s hands are amazingly soft.” 

“Yes yes, and then?”


Sen tried to encourage Kay to continue talking. That made Kay feel better and continue talking. Perhaps Kay also wanted to have a conversation with someone. 

After talking for a while, the topic ended. 


“It was fun. I couldn’t understand this place and it’s scary… so it feels fresh to me.” 

“I see…”

“Yes, it was a lot of fun… I… really was scared of this place.”

“I see.”

“Hey, Kay. What do you think this place is?”

“I don’t know. We have to drink weird liquids or eat things with the same weird liquid inside them. There is no way a decent person would make this place.”

“I wonder what their goals are… the people who made this place…”

“…There’s no way I know.”

“More and more kids are gone… then there are replacements…”


“What happened to the children who are gone…?”


“Will I die here…?”



Sen got scared and her smile turned into a crying face. Her expression seemed to overlap with Kay’s little sister, Arthur’s crying face.”



[“What’s wrong, Arthur?”]


[“Rest assured, onii-chan would definitely help you regardless of what happens.”]


“Rest assured, I’ll help you. I definitely won’t let you die.” 

“…Will you protect me?”

“Aah, I will protect you. Definitely.”

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7 months ago

You kind of forget this is a depression game because of Fey, but it looks like the author has really leaned into reminding us with the original scenes from the game instead of having the gods explain it to us.

1 year ago

Hm… Feel kind of weird when reading this, like usually Arthur always presence with Fay in the story, Arthur without Fay create a recipe for disaster. Thank for you hard work as always~

1 year ago

This author seems to really like sibling drama.

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Bouran left because of her siblings too