Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 046 – Emilia [C]

The next day, there were four paladins gathered in the early morning, Fay, Yururu, Emilia, and Heimi the commoner. They faced each other at the usual spot with three trees. 


“So, why are you here, Heimi?” 

“Hey, aren’t you being scary, Emilia-chan? We are comrades from the same team, aren’t we?”

“I hate you, you know?”

“Oh my, but I love you, you know?”


Emilia and Heimi weren’t exactly on good terms since their training period. That said, it was only Emilia who was hostile and directed her hostility towards Heimi, though… 


“Oi, don’t fight over something that doesn’t matter, Emilia.” 

“I understand, Fay-senpai.


Fay spoke casually to Emilia. Heimi was about to snap when she heard that. 


Hah? That girl… Why is she being casual with my senpai? Rather, I came here since I learned that senpai usually trains here, so I came here bringing a lunch box, yet she is here now… what the heck? 


Heimi shook with anger while the conversation advanced without her. Fay spoke to Yururu with a low tone. 


“Emilia seems want to learn about Namikaze Seishinryuu.” 

“Eh?! B-but, you know that my swordsmanship is-“

“I’ve heard the rumors regarding that. But I still want to grow stronger… That’s why, please. Teach me swordsmanship.”

“…Is it really okay?”

“Yes, besides, it’s the swordsmanship that Fay-senpai learned, so I can believe in it.”

“Very well…However.”


“Namikaze Seishinryuu forbids illicit sexual relationships! That’s absolute and definite! It’s forbidden, okay!”

“I understand.”


What’s with this? They proceeded with their conversation and ignored me here…I was planning to steal a start, but someone already ran ahead of me… in that case. 


“Um, can you teach me as well?” 

“Eeh?! Y-you also want to learn?!”

“Yes. Actually, I came here today to request that.”

“Why are you coming as well?”

“I guess I also want to grow stronger?”



Uwah, she’s totally glaring at me. 


“Rather than caring about others, you have to focus on yourself.” 

“I understand.”


Yet you listened to senpai’s words properly. This girl is really annoying… 


“So, how is it?!” 

“O-okay… um, you know that Namikaze Seishinryuu is quite hated…”

“I don’t care about that! Please teach me!”


Heimi bowed at a 90 degree angle and lowered her head. She said she wanted to grow stronger, but her real reason was to learn together with Fay, such an impure motive. 


Well, I’ve heard terrible rumors about that style of swordsmanship… but I basically see people other than senpai as insects. I don’t give a damn about the opinions of insects… The important thing is the chance to learn swordsmanship together with senpai, and I could use the momentum to make body contact in various situations, also I could request him to teach me swordsmanship so I could have him for myself for the day. There’s nothing but merit there. 


“I understand. But you see, Namikaze Seishinryuu has forbid illicit sexual relationships for generations. Even by mistakes, you shouldn’t, you know… do that kind of thing! You should never forget you are only here as fellow comrades to learn swordsmanship! 


That was a lie, since this master only made up this rule to prevent her disciple from being stolen by others. However, both newcomers weren’t straightforward either. 


“I understand.” 

“Ye-s, I understand—“


That was also a lie. This commoner naturally pretended to agree while inwardly thinking she could just do it behind the scenes since it was just a verbal promise. 


Well, I ended up declaring the prohibition of illicit sexual relationships… but I finally got other students?! Father, this Yururu did it! Namikaze Seishinryuu finally got its chance to come back to life!! 


“Thank you, Fay-kun.” 

“What are you thanking me for?”

“Ehehe, it’s because Fay-kun is the one who made this new wind blow.”


Both new students are cute and seemingly good people… I guess things will become more enjoyable from now on. 

Well then, what should I do to get ahead in my relationship with senpai? 

This woman is a hindrance. What is she coming here for? It’s important to spend more time together with him to grow stronger, but there would be more time wasted with her joining. 


I don’t understand what’s what, but I’m glad the foil character is allowed to learn swordsmanship. I guess I’ll be a senior disciple from now on. 




Aliceia opened her eyes as she felt the morning sun shining on her skin and heard the birds’ cry. When she sleepily looked next to her, she saw Mordred sleeping naked there. Her naked body was beautiful and could have been mistaken as a goddess’s.

There were no blemishes or wrinkles on her clear skin. 


“Wake up, okay.” 


Aliciea gently tapped on Mordred’s head. Mordred then sleepily opened her eyes. 


“Is it already morning?” 

“That’s right, so wake up since we’ll be making breakfast.”


“Also, wear your clothes.”

“Okay okay, I know that—“


Mordred got up and dressed as she was told. As they finished washing up, they went to the kitchen and made their meal.


“You can make a decent meal nowadays.” 

“Of course. That means our teacher-student relationship is about to conclude, right?”

“N-no, I’ll be troubled!”


They had a deal where Mordred was to be taught cooking in exchange for Mordred training Aliceia how to fight. However, if Mordred could cook perfectly, then there was no need to train Aliceia anymore. 


“Haah… you are often dragged into trouble easily, so I was thinking of cutting our relationships soon, though.” 

“I’ll be troubled! I’ll be troubled!” 1

“Your verbal tic is getting weird… Well, I don’t hate fighting itself, so I don’t mind accompanying you for a bit longer.”


Aliceia was the protagonist of “Round Table Heroes – Gaiden” so many events came to her, which would normally cause her a lot of depression. However, because Mordred was with her, she managed to safely overcome them all. 

Due to Fay’s involvement in the past, the path they originally followed changed. And both of them were freeloading at the house of old lady Felmi. Staying at an inn everyday would cost them money, not to mention they need to renew their stay every so often and there were times the place was so packed they didn’t have a place to stay, so they decided to live together. 


“By the way… It seems Fay-sama will be coming here soon.” 

“Eh? Really?”

“Felmi-sama said so. It’s about time for the two artificial eyes to be finished.”

“Ah, now that I think about it, that guy did mention he’s buying them… I see, so he’s coming, fu-hn.”


She spoke with a casual tone, but she couldn’t stop herself from grinning. They finished making their breakfast while they talked and as they carried it to the table, Felmi was waiting there. 


“Oh, it seems it’s ready.” 

“It’s ready— make sure to eat it with gratitude—“ 

“Geez, you sure lack any reservation despite freeloading here.”

“Felmi-sama was my servant before, so I couldn’t help it… my apologies—“

“I see that you have no intention of showing any reservation at all. Oh well…”

“Um, my apologies, I mean, I’m sorry.” 2

“The fact you (Aliceia) could still say that makes you better than she is.”


As the three of them were enjoying their meal, Mordred talked to Felmi. 


“By the way, this cramped house has an unused room. Why is that?” 

“That’s rude! The house isn’t cramped! Well, it’s because that room contains dangerous stuff.”

“You mean that room, right? That corner most room with various talismans and decorative holy swords inside, right? Why is that?”

“There’s also a sword of exorcism in that room.”

“Err, if I’m not wrong, Barbara is descended from an exorcist clan, right? Is it related to that?”

“That’s right, to be more exact, it’s the legendary sword that is passed down by her clan. It is said a great power is granted to its wielder.”

“Heeh, then why did Barbara not use it?”

“That’s… because the demerit is too big. The sword of the exorcist, Tsumehagi (Nail Peeler). Long ago, before the time of Oumagadoki, there were existences known as exorcists. Also, paladins didn’t exist in that era. The people who subjugated demons were the exorcists. Those who reject demons, exorcists… that clan possessed tremendous power and was hailed as heroes.”


Felmi continued to talk about the past. 


“More vicious demons roamed about in the past compared to the present… Among them, there were demons which took the forms of humans and spoke like them too.” 

“W-wait a minute? We’re talking about the sword, right?”

“That’s right… that demon was a monster that would attack humans and peel their nails off and eat them, before finally killing its victims. It is said that the demon was quite strong. Back then, nobody could defeat it, until finally an exorcist clan managed to beat it.”

“I-I see. That doesn’t sound related at all, though…”

“It’s related. It is said the man possessed great power, but he was challenged and slain. So for the sake of vengeance, the sword was made using a demon which had his soul sealed in it.”

“Don’t spoil it all! Geez!”

“You often told me that story when I was young, so I couldn’t help it…”

“Heeh, so even you had a time when you were childish.”

“That’s right, this girl is quite naughty, but there was a time when she was cute. She also often wet herself.”

“Heeh, so even you also did that. Pupu.”

“If you mention that to Fay-sama, I will kill you…”

“I won’t say it! So don’t glare at me! It’s scary!”


Aliceia noticed the topic veered off, so she asked about the sword of the exorcist to Felmi once again. 


“But won’t sealing the soul in a sword drive it insane? Or rather, is it possible to begin with?” 

“Exactly because he could see that the man was known as a natural disaster.”

“Fu-hn, so the sword still contains the soul even now?”

“It is… When I was the leader of ‘Romeo’, Barbara’s father brought that sword with him and passed it to me. He wanted me to keep it safe, he said.” 

“So such a sword was left with you…”

“The person himself said he had reached his limits. Apparently, the sword would let out a ‘voice’ and try to devour its wielder… that’s why the sword is sealed in the corner of this house, and I had the talisman and decorative holy sword placed there to get rid of its evil aura.”

“Fu-hn, I see.”

“You should definitely not enter that room. It’s still good if you hear its voice, but if your body ends up taken over…”

“I-I understand.”

“That’s fine then.”


The old woman Felmi hit her hips and enjoyed the ham and eggs for breakfast. Then she read the newspaper and couldn’t help but to raise her voice. 


“This is…” 

“Is something wrong?”

“…You have heard about the murderer in the dungeon, right? It seems the culprit is found.”

“Eh? Who is it?”

“It is said to be Gaheris Garethia.



Tsukii Note: 

Hello again! Nice to see you earlier than I expected!

Well then, I had no idea why author mentioned “returning to free city” last chapter, but I’ll just assume author just forgot about the possible mess that would bring by having Arthur and Tlue there and immediately proceed to Emilia story, or author just mistyped and meant “Britannia” instead. I’ll just assume the latter to keep the story consistent, so I’m editing it to “Britannia”

Anyway, it seems Fay will be returning to Free City soon, let’s look forward to it!

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