Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 043 – The Next Generation [D]

He saw a girl with long black hair enthusiastically swinging her sword. To think that she is still swinging her sword late at night… thought Tlue, astonished. 

 He felt it would be dangerous for a girl to train until this hour. Tlue was thinking of calling out to the girl. 

This was one of the events in Round Table Heroes. The girl’s name was Emilia. She had long hair that extended all the way to the waist, a slender and petite body, and sharp red eyes. Her personality was very selfish and her irreverent attitude stood out. 

She was one of the heroines who joined the paladin’s special unit this year. 

In this event, Emilia was swinging her sword alone at night, and Tlue, who couldn’t sleep, spoke to her. Although she first told him off for meddling unnecessarily… Emilia then remembered something. 

She felt like she had met Tlue somewhere before when she saw his face. That was their first contact, where the favorability of the heroine and protagonist would rise slightly, but… 

Tlue noticed something there. Next to Emilia, there was another paladin swinging his sword. It was Fay with his familiar black hair and black eyes. 

Tlue changed his mind when he saw Fay.

I was thinking of telling the girl it’s dangerous to train at this hour… but well, I guess training until late at night is something normal…? There were times where Fay didn’t return to the orphanage at all too… I guess it would be bad for me to interrupt her training. Let’s just go home.  

When I saw his face, I felt calm for some reason. Let’s go home and back to sleep. 

Tlue returned to the orphanage to sleep, leaving the event in front of him. 

Emilia desperately swung her sword. Her expression was cloudy and filled with fury. There was only one reason for that, which was the exam today. She fought a girl with yellow hair, but the girl was stronger than she expected.

Although it was a battle using only swordsmanship, it still ended in a draw. 

Even though Emilia thought she was strong, there were actually many people who were stronger than her. The girl she fought even mentioned she only began to train last year. 

There was also a girl wearing a mask during the exam. According to the rumors, it seemed that the girl was the daughter of a paladin and she possessed a great deal of talent. 

I have to become strong no matter what, in order not to lose to the thing inside me… 

Emilia had felt something evil lurking within her since childhood. In order not to lose against that, she kept training herself. She had confidence in her strength due to the amount of training she had done, but that confidence wavered today. 

She couldn’t allow such feelings. 

If she wavered, the thing within her would consume her soon. That was what she thought. 

That was why she kept swinging her sword until late at night to train herself, but… 

“Hey, you.” 


She had been curious for some time. In this tree-filled wilderness in the capital, there was actually someone who was already swinging his sword ahead of her. 

“This is my place. Sorry, but can you train somewhere else since it’s so distracting?” 

“…I don’t care about your opinion. If you can’t concentrate, you can just do it elsewhere.”

“…What’s with that? You see, I’ve been thinking this is a good spot for training since the morning. That’s why you have to listen to me, who found this place earlier.”

“I’ve been swinging my sword every day in this place since last year.”

“Eh? Ah, I-I see…”

…Since he said it that way, perhaps it would be better if I leave instead? No, I shouldn’t back down here. 

I want to become stronger, and I work harder than anyone… It’s okay, I am strong, and I will become stronger… I won’t lose against anyone, and I won’t back down. 

—I should be more selfish here.

She was actually a weak willed girl. However, she forcibly tried to change her nature and thought she couldn’t last unless she appeared to be strong.

“I see, but I want to swing my sword here alone. Why don’t you go somewhere else?” 


Ignored? Eh? I got ignored? Perhaps… I was so rude that he ignored me after all? 

…Oh well. I should only live for myself selfishly. 

She decided to be selfish, everything centered on her. Such was her speech tone and her way of life. She had no leisure to be considerate to others. 

As she thought only about her own training, she resumed her sword swinging. She thought the other person would eventually get bored of it after some time as she kept swinging her sword. 

However, the man in front of her kept swinging his sword. Even when she thought it was about time to return, he was still there. 

W-what’s with him…? The people I met at the exam were also weird fellows too… is this place filled with weird people? 

In the end, the two kept training until morning. 

When I was swinging my sword as usual, a girl I had never seen before came. Who was that? Another new character…?

I heard the paladins were recruiting new members, so I guess it should be the case. 

Amazing, she worked hard on her sword swings. I was impressed. 

I guess that would make me her senpai? I met Heimi this morning after a while… Since her name was Heimi from heimin(commoner) it was easy to remember. 

As for this girl… she seemed to be a new character. I had no idea what role she would serve in the story… but for now, I kept swinging my sword. 

Let’s continue my training. I will learn of her characteristics eventually anyway… Just as I thought of that,  

“This is my place. Sorry, but can you train somewhere else since it’s so distracting?” 

“…I don’t care about your opinion. If you can’t concentrate, you can just do it elsewhere.”

“…What’s with that? You see, I’ve been thinking this is a good spot for training since the morning. That’s why you have to listen to me, who found this place earlier.”

“I’ve been swinging my sword every day in this place since last year.”

“Eh? Ah, I-I see…”

She was a very self-centered girl. It reminded me of Bouran last year, going around and calling me small fry back then all of the sudden. If I compared her to Bouran, I guess she seemed more decent.  

As for having a self-centered character, I just thought it couldn’t be helped. The characters within the knights’ brigade increased in number, so it would be hard to remember if the new characters lacked peculiarities. 

Since I was the protagonist, I would always stay on the cover. Everyone would remember me, but as the plot progressed and more characters were introduced, it would become harder for the player to remember them. Their screen time would naturally be split among characters after all. 

That was why I chose to be open minded and not get angry whether the girl was cheeky or selfish. 

Even if I sounded like I was being self-centered, it just couldn’t be helped. 

I was the center of the world, the clock of the world would move according to my heartbeat. That’s why I should be open-minded and focus on training. 

After that, she didn’t talk to me anymore. Both she and I kept swinging our respective swords. I didn’t hate her appearance as she worked hard. 

I unexpectedly found this girl favorable. 

A few days before, at a restaurant in the royal capital Britannia, Alpha was comforting Beta and Gamma.

“See, cheer up, both of you… you might be unable to dance together with Fay in this festival… but there’s still next year.” 

“Gamma wants to dance with Fay…”


It seemed that both Gamma and Beta believed that they would develop good relationships if they managed to dance together during the day of the festival.

…They look very depressed… and there’s also one at the next table. 

“I didn’t manage to dance with Fay…” 

“C-cheer up, Arthur. I will treat you to some meat.”

Err, are they Arthur and Bouran? I remembered them being in the same generation as I am… So Arthur also loves Fay. Why do people love that guy when he clearly has some screws loose? They clearly are weird… 

“Hey, that just can’t be helped?” 

“It could be helped…”

“You… Why do you love him so much? What’s so good about that man?”

“Gamma loves how Fay… has a somewhat dangerous atmosphere, has a sense of value that appears to be unusual, and his coolness that appears like his abnormality.”

“You’re wrong there, Gamma. He is not somewhat dangerous but clearly is dangerous. He does not just appear to be unusual, he is clearly unusual. He does not appear to be abnormal, he is clearly abnormal.”

“But I found them likable.”

“You’re kidding me… what about Beta?”

“I like how his eyes and hair are black, how amazing his swordsmanship, how he is always working hard, how he appeared to be cool yet actually kind person, how cute he was when he love ham and lettuce sandwiches—“

“Stop right there! I understand, okay! Don’t suddenly become fluent about it, it sounds scary.”

Even though you usually only speak a single word… but maybe it is like that? Since they love him that much, I guess it’s important as their elder sister to support them… Honestly, I don’t want to, though… 

“Okay. I never thought you loved him that much. I will support both of you. Let’s see… let’s go to the beach next vacation. I will invite Fay with us.” 


“You should confess to him there! That’s why, cheer up now!”


A-ah, I said it… would he even come with us? Rather, I would have to force him to come. He is a training idiot after all, so I guess he would come if I told him using sand on the beach to practice footwork would be the best. 

Ah- I don’t feel like doing it… 

Alpha was thinking about going to the beach. However, she had no idea that place was supposed to be the place she would meet her death as the sub-protagonist in the game. Something like the world’s corrective power was at work, leading Alpha towards the utsu event.

Why do Beta and Gamma like him that much? To be honest, I can’t see anything attractive from Fay… Well, it can’t be helped. I would at least support them. I don’t like him at all, but it can’t be helped, I am their elder sister after all. 1

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7 months ago

*Talks to Beta*
Beta: *Playing charades*

*Fay, Alpha or Gamma talk to Beta*
Beta: *Will say one word*

Hey Beta, what do you like about Fay?
Beta: Well, I like his hair and eyes, I like how he’s cool yet kind, I like how he’s motivated (etc)

7 months ago

… you can’t ? Bro I would be a worshipper of fay at this point, alpha.
Also hell, tlue is clearly one of his greatest admirers. He found peace from the form of the man who always forges on ahead.
Absolutelt relatable. This story brings me peace of mind too.

8 months ago

I really like this min arc. Revenants (undead that appears to be humans, only staying alive because of the strong feelings that drive them) are rare in fantasy

9 months ago

-Emilia feature ( black hair red eyes)
-noir (black hair and red eyes)


10 months ago

My favorbility for Alpha is in the negatives….After saving her and her sisters multiple times this is how she acts? Especially since we know she has the potential to be as bad if not worse than Fay, her rude attitude comes off as hypocrisy. She doesn’t like stiff that reminds her of herself. Your sister would be dead twice over if not for him and his dangerous ways. I don’t like you at all.

9 months ago
Reply to  OneCoin

Well, i do think like you first but come try to her perspective, how can you like someone who kill monster with bloody body and plus laughing in front her eyes, we reader maybe like to saw it but in reality maybe I would to run away in second

9 months ago
Reply to  OneCoin

To be fair, as a brother (eldest) I understand alpha’s feeling, I wouldn’t let my sister hang out with such a dangerous person either.

10 months ago

Let’s see how long she gonna escape Fey