Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Intermission – Arthur [A]

A certain knight stood under the bronze statue in the beautiful blue sky. She wore a fluttering white knee-length skirt and a beautiful white blouse. It was a highly fashionable set of clothes, but the person who wore it was also a beautiful woman.

That woman was Arthur. She had clear, unblemished skin, an eagle-like nose, eyes of blue and violet that were inorganic yet could be mistaken for jewels. She had smooth blonde hair framing her doll-like symmetrical face.

She was there to meet with a certain person. After waiting for a while, a lively, high-pitched voice of a girl called out. 


“O-oi, Arthur.” 


A woman in a blue uniform with red unkempt hair, Bouran, waved her hand and approached Arthur. When Arthur saw Bouran, her inorganic eyes sharpened a little. 


“You’re late… the decided time has passed.” 

“Sorry! I overslept!”

“…Well, that’s fine… So you wear a uniform even on holidays.”

“Eh? Is that bad?”

“It’s not like it is bad… but is Bouran not interested in fashion?”

“Eh? Ah… I prefer to buy food over clothes… I feel buying ten croquettes is more profitable than buying a set of clothes!”

“…I see.”

“Rather than that, let’s go and eat! Your treat right, Arthur?”

“It is. But I want you to listen to what I told you, or rather, my request.”

“Eh? What is it?”

“I’ll tell you as we eat.”

“Okay then! Let’s go for a meal!”


The two went to a popular restaurant serving delicious meat. 


“You can order whatever you like.” 

“Hooray! Err, I will order… this and this, also that and that one… okay, I’ve decided!”

“I see… I guess I’ll just order a steak.”

“Eh? That’s all?!”

“Yes… I think I shouldn’t eat too much.”

“Fu-hn, is that so? Alright, let’s put our order in! Excuse me, waiter!”


Bouran called the waiter and placed the order. The two chatted until the ordered food arrived. 


“Well then, I have something to ask Bouran.” 

“Oh! you mentioned it earlier! What is it?”

“…You see, I have… someone I like…”

“Is that so?”

“Yes… Well, I think we both like each other or should I say, we can really understand each other…” 1


“But well, it also makes it embarrassing to say… or maybe it is hard to say because we’re too close?”

“So what do you want?”

“…I want to ask for your help so I can get along with that person.”

“Get along?”

“I mean become a lover.”

“Eh— I don’t understand that kind of thing, so it’s a hassle for me!”

“…I won’t treat you then.”

“I will cooperate! But I don’t know how to help? I have no idea about that kind of thing, or rather, who is the person Arthur likes to begin with?”



“Err, well, I just find it embarrassing so wait for a while. I want to prepare my heart.”

“Fu-hn, I see… ah! I’ll just guess it then!”

“Okay. Then try to guess it.”

“Uhn… Tlue!”



“Who even is that?”


“I don’t know such a person.”


“Who? …Ah, you mean that fifth-grade paladin… wrong.”

“Eh… Guren!”

“Who? Is that a person at the croquette shop?”


“I have no idea who that is. You guessed incorrectly.”

“…I can’t guess it at all… err… I don’t think it would be Fay, though…”


“Eh? Is it Fay?!”

“…Y-yes. I’ve become conscious of him.”

“Fay, huh… I have no idea about romance… but doesn’t Fay give the impression that he understands even less about that compared to me?” 

“No, I think both Fay and I like each other.”

“Eh? I don’t feel like Fay likes you in that way at all though?”

“I think that’s more of an attitude to hide his embarrassment. I think Fay likes me. He often challenges me to spar whenever there is a chance.”

“Isn’t that just him trying to improve his swordsmanship?” 2

“That’s wrong. It’s the man’s psychology of wanting to make excuses to get involved with the person he likes.”


Hoee— so Fay actually likes Arthur, thought Bouran with astonished expression. She didn’t expect that cold faced person to actually have someone he liked.


“So Fay actually likes Arthur… and Arthur also likes Fay. Is there even something for me to do for help? You can just go straight to confessing.” 

“Because I find it embarrassing… I wish Fay would confess first instead. But Fay always has his tsun attitude and won’t say such things easily… but I want to be a couple with him sooner.”

“Fuhn… so romance is such a hassle. If you like someone, can’t you just say it straight?”

“Romance is troublesome. Bouran just doesn’t understand because you’re a kid.”

“I’m not a kid! But well, I’m really not interested in that, so whatever.”

“I can teach you once you gain interest. Then, as for what I want, I want Bouran to help me.”


“I want you to make Fay my partner in the upcoming knight festival for the dance.”

“Ah! I know about that! I also want to go there! It is said we can eat as much tasty food as we like!”

“There’s a legend that people who dance together as a pair there would become a couple, so I want Bouran to help me so I can dance with Fay. The reward is treating your meal right now. You can eat as you like.”

“Wow!! Okay! I will do my best!” 

“Yes, good.”


Bouran’s eyes shone like an innocent child’s. While Arthur still had her usual inorganic eyes, she had a smile like a child planning for a prank. 




1 Anonymous God 

Let’s review.

2 Anonymous God 

You’re right…

3 Anonymous God 

Can I say what I feel?

4 Anonymous God 

What is it?

5 Anonymous God 

Don’t you think the mental fortitude inflated too much?

6 Anonymous God 

Mei-chan’s self-suggestion also reached a ridiculous level somehow.

7 Anonymous God 

It’s all Fay’s fault.

8 Anonymous God 

Kay-kun is just greatly incompatible to Fay in the fight.

9 Anonymous God 

There’s also that magic sword thing in Pond City right? The moment that woman said it dealt direct damage to one’s psyche, I already had victory BGM playing in my mind (LOL).

10 Anonymous God 

That one is just too pitiful for his enemy (LOL).

11 Anonymous God 

After that, Gamma and Beta are worried about him, but since their name rhymed, he directly determined that they aren’t heroines and I like that.

12 Anonymous God 

If one’s names happen to rhyme, Fay already won’t consider them a major character after all.

13 Anonymous God 

That magic sword practically killed Tlue-kun in the game, right? Isn’t his mental fortitude just absurd?

14 Anonymous God 

Someone, please make a mental fortitude ranking for surviving characters. Ah, you can just make the top rank 2.

15 Anonymous God 

We all know who held the rank 1 after all.

16 Anonymous God 

I think Athena will make one eventually.

17 Anonymous God 

The characters are increasing, so I also want a character introduction section too.

18 Anonymous God 

You’re right.

19 Anonymous God 

I also want an explanation about Fay-kun. I have no idea about his background.

20 Anonymous God 

Are you referring to the person who reincarnated into Fay? Or the original cannon fodder Fay?

21 Anonymous God 

Of course it’s both of them. Well, there is a lot of bias in fictions Fay enjoyed after all.

22 Anonymous God 

He is a weird person before reincarnated as Fay. Also speaking of Fay… There is Molgan le Fay, or Morgan le Fae. It is a character that appeared in actual Arthurian myth. 3

23 Anonymous God 


24 Anonymous God 

I guess it would be foreshadowing of what might happen in future.

25 Anonymous God 

How strong is Fay-kun right now? He managed to overwhelm Kay-kun there.

26 Anonymous God 

Well, that’s more of terrible compatibility, and it happened right after Kay-kun fought Arthur…

27 Anonymous God 

He was also out of art. So it just can’t be helped for Kay to lose there.

28 Anonymous God 

The magic eye is ineffective too.

29 Anonymous God 

Yea, that’s terrible. It’s a successive battle after all. 

30 Anonymous God 

Fighting Fay after fighting Arthur is just too much. Kay-kun losing there just can’t be helped.

31 Anonymous God 

There seems to be a lot of gods misunderstanding here, but Kay-kun will win if he fights Fay in his optimal condition. He is just that strong of a character. Well, it just can’t be helped for him to lose that one though.

32 Anonymous God 

Every god here seems to be trying to comfort Kay-kun. Well, that’s just a harsh one after all. If we compare it to RPGs, it’s like having to fight a secret boss right after defeating the final boss.  

33 Anonymous God 

Moreover, Fay didn’t show any mercy. After chanting, Fay unleashed →↓↘︎+P and finished Kay by punching him to the sky. 4

34 Anonymous God

He is also particular to chanting (LOL).

35 Anonymous God 

The person in question thinks his own English skill and intonation are still not satisfactory (LOL).

36 Anonymous God 

Well, using both English and Japanese does sound cool though. 

37 Anonymous God 

And toward such a Fay-kun, Arthur-san fell for him.

38 Anonymous God 

She already has for a long time.

39 Anonymous God 

Well, even though everyone and the world have forgotten her, Fay still remembers and chooses to protect her after all.

40 Anonymous God 

Mei-chan also remembers though.

41 Anonymous God 

That one can be ignored.

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That one can be ignore (LOL)
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