Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 51 – Oni, Fay, Fay [A] 1

The night of the day after the clash with the evil child in the dungeon ended. Fay was reading a swordsmanship book in Felmi’s living room. He intended to continue using Namikaze Seishinryuu, but his master, Yururu, had told him that he should learn other swordsmanship as well.

While he was eagerly reading the book alone, Morgol sat in front of him.


“You read it eagerly, aren’t you? What are you reading?” 

“None of your business.”

“Ah~ geez, it’s no good to be mean right away, you know~? Tell me about it.”


“I was ignored?!”


Morgol was ignored by Fay. She puffed up her cheek due to that and glared at Fay, but he didn’t look at her because he was focused on the book. 

Since she was annoyed by that, she lightly kicked his leg under the desk. Fay reacted only for a moment, but he quickly returned his gaze to the book. 


“A~ah, I got nothing to do~” 


“Hey, can’t you just be my conversation partner for a bit! I’m curious about you a little bit.”



Fay turned his eyes to her with a reluctant atmosphere. Morgol smiled lightly, thinking they could finally speak. 


“Your muscles, you see, can you let me touch them! I saw how amazing it was! In the bath back then!” 


“Ah, don’t return your gaze to the book and listen to me!”


Fay resumed reading as if saying it was a waste of time listening to Morgol. After that, Morgol tried to make Fay look at her again and again, but Fay didn’t respond. 


“Ah, Fu-kun.” 


Then Barbara appeared in her pajamas. Since Morgol didn’t know her, she looked awkward for a moment. 


“Err, also… Morgol-chan, is it? I heard about you from Felmi-san, so I know about you.” 

“Ah, I see… Err, I’m Morgol.”

“I’m Barbara.”

“Sorry for the intrusion…”

“This isn’t my house! That’s why you don’t need to act so humble!”

“Ah, you are such a bright person.”


As Barbara spoke to Morgol with a smile on her face, Morgol looked awkward as if a gloomy person suffering from the aura of an outgoing person. 


“Fu-kun, are you reading a swordsmanship book again?” 


Barbara naturally sat next to Fay and peered into the book as she asked. Her pink hair was slightly damp after taking a bath. One could glimpse her collarbone and see her chest puffing out even though she was in her baggy pajamas. 


Uwah, this Barbara person, she’s amazingly sexy… even more amazing than mine… 


As a fellow woman, Morgol was a little jealous and envious of Barbara’s sex appeal. Morgol was confident in the size of her chest and hips, and the difference wasn’t that big… but Barbara’s was still bigger. In addition, Barbara’s eyes were slightly droopy and her eyelashes were long. 

It gave off the feeling that Barbara was a sweet woman. In comparison, Morgol’s eyes looked terrible and she was a tall person, so it was quite vague to call her sexy. 


She should be popular among men. Well, I’d never thought I’d be popular, though… I want to fall in love with my destined person, and if I get to meet such a person, I want to be loved. Perhaps that’s why I’m jealous. Putting that aside, isn’t her chest big? Mine is also considered big, but what with her? I don’t think a hand would be enough to hold the whole thing? 


“What kind of swordsmanship book do you read? Which swordsmanship school?” 

“…It’s the Wild Hungry Wolf’s school.”

“I know about that! There are many beastmen using it, aren’t there? There are beastmen in my legion, but does Fu-kun have a beastman acquaintance?”

“…I have one.”

“What is that person’s name?”

“…It’s Bouran, but she’s a half-beastman, her appearance is human.”


What’s with that! Even though you didn’t answer my question! Yet you answered that boob devil! You got baited by the boobs!! 


Fay replied with annoyance, but to Morgol, she could only see it as Fay got baited by Barbara’s boobs to exchange words. 


“A half-beastman, huh… beast (beastman race) named Bouran…? I think my comrade did mention that name… isn’t that Bouran person actually a member of a fairly famous beastman’s clan?” 

“I dunno.”

“Bouran, yes, I have heard about her. Is that person a paladin?”

“That’s right.”

“I see… Is she cute?”

“I never saw her that way.”



Does this person like Fay? I have no idea what’s so good about this person with terrible eyes and could be baited by boobs, though. 


Even though Fay wouldn’t start a topic, seeing Barbara kept starting a conversation topic with Fay, Morgol figured out what was going on, the fact that the woman named Barbara liked Fay.


“Ah, come to think of it. Today, I happened to get two theater tickets from a friend, but nobody could go with me. How about we go together?” 

“I’m not interested.”

“Well, I knew it! Then why don’t we go to the Swordsmanship City together? It is said there are tons of magic swords and swordsmanship books there. They say there is a replica of the holy sword that the Origin Hero used to use, you know?”

“…I see.”

“Should we go together?”

“I’ll go there alone. Don’t follow me since you’ll be in the way.”

“Eh~! I’m the one who told you about it, you know!”


Eh~ what’s with this romantic skit-like interaction? I don’t know why, but it’s pissing me off. 


As Morgol got annoyed by Fay and Barbara’s interaction, Fay closed his swordsmanship book and stood from his seat. 


“Good night, good luck with your training tomorrow.” 

“It’s a needless concern.”


Without looking back, Fay said that over his back and left. With Fay gone, Morgol and Barbara were left alone. 


“Since Fu-kun is going to sleep, I guess I should sleep as well.” 

“Barbara-san, do you like Fay?”

“Ah~ is it that easy to tell?”

“Well, to some extent.”

“Hm~ I like him… I guess? Maybe saying that I was thinking he would be good as a partner somehow?”


“I’ve never been in a relationship before, you see. I was busy being the chief of a legion and taking care of my younger brother… but recently, my brother Rhine grew mature and with my comrades supporting me a lot, I got the leisure to consider something else, so I began to long for such a thing, I guess?”

“Hoeh~ I see… What do you like about Fay?”

“My vote goes to how reliable he is.”


Barbara gave an immediate answer to the question about what was good about Fay. Morgol could somewhat understand what she meant by reliable. 


“Reliable, huh…” 

“Isn’t a person like that good? His muscles are also amazing, so won’t you want to be embraced strongly from behind with it? Something like that?”

“His muscles are certainly amazing.”

“It’s so amazing that it feels like it contains something in it, right?”

“But then, why not someone else? If being reliable is the only reason.”

“Hm~ he’s kind on top of being reliable after all. Perhaps that’s also the reason. He keeps training to become stronger and would definitely not give up on that so he continuously grows stronger. Everything about him made me think how reliable he would be if he was on my side, I guess that’s what I mean.”

“Kind… but wasn’t he being kind to you because he got baited by your boobs?”

“No no no no, I don’t think that’s the case at all. He didn’t even glance at them. Even while I talked to him earlier, he never looked at me and kept reading his book, right?”

“Well, you’re right.”

“He actually has quite a serious personality, and that makes me feel quite nice, I guess? Maybe that’s also one of the reasons.”


“Morgol, -chan do you have a person you like?”2

“I don’t. But I dream of becoming a princess!”

“Ah, that’s unexpectedly pure.”


Morgol put her hand on her hips and spoke proudly of her dream. Despite her terrible eyes, her unexpectedly pure dream didn’t match her appearance, so it made Barbara surprised. 


“I am too tall for that and have terrible eyes… so I don’t feel like a princess, but I want my destined prince to do a princess hug on me!” 

“You’re so pure, Morgol-chan.”

“But I have to find my brother first, so I can’t do it for a while.”

“Ah, I’ve heard about that. onii-chan, huh… come to think about it, your eyes are similar to Fu-kun’s…”

“I heard that quite a bit. But my family is famous for magic and my brother is said to possess amazing talent in that, so I don’t think he’s the one.”

“Fu-kun only has non-elemental after all, so I guess he’s really not your brother.”

“I can’t seem to find my brother.”

“I see… do your best! I’ll be rooting for you! I’ll contact you as soon as I learn something!”

“Eh! Thank you! I’m grateful to you!”


It was a night when Barbara and Morgol’s relationship deepened a little. 




“What should I do from now on…?”


Aliceia muttered while looking up at the starry sky. 


“Hey, what do you think I should do?” 

“I don’t know. I’m not interested.”


Aliceia asked Mordred, who slept on the bed in the same room. However, Mordred was completely uninterested and just replied perfunctorily. 


“Listen please. I… am at a loss as to what I should do from now on.” 

“How troublesome. But having the conversation repeat in places is more troublesome, so I guess I’ll answer you a little.”

“Thanks. What do you think I should do from now on?”

“Why don’t you just search for your brother?”

“Recently, I no longer cared about that, you see…”

“Why don’t you just live as you like?”

“U~hn, I don’t think it suits me… but what do you think of paladins?”

“Ah, you mean the gathering of people with no big deal other than Fay-sama… well, I think you can be one just fine, so why not?”

“I see… I can be together with Fay that way, so maybe I should be a paladin in Britannia?”

“It’s no good after all. I’m on the wanted list, so I can’t become a paladin, you see.”

“No, I’m not talking about you, but me, okay?”

“I know. It’s just, if you stay by Fay-sama’s side, I might make a rain of blood out of jealousy, so you better not do so out of consideration of that.” 

“That’s scary?! What do you mean?! Just because you are on the wanted list so you can’t stay by his side, you’re asking me not to do that?! Isn’t that just messed up?!”


Mordred put her sword back in its scabbard and threatened Aliceia by making squeaking metallic sounds over and over again. Aliceia got scared of Mordred and yelled at her while keeping her distance. 


“Well, I’ll decide what to do later… but I’m surprised that I no longer think I want to be recognized by my mother by trying to find my brother.” 

“You did mention you got banished because you attracted misfortune after all.”

“You’re right. About my mother… I no longer think about how she is doing recently. I feel like everything is okay as long as Fay is there. But I’ll just trouble him if I stay by his side, right?”

“You’re right. Since you are a nuisance for Fay-sama, you should get out of his sight quickly.”

“Hey, give me some follow up, please.”

“You should have chosen another man instead. Yes, there’s no doubt there is another fateful person for you out there.”

“You’re really trying to separate me from him. I won’t leave him no matter what you say!!”


Aliceia began to think she might have consulted the wrong person. However, Mordred was a person with astounding combat experience and had a lot of knowledge about the world’s affairs. That was why Aliceia thought it was important to ask for her advice. 


“Do you have a purpose as well?” 

“Yes, but the evil child is already killed, so I’ll leave this place after a while.”

“The evil child is the person that Fay defeated this noon, right? What about that?”

“There’s a lot of stuff. I’ll kill every person who belongs to the Synchronization of Light with light art. I will also destroy the Eternal Foundation on the side. That’s my goal.”

“Eternal Foundation, that’s a name I heard recently. Also, that Synchronization of Light are children who were from Cage of Hundred Children, weren’t they?”

“You’re right.”

“Fu~hn, well, I don’t quite get it, but I’ll be rooting for you.”

“The support from someone like you isn’t even worth a speck of dust, but I’ll accept it at least!”

“Just accept it honestly!”

“Fuh…Ah, regarding your aggro constitution that seems to attract misfortune…”

“What about that?”

“I’m sure there’s a reason for that, so I think you could consider investigating yourself.”

“…A reason for that…?”

“I guess it’s not a coincidence that you bring so much misfortune.”

“I see. So I guess I have no place to belong after all…”

“…Fay-sama swallows even that.”


“I’ve been thinking as I saw it, but a person like you is a perfect feast for someone like Fay-sama. The misfortune you brought would be overturned into a fortune by Fay-sama and become something that makes him grow further, if you see it that way, I guess it looks very attractive.”

“If that’s really the case, I’ll be happy.”

“Yes, I’ll kill you if you try to seduce Fay-sama, but if you serve as a tool to make Fay-sama stronger, I’ll at least allow you to stay by his side.”

“No, I told you that’s a scary way to put it!!”


Aliciea shivered at Mordred, who smiled and said a scary thing. However, having someone who would be with her also gave her the greatest sense of security. 

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