Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 047 – Shishou [A]

That news suddenly reached their ears. It was said that Gaheris Garethia appeared in the Free City.

Yururu’s hands trembled when she heard the news. Gaheris could no longer be considered her elder brother, only an inhuman murderer. He had slaughtered many innocent people. Moreover, the swordsmanship he used was the thing taught by their late father when he was still alive. 

Because her elder brothers were using that to commit murder, the reputation of the Namikaze Seishinryuu declined, and among his victims, there was even their own mother. 

Yururu Garethia ended up taking all the blame. The swordsmanship her father treasured was considered evil. 

That was why Yururu actively tried to stop her brothers. She was secretly investigating her brothers’ whereabouts while teaching Fay about the swordsmanship, but she couldn’t seem to find them. However, she heard that one of them appeared in the Free City, so she immediately prepared to leave for the Free City. 




“Mei will go even without ojou-sama.”

“Mei-chan… Thank you, but it’ll be dangerous. That person is in the Free City after all… And I… will go to kill… that thing.”


For the first time, the light seemed to disappear from Yururu’s eyes. She, who usually smiled, was filled with anger, sorrow, and resentment. Such a vortex of emotions dominated her. 


“Mei knows very well it’s dangerous. However, that’s why Mei will be going. Mei is ojou-sama’s maid after all.” 

“…Mei-chan… is it okay? The Free City is very dangerous at the moment.”

“Mei doesn’t mind. Let’s go together.”


The two of them left the room they lived in together. They tried to exit through the gate of Britannia Kingdom. But they stopped there. 

Fay was waiting in front of the gate. He didn’t just stand there by coincidence. Yururu and Mei were convinced he was waiting for them. 


“You’re going, right…?” 



You’re always like that… going through trouble for my sake… 


Yururu’s heart tightened. As she realized Fay could understand her intention, she became anxious whether it was alright for her to cause him trouble. Exactly because she loved him, she wondered if it was really okay to let him carry her on his back. 


“It’s dangerous… in Free City… My brother is there. It’ll be safer to just stay here, so I’d like you not to come with me…” 

“You seem to misunderstand. The safest place in the world isn’t this nation.”


It’s right beside me. That’s why I’m going as well. I tell you often not to be reserved. Just shut up and follow me.” 1

“Eh, ah, w-wait.”


He didn’t even listen to her reply asking him to stop and proceeded to where the carriage was. Yururu then looked at Mei, who also smiled like she was, and Mei proceeded to pull Yururu’s hand along.


“Fay-kun! Wait a moment!” 


As expected, she was indeed happy to see him come, but she also had mixed feelings about it. 




The three rode the carriage and arrived at Free City. It was crowded with many adventurers as usual. Mei was also active as an adventurer for a period of time, so she knew some places to an extent. 


“Ojou-sama, Fay-sama, let’s gather some information first.” 

“There’s a time when Mei-chan was an adventurer, right? Are you familiar with this area?”

“Yes. Then both of you, let’s…”

“―Follow me.”


However, Fay ignored Mei’s guidance and started walking alone. 


“Ah, um, Fay-sama, Mei’s guidance is…” 

“Unnecessary. I know someone who is familiar with this area.”


Mei showed a slightly disappointed expression since she thought she could show off her cool side, but she soon put a sharp expression in its stead. As Mei and Yururu followed Fay, they arrived at a splendid house.

As he opened the door of the house with a clatter, an old woman appeared. 


“Oya, it’s been a while. But you come just at the right moment. I just finished the two prosthetic eyes you ordered recently and was about to send you a letter to inform you about it.” 

“Fay-kun, this person is?”

“She’s the fellow who makes prosthetic eyes called Felmi, also the informant.”


When Fay’s eye was destroyed last time, Felmi made a prosthetic eye and transplanted them. She was a person with the impressive title of former chief of the greatest legion in Free City, “Romeo”. 


“Oya, what about these people?” 

“They are—“


Fay talked about Yururu and Mei. How Yururu was a paladin and his master in the sword, then they came here in search of Gaheris who recently appeared in Free City… then, 


“I have no idea where exactly the guy is, but it’s certain he’s inside this city. Lately, there are people being killed on a daily basis.” 

“I see… so that’s how it is.”

“It seems he is often active at night. Be careful when you search for him.”



With that said, Fay asked to borrow a room and went there. Yururu and Mei thanked Felmi as they bowed their heads. 


“Take a rest here until night comes.” 

“Ah, okay… Fay-kun, so you know someone amazing… Romeo’s former chief is supposed to be famous…”

“Don’t think about unnecessary things and just rest.”


Fay sat on the chair and seemed to intend to wait like that until the time came. Yururu sat on the bed thinking he might rush ahead of her when the time came. 


“Fay-kun, you’ve been to Free City before, right? Are you acquainted with anyone else?” 

“I know some people.”

“Heeh… then what kind―”


Just as Yururu was about to ask who his acquaintances were, it was just the right moment that someone said their return greetings to Felmi’s house. It wasn’t one person, but likely two people or more then Mei and Yururu noticed their footsteps drew closer.


“Ara? Ara ara ara ara? Fay-samaー!”


Two beautiful girls appeared. Both of them were blonde, but one wore her hair in a ponytail while the other wore hers short and had sharp eyes.

The moment the ponytail girl saw Fay, she immediately went to hug him. 

Mordred, the person who was supposed to be a major character that was active behind the scenes in the game version, was pushed to the front of the scene because of Fay. 


“It’s annoying… get off.” 

“Well well, don’t say such a thingー”

“Y-you are…”

“Yes? Who are you?”

“Fay-kun! This is the person listed in the wanted list of the kingdom! It’s the person who attacked Point Town territory!”

“Ara ara? Come to think of it, the trashy shishou-sama? Is it?”

“Oi, don’t speak badly of my master.”

“……Pui, I could definitely be a better teacher for Fay-sama.”


Mordred and Yururu met just one time before. They were confronting each other as a knight and criminal back then. That was why they couldn’t exchange words with good thoughts like they were doing right now. 

Besides, Mordred couldn’t help but feel jealous at how Fay “defended” Yururu. Fay’s characteristic was that he was indifferent to both himself and others after all. 

Actually, it wasn’t that he was indifferent, but because he saw everyone else as characters that served to make the protagonist stand out, but seeing such a person actually defend Yururu, it showed that he actually had some care toward others, which made Mordred irritated. 

Despite being a person who didn’t care about other people and seeing the world in neither black nor white but gray, Mordred’s jealousy became more apparent gradually, even though she didn’t even have such feelings before. 


“It’s impossible for you to be my master. You serve well as a sparring partner, though.” 

“Oh my, don’t praise me, you’ll make me shy!”

“Fay didn’t mean that as praise.”


Aliceia sighed next to Mordred and tried to force Mordred away from Fay. But Aliceia realized she couldn’t do so, since her strength was inferior to Mordred. 


“So, powerful. It’s like a bear… oh well. Rather than that, it’s been a while, Fay.”  


“Um, are you well?”




While looking at Fay’s complexion, Aliceia’s face slightly flushed as she talked to Fay. 


“…You see, I went through a lot recently. I worked hard… well, Mordred also helped… but still, I worked hard.” 

“I see.”

“That’s why, well… I want you, to praise me…”


“Y-yes…I want you to praise me, well, while patting my head. Y-you don’t have to if you don’t want to do it.”

“…I have no idea what you went through at all, but I guess you worked hard.”

“Ehehe, I guess so? Well, maybe that’s obvious? It’s something easy for me!”


Aliceia smiled as she talked while drawing her head closer. Fay only praised her reluctantly, but he didn’t say a word about patting her head. She twirled her head as a roundabout appeal for Fay to pat her head. 




But the moment she realized Fay wasn’t willing to do so, Aliceia reluctantly moved away, pouting.


Fay-kun… To think you are actually close with these girls… 


Yururu’s expression was tinged with a hint of jealousy. However, she immediately returned her expression to normal so others wouldn’t notice. 


“It’s not a big deal… but you should rest for the time being.” 

“T-Thank you very much, Fay-kun.”


He was more concerned for her than towards anyone else right now. Yururu could be considered his close associate and he knew she was cornered mentally at the moment. That was why he was being considerate to Yururu above all. 


“Fay-sama…Mu, this is not amusing.” 

“W-what’s with that… Am I not worth much…”


Fay left the room without paying attention to the two’s gaze. Leaving Yururu and Mei in their room, they left for the city. Then he gathered information about Yururu’s brother while waiting for nightfall. 




At midnight, Fay, Yururu, Mei, Aliceia, and Mordred left Felmi’s house. 

This was quite close to the scenario that happened in the game. The knight Yururu Garethia was banished from Britannia due to what happened early in the story, leaving her on an aimless journey.

Eventually she was able to obtain information about her brother, and set her sight towards Free City like what happened now. She happened to meet Mei, her former maid. Mei was also temporarily on a journey due to the death of the husband of the aristocratic woman she was serving. Mei said the woman wanted some time alone. 

Just like them, Mei reunited with the banished Yururu and appeared in the gaiden story. The two reunited at Free City, where they met Aliceia. 

Yururu felt Aliceia was somewhat similar to someone she taught before being banished. However, Yururu couldn’t remember who exactly Aliceia was similar with. Due to the similarities and guilt for being swallowed by darkness and attacking her students, Yururu ended up teaching swordsmanship to Aliceia.  

Then after spending a short time, Yururu reunited and confronted her brother. Her skill already surpassed her brother Gaheris, but she couldn’t bring herself to cut him down. As a result, Yururu was killed. Mei, who happened to be nearby, was also killed… 

Then Aliceia discovered the two corpses… and subjugated Gaheris. While dying, Yururu finally realized Aliceia was Tlue’s younger sister and passed away as she apologized. It felt a little emotional, but it was a downer nonetheless. 

However, that was just the plot of the game, since here, Mordred and Fay also joined the entourage. 


Because of that, said destiny was easily overturned. 

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11 months ago

Man Tsukii your roasting Fay.

Really wanted to see Fay training Emilia.

11 months ago

i don’t know, it seem like is too soon to return to Free city, i mean, maybe this Fay new weapon obtain, but this feel very “rush” nonetheless, i hope the author don’t rush to much just for the LN (it will backfire), i kind of love LN illus tho~. Thank for translation as always!

11 months ago

I’m confused by the game plot, not 100% sure since it been a while, but I thought the original timeline
Yururu suppose to die much early when she was cursed (but Fey save her)
Mei suppose to die in this free city, cause she never met Yururu

Well maybe I remember it wrong

11 months ago
Reply to  Hungshue

idr about Mei but iirc Sensei was supposed to die in Free city

11 months ago


11 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Thank you