Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 048 – Strengthening [E]

Aliceia told me about the weapon known as the Sword of Exorcism. It seemed to be sealed at Felmi’s house… 

Wasn’t that… the strengthening item for the protagonist? The fact it was cursed and would peel the nails of its user made it seem plain, but I didn’t hate that. Rather, I prefer it having some kind of risk. I guess it was the time for personal weapons? 

I was worried about my growth recently after all! 

As I was expecting a strengthening event, Mordred invited me to spar in the morning. Fuh, very well. I’m different from before, you know? 

Just like my spars against Arthur, I never won against Mordred. Even though she won, she kept saying she loves me or it excited her, which could only be considered sarcasm in my ears… 

Ah, stop caressing my cheeks already. Violent-type heroines had a difficult sense of distance with the protagonist that happened often after all. Having my bones creak as she entwined her arms around mine happened often. 

After being treated by Aliceia, Barbara came by. Ah, now that I think about it, wasn’t she related to the exorcist? I guess I would ask her… eh? You know where the sword was? 

I was really curious about the sealed sword! Show me, show me!

Oh, it was pasted with sealing talismans… I shouldn’t peel it off? Ah, you mean I should peel it! It felt similar to telling someone not to push a button! 

As I removed the seal, something like a dark wind blew through the room. This atmosphere that clearly showed it wasn’t ordinary… It made me excited! 

I wouldn’t retort the fact it was a katana despite it being called a sealed sword… but the blade looked totally rusty. But I could ask uncle Gantetsu to re-sharpen it and fix the handle later, so there was no problem. 


“There are hordes of demons outside…!!” 



Just as I was thinking about stuff, the streets outside had become noisy. Apparently, a horde of demons appeared. 

Fuh, this was totally the event to test the weapon. Having a situation occur right after the protagonist acquired a new power to test it was common sense. I already expected this to happen. 

Well then, since Barbara told me to definitely not touch it… I will touch it. 


“H-hey? Are you okay? Isn’t that thing supposed to give off a weird voice?” 


Aliceia mentioned something interesting. Apparently, something outrageous was sealed in it, and she did mention the sword would try to take over its wielder. 


[“――Kakaka, it’s been a while, human child.”]


I couldn’t hear any voice even after focusing my ears on it. Well, perhaps it will talk to me after a while? 


“I didn’t hear anything… but oh well.”


[“――Since you touched this sword… it means you seek power, doesn’t it? Fufufu, if you listen to my wish, then I will help you use your body efficiently.”]


I quite liked the depiction of something unusual talking to the protagonist, so I waited for it to talk… but I didn’t hear anything, so I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Since a horde of demons were said to be marching outside, I went out and ran while Aliceia kept asking me over and over with worried expressions. 


“Hey, are you really not hearing any voice, Fay? Felmi said the former exorcist that was made into the sword would talk to its wielder.” 

“I couldn’t hear anything.”


[“――Well, I won’t force you, okay? It’s you who makes the choice after all.”]


“Eh? It’s fine then… but I’m worried. It is said to talk directly to one’s mind and soul, so I never heard that the voice couldn’t be heard…” 

“I can’t hear anything though.”

“Uh-n? Perhaps because Fay’s mind is always so out of ordinary that it couldn’t work as intended? Well, I doubt that’s the case.”


[“――Well then, let me hear your answer soon.”]


“You just stay here.” 

“I-I’m going as well.”

“It’s dangerous.”

“A-are you worried about me?”

“I’m not really worried… but you should do what you can do here.”

“O-okay… Well, come back safely, okay?”

“Aah, I will definitely not die.”


[“――Oi, could you give me your answer already?”]


“Um, you see… I was thinking of buying some clothes after this, but could you accompany me after this battle is over?” 

“Go by yourself.”


[“――Huh? You heard me, right? My voice reached you, right? O-oi, give me some response, I can’t form a contract otherwise.”] 


I lightly chatted with Aliceia and plunged into the enemy’s main forces. That bastard Mordred already defeated what looked like the main monster ahead of me. 

I really want to be spared from this kind of thing. Protagonists can’t be known as the main character without them playing an active part in important battles. I would definitely not forgive those who were more active than I was. 

However, there was still the black robed man that seemed to be the greatest enemy this time, so I will forgive her. It was time to test the blade of this katana… 

The enemy was somewhat similar to the one I encountered in Heimi’s village back then… yet just as I thought of that, he became a dragon man. So I guess it wasn’t him. 


I drew the blade as the enemy swung a wing at me, so I swung my new weapon in response, then one of my nails disappeared. It was according to the information. Okay, I roughly knew how this thing was used. 

As the fight continued, the dragon man shot a ray of flame… Since it was the opportunity to test the new weapon, it would be a waste to avoid it!!! I will take it HEAD ON!! 

As I tried to cut it, my body got charred all over. It was okay, no problem, it happened all the time after all. It was rarer for me to fight and not end up in a dying state. 


[“――He is quite good at fighting a dragon despite being a human child… but rather than that, why didn’t he avoid it? One wrong move, then he would die… don’t tell me, is he protecting the adventurers behind him?”]


While I did that, another ray of light was unleashed. It would be a waste to avoid it instead of trying to cut it!!! I will take it HEAD ON again!!!  

Then I proceeded as it was. Then my new power, the characteristic of the Sword of Exorcism was activated. It became sharper by consuming a nail!! In addition, I stocked my nails before I came here, so I could use this characteristic as much as I liked!! 


[“――He actually takes it head on so others behind him don’t get hit by the scorching ray… what a fool.”]


I kept slashing over and over. Eventually, I reached the man. 


“W-wait, I will tell you the secret of the dungeon――”


――Shut up, I’m not interested!!!!!!


He seemed to say something during his last moments, but I wasn’t interested, so I didn’t bother listening to him. Okay, I won. As the battle settled, Mordred healed me. 

Oh, I took quite an amount of damage since I also used physical reinforcement through art, but she healed them all in an instant, so she was quite impressive. 

As we returned to Felmi’s house, Aliceia was glaring at me. 


“What’s wrong?” 

“What do you mean with ‘what’s wrong’! Really! I saw that, okay! You were actually gravely wounded earlier!” 

“No problem.”

“It makes me worried, you know! What should I do if you die… it’s painful for me seeing you dying.”


It was rarer for me to not end up dying in battle. However, I couldn’t say anything in response since she was almost in tears. 


“I’m really angry, you know… as a punishment, you have to spend the whole day outside with me. Definitely, okay?” 


“Alright then.”


She brought my head to her chest and embraced me. I felt the soft sensation on my face, but having a lucky pervert moment was common sense for the protagonist, so I didn’t react in particular. 

Once the conversation with Aliceia settled, it was Barbara next. She called me out during the night and began to talk. 


“I heard it, you know. You seem to have brought out the Sword of Exorcism.” 

“No problem.”

“Really? That’s weird? It’s said that wielders would hear voices… I doubt it’s actually the case, but perhaps the curse deteriorated after this many years?”


[“――It didn’t! He is the one who weird!!”]


Apparently, the wielder was supposed to hear voices. However, I couldn’t hear anything. I felt a little disappointed about it… 


“But it is true that the exorcist named Baragi was supposedly sealed in that sword. Hey, are you really, really okay?” 

“No problem.”

“I see… It’s fine then. But I can’t help but worry, so make sure to visit me periodically, okay? Also, thank you for protecting us. I saw how you fought from afar.” 

“I’m not the only one who fought though.”

“That’s true, but… look, you also fought for us last time.”

“Fought for you people… huh. I fought for my own sake alone. I had no thought of saving you.”

“But I do think you saved us, so thank you… huh? Show me your hand for a bit.”


Barbara took my hand and checked the back of my hand. She was taken aback as she saw it for some reason. 


“This is… The brand of the exorcist…” 


I also checked it out as she said that, but there was certainly some sort of brand on my skin. I didn’t remember ever making it, so it should have appeared without me knowing. 

I liked the design since it looked cool. 


“A-as expected, Baragi is really sealed there. I think she was using some sort of magic and tried to take over your body by force!” 


What’s with that hot turn of events, wasn’t it the best? After all, having another entity inside the protagonist that’s trying to take over the protagonist’s body was common sense. It was considered a staple for famous works. 


“W-w-w-w-w-what should we do?! What can we do?! I don’t know how to reseal her either!!” 

“Don’t worry about it.”


As expected, something was trying to take over my body from the inside. Wasn’t it the best? I always longed for it… having my body turned into a shared house with an unknown entity!! 

Sharing a body was common for a protagonist after all. 


“M-moreover, if other exorcist clans discover this, you might get assassinated by them.” 


That was great, there were extremists, huh. Having people trying to hunt down the protagonist added spice to the story. 

Fufufu, having my body turned into a shared house by an unknown entity and being hunted by extremists felt like food for a kid, which made it the best. 


“Y-you see, I’m asking again just in case, but do you really not feel anything wrong? Like your body suddenly filled with the power of something.” 

“…Now that you mention it, I did feel my power increase a little.”

“S-so it’s like that after all.”

[“――No, I didn’t do anything, though…? I didn’t perform strengthening or anything like that… What’s wrong with them? Why do they go off with their own fantasies? Even if a brand appeared, it’s not like he could do anything with it.”] 1


Fumu, I couldn’t feel a dramatic change in strength, but now she mentioned, perhaps something like that did happen. No, I was definitely strengthened. There was no doubt about it! Yep!!


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