Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 050 – Truth about Villain [C]

Things that Davash (evil) said. There was only one person who could understand it, more than anyone else. 


“I see… I understand what you want to say.” 



He (Fay) understood, and… looked beyond. He knew about it. He naturally drew his katana and stood in front of the girls. 


“You who talk about evil. It’s not like I don’t understand the ideal you speak of… but it sounds a little shallow.” 


“You don’t understand the truth of the existence of evil. Why is evil known as evil? Why did they look noble to you? You don’t even understand that much. Your imperfection… I will make it complete.”

“…I guess you’re good enough as a warm up before fighting the hero. I suppose it’s normal for a hero to come late after all? Should I defeat you first?”


There was Davash who laughed and clashed with the cannon fodder who mistook himself as the protagonist. The surface of the water that filled the ground shook. Fay’s katana and the man’s fist were almost evenly matched in power. 



“What’s this?! Both of them are monsters.”

“…That’s right. But you see… onii-chan is more…”


A gust of wind from their clash hit Aliceia and Morgol. The two had a hard time opening their eyes due to the strong wind, but Aliceia opened her eyes slightly and believed that Fay could win as she looked at him. 


“You’re quite capable…! But you see? I have the power of origin!!” 


There was light all around Davash. They looked beautiful, but seemingly contained madness. The fists wrapped in golden aura turned toward Fay.” 


“Rejoice! Go ahead and rejoice!! Ora ora! You’ll be the stepping stone for evil!! You’ll become a foundation that will be known to the world!!” 



Spread the evil, speak of evil, and become the evil. That was all he had in his mind. In order to become evil, he mercilessly and pointlessly swung his fists toward Fay.  

As his fists enchanted with the concept of light, the upper limit of its power increased, and the fists filled with high heat energy slammed on Fay’s shoulder. 

Fay’s clothes popped off, and the energy disintegrated flesh on his shoulder, gouging out part of it. As his shoulder turned into a blackish red color and looked painful, Morgol involuntarily closed her eyes. 

However, she could hear the sound of sword clashing continuing as if nothing happened. 




Morgol slowly opened her eyes. There she saw Fay forcefully moving his shoulder and swinging his sword, even though a normal person wouldn’t be able to use their shoulder in such a state and wouldn’t even think of moving it. 

Even though his face was expressionless and didn’t seem to feel any pain, his body looked painful. However, his eyes weren’t dead and Morgol felt like she caught a glimpse of the bottomless spiral of madness. 


Wait a minute… is that really a human…? 


The madman known as Davash did make Morgol tremble. 

However, he was still incomprehensible within the scope of humanity that she could think of, but she considered Fay as disgustingly insane. 

It wasn’t that she felt uncomfortable because she couldn’t understand it. Although she couldn’t make sense of Fay, he looked “beautiful” to her. At the same time, it also looked “terrifying” to her. 


“…It’s beautiful.” 

“Hah? You, what a thing to say even though oniichan is hurt――”

“――That’s not it, I don’t mean his wound… in the past, I visited the waterfall that is known as the most beautiful in the world. That place is truly beautiful, it felt like that place alone belonged to a different world, and seemingly mystifying… the thing that came to my mind back then.”

“――is that place is very scary.”


Aliceia initially couldn’t understand what Morgol was talking about, but she found herself gradually understanding what she meant. 


“Things that look so mystifying and beautiful… would look scary at the same time.” 

“…I think I understand a little.”


Fay was a straightforward person. He was straighter than everyone else that he wouldn’t break and couldn’t break. He wouldn’t bend and couldn’t bend.


“Oi oi, how persistent! You know persistent folks are hated!!” 


Davash assaulted Fay, making him bleed and crushing his prosthetic eye. His leg was broken, his arm became numb, and the flesh of his shoulder were gouged out. 


“…Come, villain. I told you I would teach you… about the truth of evil.” 

“…You sure talk big!!!”


The fists of light launched toward Fay again, but he avoided it and slammed the counter punch to Davash’s stomach. Fay’s fist beautifully hit Davash’s solar plexus and made Davash regurgitate his gastric juice. 



“…I can already read your movement. It took me some time to adjust accordingly, though.”


Arthur, Mordred, and others whose body had the Origin Hero’s cell in their body would unknowingly move closer to the “Origin Hero Arthur.” Although there were slight variations, they were basically the same. 

In other words, once the adjustment was completed, the rest was simple work. 


“!!!! You! You perfectly read my fist, goh?!” 


This time, Fay’s right roundhouse kick landed on Davash’s face. Fay predicted Davash’s movement ahead of time and attacked where Davash would move. 

Davash shuddered and raged as he received the kick. 


“…There’s no way you could suddenly read my movement completely! I am the evil, and would become the strongest evil in the world to stand at the top of the world and propagate the evil!!” 

“…And I told you that you got it wrong, why couldn’t you understand…?”


“Evil is known as evil exactly because they are defeated. Why do the evil that appeared in heroic epics make people sympathize? There’s only one answer… because they are defeated. It’s because they got disposed of at the end.”


“Evil that stays undefeated is nothing more than a murderer. People perceive evil in entertainment because said evil is not actually in front of them. It’s because the disaster didn’t occur in front of them. However, once they were defeated and depicted in the heroic epic, a mere murderer would become a charming evil.”


Fay, who usually didn’t talk much, spoke eloquently. Aliceia felt as if Fay’s perception of the world was leaking from what he was talking about. 


“――By being defeated, a mere murderer  becomes evil… Rejoice, oh murderer. By being defeated by me, you shall obtain your ideal.

“Stop barking!!! You fool!!! Are you trying to claim!! That you are justice against me!!!”

“There’s no exalted battle between justice and evil here. It’s just a fight between a swordsman and a murderer.”



Fay’s mouth rose slightly like a crescent moon. He moved his battered body with astounding will and slammed his fist to Davash’s cheek.



“Come at me seriously, otherwise you won’t reach the truth in this battle.”

“You don’t even have the courage to speak of justice! Yet to such a brat, I…”


Davash was growing impatient. Fay ran freely at him and kept hitting Davash over and over. The block he did and the attack by madness came out of him as he got soaked by blood, and those who saw Fay would be fascinated and frightened at the same time. 


“――I shall fulfill your ideal with my fist.”

“――Hih, hiiih?!”


Fay was superior, nay, they weren’t even in the same dimension to begin with. Even though nobody was able to understand Davash’s thoughts until now, Fay understood that and reached the truth ahead of him. Also, Fay had already lost interest in Davash, who stood in front of him. 

Even though Davash kept fighting and reached the truth, upon facing someone who was at a higher height, who acted out of that dignity and spoke with words beyond logic, Davash felt fear and Fay’s fist slammed upon him. 

The battle was decided. Davash sank in the water and didn’t stand back up. Then Fay continued to talk as if he forgot to mention something, even though Davash shouldn’t be able to hear him anymore. 


“I don’t think you can hear this… but I forgot to mention one thing. This might be just a battle between a swordsman and a murderer… but later… people would call it a heroic epic.” 


After saying that, Fay, who had won the battle, fainted. 

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9 months ago

…man his opponents are all big leagues now. And he’s destroying them. All the while being the most badass. My ears are bleeding from hearing the gigachad theme from him at all times

9 months ago

thanks for the chapter. 
Fay is growing strong.

9 months ago

The story run without a way

9 months ago

i missed our glory day… when the story used to be long, thicc, and have so much detail to read… now the story felt like it lacking something :((, hope the LN fix this.

9 months ago
Reply to  Robinx211

It’s true I felt that the last few arcs had a blistering speed.

However I think this chapter is the exception.

The dialogue about the nature of what evil is to Fay, which ties to hi obsession to being a hero is quite interesting and flashed out.

9 months ago
Reply to  Lildev47

But is still so short, maybe we can make this chapter with more detail, build up, until we truly face this evil guy….