Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 050 – Truth about Villain [D]

I got to fight some fellows called exorcists recently, but there weren’t any more events after that…


It seemed a mysterious demon appeared… huh? Why was that request sent to Aliceia, not me…? 

Oi, oi, guild staff-san, the protagonist is me, not that girl, you know? You should give that interesting event to me instead… 

Huh? Why didn’t they ask me? I was supposed to be the protagonist here

Eh? I was supposed to be the protagonist… I am the protagonist, right? Just kidding!! I wouldn’t feel anxious about that, because I already know I was the protagonist based on the events that have happened  to me. 

Perhaps, there was some mistake in the request process? Perhaps the contradicting scenario occurred here!! 

It can’t be helped. I guess I should accompany Aliceia. 

“Ehehe, Fay is always coming to my aid… Just how much do you like me, geez!” 

I couldn’t quite understand what she was talking about. It wasn’t like I liked her that much… Well, I didn’t hate her, though. 

Ah, come to think of it, a new character got introduced before I knew it. She was a tall girl with awful eyes… she said we met before somewhere… u~hn, certainly, I do feel we have met before. 

Rather than that, Morgol, was it? You sure have awful eyes, I think children might be scared of you. 


We went into the dungeon and went deeper. Then we arrived at a floor with a waterfall and water on the ground. 

It sure was beautiful, I had never seen a view like this before… Well, I guess that was an exaggeration. I felt like the background of a fighting game was also something like this. 

I could feel the atmosphere that battle might begin at any moment… 

Ah! A mysterious iron masked man jumped out!! 

I thought a demon would appear, but it was a person. I didn’t care that much, though. The opponent was apparently a weird fellow who referred to himself as an evil of the world. 

Even though he called himself a villain, he insisted on being the protagonist, but wasn’t that impossible? 

I also liked villains sometimes, but that was just because they would be defeated in the end. Seeing a criminal survive their ending was just weird after all, right? 

Besides, I didn’t think it was possible for a guy to admire a villain in real life. There were many who love villains, but that was because they were so far away from being affected by the villains’ deeds. 

In real life, villains are just criminals after all. But it was okay, you didn’t have to worry. By being defeated by me, the protagonist, your evil character arc would come to a satisfying end. An evil like that would become a fascinating enemy. 

That was why I had to teach you about it!! I, the protagonist, stood at the top, and everything else was the foundation for my victory to become the hero. 

Evil was but my stepping stone. My shoulder got gouged out, and I got hit a lot… Well, I would be more worried if that kind of thing didn’t occur. 

As usual, I collapsed after winning. 

Fay fainted! 1 




What happened after was shocking. Mordred suddenly appeared and unleashed light magic on the fainted Davash, killing him without leaving even a speck of dust behind.

With Fay victorious and Davash incapable of  fighting, Mordred came to finish Davash off. After that, Mordred carried Fay with a happy smile from the dungeon back to Felmi’s house. 

Then they proceeded to treat the unconscious Fay. During his treatment, Fay woke up. 


“Seriously, you’re pushing yourself too hard.” 

“…There’s no such thing.”

“There is! I’ve healed most of your wounds… but some broken bones still remain, and you shouldn’t forcefully move them! I’ll hold your hand so you won’t move your arm carelessly!”


Aliceia drove the point home and held Fay’s arm firmly so he wouldn’t move it carelessly. Fay had a very dissatisfied expression and tried to shake his arm, but Aliceia was stubborn and kept on holding it. 


“You’re really dirty, so we’re going to take a bath.” 


“Even if you make a grumpy face, we’re still going!”


Most of Fay’s injuries were healed, but some of them weren’t completely healed yet, so he couldn’t forcefully push Aliceia away as he got dragged towards the bath. 


“Fay-sama~ I’ll go with you as well~!” 


Mordred also tagged along. Morgol, being left alone, didn’t know what to do as she looked around. 


“Just go with them. I don’t mind.” 

“Eh, ah, t-thank you.”


At the suggestion of Felmi, the owner of the house, Morgol also went with the group. Felmi’s house was a very large, mansion-like detached house. The open-air bath there was quite large. 

After taking off their clothes in the dressing room, they entered the bath. After washing their whole body, they entered the bath water. 


“Mordred, you… were hiding from the beginning, weren’t you?” 

“That evil child is someone I’ve been chasing all this time. Well, he was scared of my power, so he had been hiding, though…”

“So you pretend you got separated from us?”

“That guy spoke of evil and tended to target valiant warriors or those with potential to be heroes, after all.”

“My moniker has become quite famous… so I got targeted, huh…”

“Well, I actually intended to kill him right after he appeared… but Fay-sama was being too cool, so I got fascinated by him instead!”

“Ah, I see. If you were there, you should have defeated that guy from the beginning.”

“Fufufu, you’re asking for an impossible request. Well, I already knew Fay-sama would win after all.”

“What would you do if he lost?”

“That’s impossible. Fay-sama managed to defeat me after all.”

“Haah?! H-he managed to defeat you?!”

“In a pure competition without use of art… his combat power is close to mine. Well, in Fay-sama’s case, he seems to understand the power of origin quite well and has become quite specialized in fighting against it through his experience, so he could do something similar like predicting the future, if I have to say something to add.” 

“…Seriously? Fay, you stopped being a human as usual.”


Fay, who was next to them, was told by Aliceia he had stopped being human as she looked at him. Fay didn’t say anything in response and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the bath water. 


“Speaking of which, who are you?” 

“Eh?! You’re asking it after all this time?! I’m Morgol! I’ve mentioned it several times, right?!”

“Really? I don’t remember.”

“No, you should remember! Mordred Einstein-san?!”

“…Oh my, it seems you knew about my surname.”

“I do know about it.”


Mordred Einstein. Even though Mordred never mentioned her surname during her travels, seeing someone she didn’t know recognize her made Mordred quite curious. 


“My late surname should have already disappeared, but it’s amazing you know about it.” 

“Now that she mentioned it, you were formerly an aristocrat. Felmi-san was supposed to be your servant back in the day, wasn’t she?” 

“That’s right. So, how is Morgol-sama aware of my surname?”

“I’m also an aristocrat. At least, I was. So I was on a journey looking for my elder brother… but the name of my brother’s fiancée… is Mordred Einstein.”

“Oh my, so that’s how it is. Well, I’ve already decided to marry Fay-sama, so I don’t give a damn about that engagement…”

“My family and Einstein family were quite close for generations and it is said they have decided to marry one’s daughter to the other’s son.”

“Heh~, so that’s how it is. You should go and marry that guy.”

“I already have Fay-sama, so that’s impossible~”

“Well, I knew you would say that. Besides, that brother of yours is missing, right? Mordred, you’ve traveled all around the world, so why don’t you say something to help? That guy is supposed to be your former fiancé after all.”

“Please refrain from mentioning such a thing in front of Fay-sama. What would you do if Fay-sama ended up getting jealous because of that fiancé?!” 

“Fay won’t get jealous because of you.”


Mordred clung to the silent Fay. Since it couldn’t be helped, Morgol decided to tell Mordred about it. 


“You see. It’s just maybe, but I think my brother is a cool person but his eyes also look awful. I cross-dress myself as a man to prevent men harassing me out of my parents’ request, but since we are supposed to be blood related siblings, it also served to make it easier to find my brother.” 

“I see. So if someone found a person who looked similar to your cross-dressed version, you thought they would tell you about it.”

“Fumu, but I’m terribly sorry, I basically didn’t bother committing every single ordinary person into my memory.”

“Ah, I see… Also, my family is known as an aristocrat that is great in magic for generations. Do you remember anyone who is competent in magic? Someone you are acquainted with, for example.”

“Well, everyone I know has weaker magic than I am.”

“I-I see…”

“It’s become quite pitiful, so you should answer her as well, Fay. You are a paladin, so you have visited a lot of places, right?”


When the conversation was thrown at Fay, he finally opened his eyes. His sharp, slanted eyes seemed to pierce Morgol. 


“I don’t know any man like that.” 

“You have a bad attitude. I already knew about it since we first met, though… Also, your eyes are awful, so maybe women would hate you, if you stay the way you are.”

“I’m not interested.”

“Ah, okay.”

“I already like Fay-sama, so it’s okay to stay like that~”

“You should get away from Fay soon… speaking of which, don’t Fay and Morgol’s awful eyes feel somewhat similar?”

“I also feel the same… but my brother must be gentler and an angel-like person compared to him. Besides, I believe he must be good with magic. Also, I don’t think my eyes are as awful compared to him.”

“Fay-sama sucks at magic after all. But he has more talent to make up to that! That’s why I love him~”


Mordred clung to Fay tightly. Although she wore a towel, she was practically naked, so with such a body pressed on him, he panicked… which didn’t actually happen. But it made Aliceia gnash her teeth with jealousy. 


“Well, I guess I can’t find my brother that easily… Ah~ I wonder where he is, my onii-sama…? Say, you (Fay) are a paladin, right? Don’t you know anything? Someone with a stunning appearance similar to me, for example.” 

“I don’t know. Not interested.”

“…Uuh, you don’t have to be that cold.”

“…I don’t know about it… but I might speak for myself if I found something.”

“…Ah, i-is that so?”


He is surprisingly… kind? I guess even if he is a monster in combat, he still has a gentle side? 


“Haah, it can’t be helped. I guess I’ll help looking for him.” 

“R-really?! Aliceia, our thoughts are connected after all!”

“Yes, it’s okay. But you see――”


Aliceia had a smile on her face as she whispered into Morgol’s ear.


“――If you dare to lay your hand on my onii-chan, I’ll mess you up.”

“Ah, okay. I won’t.”


Morgol shuddered at the thought that even a beautiful smiling face could be scary. She looked down, sighed, then glanced up at Fay. 

There were strange wounds all over his body, but his body was terrifyingly trained. The muscles in his arms were also amazing, but they weren’t extremely thick. It looked slender, but the power contained within could be felt.

His chest was as forged as the rest of him. 


This is the first time… I saw a body of the opposite sex around my age… d-does it feel something like this? I wonder what it would feel like if I touched it… 


“Fay-sama~, your body is still impressive as usual~. You sure train it differently than most people~. It feels completely different from mine! How exciting!” 

“Shut up and get away from me.”


I-I guess it must feel completely different from a woman’s body… maybe I can touch it a little…? 


Maybe I’ll ask later. 


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9 months ago

Lol so mordred was his og fiancée. I guess it’s fate. She’s fucking wonderful and best girl for me imo