Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 050 – Truth about Villain [B]

“Ah, it’s the saint!”

“It’s the hero!!”


People said these words to Aliceia. Many things occurred when Fay wasn’t in this city. Originally, these events would exhaust Aliceia physically and mentally, but with the help of Mordred behind the scenes, these events were completed without difficulty, earning Aliciea her moniker.

The moniker of she who did her best for the people was “Princess Hero” (Saint Hero). This occurred in the game version as well, as many terrible things had happened to her yet she managed to survive them all. 

However, things have changed thanks to Fay. In addition, Fay himself wasn’t well known. Everyone was engulfed in madness during the demon stampede so they had few memories regarding the incident. And during Fay’s clash against the dragon, Fay was completely charred to the point that nobody remembered his appearance. 

Fay was also not the kind of person who would spread word about himself, so he wasn’t well-known. Topic about him arose for some time when one of his eyes got crushed and he replaced it with a prosthetic but Fay left the city not long after and resumed his activities as a paladin, so most people don’t remember it. 


“Ah! It‘s Aliceia the Princess Hero! I would like to request you to take on an urgent quest!” 

“Urgent quest?”


An urgent quest was something issued from the adventurer’s guild to an adventurer or a legion. It was a system that was implemented in the case of an emergency. 

Aliceia, who had a certain degree of recognition, would sometimes receive such quests. 


“At a place called the Foreign Waterfall on the 23rd floor of the dungeon, it seems there was an unidentified demon emerging there. Some adventurers encountered it, but one of them got separated as they fled and have not returned since… so we issue this request thinking you would be able to handle it.” 

“…A quest… for me… Okay, I accept.”


As Aliceia consented, the guild staff rushed to handle the process of quest acceptance. Meanwhile, Aliceia looked anxiously at Fay. 


“U-uhm… could you come with me as well?” 

“I was thinking of going to begin with because I have something to do there. Just guide me.”

“O-okay! I understand.”


Morgol noticed Fay gripping his katana, completely prepared to go along. 


Heeh, so he actually can show such concern to Aliceia in this way… maybe he is surprisingly a good person? 


Fay just thought it was an event for the protagonist, but to the people around, he looked better than he actually was. 

Morgol also got a little curious about Fay, so she decided to come with them. In the game version, Aliceia also met Morgol and they went together in this quest. The only difference was that the game version of Aliceia was mentally cornered and seemingly no different to a cripple, so Morgol couldn’t leave her alone. 

Both of them were also searching for their elder brothers, so it made it easier to sympathize with each other. 

But in this world, Morgol was genuinely curious about the man called Fay. 

The three entered the dungeon and kept going deeper. Fay cut down the demons with his sword while the other two used magic and they smoothly went to the targeted floor. 


23rd floor, Foreign Waterfall. 


There was a large waterfall that led into a small pond inside the dungeon. It was a mysterious place where the ground was almost fully covered with water that was about ankle-deep. 


“This place feels mysterious…” 

“Foreign Waterfall… it’s my first time here.”


Aliceia and Morgol were overwhelmed by the mystical scenery. Next to them, Fay glanced around them.


“…It’s coming.” 



Fay said such a thing… but nothing came after a while. After that, they waited at the dungeon floor to find the mysterious demon. 

They couldn’t see the demon which warranted this quest. In the first place, even though they said someone went missing on this floor, the view of this floor was completely unobstructed so saying that was suspicious. 


“Hey, is there really a demon and a person who disappeared here…?” 

“Somehow, I’m also beginning to feel like that too…”


Aliceia began to wonder about the unnatural silence and as that anxiety got to Morgol, the surface of the water shook greatly.


“W-what’s happening?” 


A single man approached the group. His dry hair was green in color, his body was as hard as steel, and his shoulders were thick. He wore a mask to hide his face. 


“…You are the Princess Hero, aren’t you?”

“…And what of it?”

“I see, I see. Hero, huh. It sounds pleasant and irritating at the same time. But you stand before me, so it’s a confrontation. It’s a confrontation between evil and justice!”

“…What the hell is he talking about?”

“You don’t have to understand, just feel it. Now that evil has appeared before you, isn’t there only one thing to do?! Right, hero?!”


The man called her a hero. They were both speaking the same language, but the meaning behind his words were lost to Aliceia. 

After he spread his arms wide, the man spoke happily. 


“No good… words can’t get through him.” 

“There’s a saying of rewarding the good and punishing the evil. Why is that? Even though I wanted to be evil, those who aspired for justice came into being. Why is that?”


The man spoke. Both Aliceia and Morgol couldn’t understand him. 


“However, that kind of thing doesn’t matter. As an evil, I’ll become the evil that is sung in fairy tales!! Therefore, I will crush justice and the hero!! I’ll make justice submit before me!! That is my styleeee!!!” 


――The man looked at Aliceia with crazy eyes…

The man’s name was Davash. And just like Arthur and Mordred, he was a young man implanted with the cell of the Origin Hero. 

From the moment he was born, he has longed to be evil. The concept of evil that always appeared in stories was something he was fascinated with and attracted by, yet they were always destined to be defeated in the end. 


Evil was so attractive to him and a villain like the demon lord was cool to him, yet always defeated in the end. They could never be the winner. They lose to justice, they lose to the heroes. 

And he was furious about it. That was why he killed masters of martial arts who have carved their names in history. 

He killed potential heroes who might achieve greatness in the future. 

After killing women and children, he was imprisoned in a place known as the “Cage of Hundred Children.” There, research was being conducted to create a hero who would save the world and ironically, he was forced to take on the power of a hero of the past. 

He was filled with anger. He wanted to dye righteousness with evil and lived to embody as fascinating an evil as he aspired to be.


And he still aspired to be evil even now. He came to the Free City in order to kill a potential hero known as Aliceia. That was why he faked a quest in order to make her come to this place. 

He did everything for the sake of embodying a fascinating evil… 

In order to overturn the common routines of heroes and villains, demon lords and heralds 1, justice and evil, he wanted to kill the hero (Aliceia). 

In the game version, Aliceia was supposed to confront him here. It was something like a growth event for Aliceia where she managed to defeat him at the cost of an arm. 

Male leads that had considerable favorability would help her in this fight, but in this world, she barely had much contact with Rhine and the others. 

And by the end of the fight, Mordred would burst in to finish Davash off, and a shocking truth would be revealed. 

That was how the story in the game version carried out. 

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