Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 51 – Oni, Fay, Fay [B]

[Baragi POV] 


“Huh? What is this place? It’s the first time I’ve been here?! What’s this?! An interesting event seems to be taking place!!!” 


I formed a contract with the man named Fay and embedded my soul into his body. I was thinking of taking over his body by putting a curse on his body and devouring his soul thus turning his body into a clown puppet that moves according to my will. 


“Huh? Don’t you look similar to Barbara? Who are you?” 


However, I couldn’t control his body at all. This guy’s soul was not normal and my voice couldn’t reach him. But, but but but, I finally succeeded in making contact with this guy’s soul!!!! 

It’s been an arduous journey to reach this point! I’ve screamed at him over tens of thousands of times, yet nothing managed to reach him!! 

There were indeed times where it was harder to reach a soul with my voice due to different qualities of souls… but he was just too absurd… uuh, I was so happy that I cried… 



“Why are you crying? Are you okay? You got a tummy ache?”

“Who has a tummy ache!!”

“Ah, aren’t you energetic now.”

“Because of you!! I have become more proficient in relaying my voice!!”

“I don’t quite understand, but I’m glad for you.”

“…You, do you speak like that? You feel quite different outside.”

“Outside? What do you… aah, wait a minute. Are you perhaps the former exorcist who turned my body into a shared house, that Baragi person? So you’re inside my body, which means you speak directly to my mind?”



…This guy was quick on the uptake. Even though I dragged him into the spiritual world to talk to me, to think he actually managed to see through it at a first glance… 


“You’re good at guessing.” 

“Oh!! Isn’t it the best!! Well, it’s quite common for something foreign to dwell inside a protagonist’s body and try to talk to them from inside after all. I knew it right away!!”

“…I have no idea what you are talking about from the start to the finish.”

“I see. So the reason my speech doesn’t get translated into the usual cool way on its own is probably because we’re talking directly in my mind. So that way of speaking is like the characteristic of the character, so the body maintains the cool main character translation function. I guess that’s how it is.”

“Nope, I don’t understand. I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t understand what you are saying. Speak in a way that makes sense.”

“I think that would be impossible! I’m the protagonist after all! The essence of the protagonist’s thought can only be understood by me, so it’s no use telling you.”

“…Well, I honestly don’t care about how you speak. Rather than that, brat.”

“What is it?”

“Give me your body.”


Fuh, I said it!! There were exorcists among my past contractors, but most people ended up scared shitless when they heard this line! 

They would be frightened and scared!! 

It was scary to know there was something other than themselves inside of them that tried to take over their body after all!! Now be scared! Fear me!! 




Fay pointed at me with a trembling hand. As expected, he should be trembling with fear. I was scary after all!! That’s a normal reaction!! He was just being weird until now!! 


“I give you 100 points!” 



I thought he was trembling, but he was smiling. 


“As I thought, it would be best if something that dwelled inside is trying to take over after all, you see? A foreign being that is sealed inside a protagonist trying to do so, that’s worth 100 points. Rather, it’s better that way. Please take care of me from now on.” 



I couldn’t understand him. I could tell that he was extremely happy, but I had no idea what he was happy about. I couldn’t understand. 


“And while doing so, they will eventually put aside the thought of taking over, make peace with the protagonist, and become the support for the protagonist’s sake. You could say that’s the basics of the protagonist, things that commonly happen. Baragi, I give you 100 points for making such a declaration at first contact.” 


Has anyone ever been so happy like this? Even though I was threatening him… he was happy instead. 

I couldn’t understand him. From outside, he was a stern madman who would put his life on the line for others’ sake, yet inside he was a madman in a different sense. 

I couldn’t understand the basis of his principles. 


“…Fuh, but I wonder how long your leisure can last?” 


“A person like you will definitely end up all alone. There’s no virtue in devoting your life for the sake of others. You will definitely regret it. Before you know it, you will end up all alone, and everyone will abandon you. I can tell. You will definitely end up in solitude.”

“…? I don’t quite understand, but isn’t that fine in its own way?”


“I believe in myself more than anyone else after all. That’s enough for me to take a step forward. I am the protagonist after all.”


…His eyes were sparkling. Just like my old self… I found that really irritating. Living for others’ sake… and then… 


“I don’t like it, I really don’t like you. It gets on my nerves. I’ll definitely take over your body, so you won’t be able to spout such annoying nonsense anymore.” 

“That’s fine, but you will definitely want to lend your strength for me from the bottom of your heart eventually.”

“That’s impossible.”

“It’s possible. I’m the protagonist after all.”


With that said, the man disappeared. To be precise, I temporarily rejected his presence. 

I would want to lend my strength for his sake, he said? That was impossible. There was no way it ever would happen. 

He was really an annoying brat. 




A long time ago, disaster struck the world. It was a symbol of evil that wanted to devour all living things, which went by the name Oumagadogi (demon of disaster).

It was an existence that was beyond humans. It was fear, an irrational fear. Even though it was an existence of the past, its fear was still transmitted for those who live in the present. 

However, people forgot a certain fact. 

The fact that the disaster known as Oumagadogi …was formerly a human being. Through the repetition of illegal experimentation, that person’s existence was torn between different dimensions. 

Indeed, at first, it was just a human. Therefore, because it was a human, it wouldn’t be weird for it to have “descendants.” 

The existence derived from Oumagadogi were the Abyss. Other than that, there were also pure human descendants from when it was still human. 

Those descendants had survived throughout history. At times, they were persecuted… However, they still survived. They might manage to live on, but those descendants had a certain curse on them. 

All those descendants died young. In addition, they had mysterious constitutions. It grew stronger the older they became. 

They were the descendants of the calamity of the world, and one of them was a man born with dark art and a sense of justice that had to act for other’s sake. 

――The other one was a girl that attracted misfortune from the moment she was born. She was born with a really peculiar constitution. And because of that, those around her were terrified.

People’s emotions and fear converged on a single girl. It was the concentration of a conceptual psychic fear, obsession, and self-loathing of herself and other people. 

As a result, her characteristic became stronger as the fear focused on her, causing her disposition for misfortune to become even stronger. 

The bloated misfortune dwelled on the descendant of calamity (Aliceia). She wasn’t aware of herself. 


Why did she end up in such agony? 

Why did people keep avoiding her? 

Also, she had no idea that there were people who targeted the descendants of calamity. 

――Two young men set foot in the Free City.


“So in this place… is Aliceia. It’s the place where the descendants of the disaster are said to be.” 

“Yes. She has a constitution that has attracted misfortune since she was born, and many disasters have happened where she was. It was said that Aliceia’s mother had sensed such signs since Aliceia was little.”

“…The descendants of calamity, it would be better to hunt them down… by none other than our, the Stigmata clan’s hand.”


On the gaiden story of the novel game, Round Table Heroes. One of the possible routes, Aliceia’s banishment route, was fast approaching. 

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4 months ago

Baragi’s hate towards fay is probably a hate towards her past self. Mindlessly saving other people when being not told so and butting in other people problem made her hate fay with every fiber of her being.

But our chad fay will open Baragi’s eyes that what she does in the past is not useless even when the world abandoned her, and realized fay is always there for her no matter what

Brian Huchac
Brian Huchac
10 months ago

Seeing Fay have someone to talk to normally is feels rather cathartic. First time we’re getting a view of his interior madness from another view.

10 months ago

So Tlue should also have that constitution right?

10 months ago
Reply to  Moe_Ronn

Dark art like when chapter hunting juggernaut

10 months ago

No comment? Is sad