Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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SS2 – Valentine [A]

The novel game Round Table Heroes was said to be an utsuge. It was a story where anyone, including comrades and loved ones, died one after another.

But that wasn’t all. Occasionally, there were scenes that relieved the players and took a breather from the constant tragic events. 

One of those rare events… was Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day was an event where women were said to give chocolates to men. Naturally, Tlue, as the protagonist, would receive a large amount of chocolate. 

In the game version, most people of the same generation from the knight brigades were already dead, but there were two women who lived in the same orphanage as Tlue. It was Rei, the childhood friend belonging to the same village as Tlue, and Iris, a former aristocratic young lady. 


“I’ll give this to you, Tlue. It’s totally just an obligatory chocolate.” 

“Ah, thanks, Rei.”

“Tlue-san, please take this. It’s my feeling of love.”

“T-thank you.”


Tlue received the chocolates from the two with a wry smile. The two of them glared at each other with Tlue in between, quarreled with each other, and gave each other chocolates while being jealous, so it was only natural that Tlue would be troubled to react. 



“Tlue-kun, take my chocolate!”


There were other paladins from the same generation and juniors gathered around Tlue. Most of them were already dead in the game’s timeline, but due to Fay’s involvement, they managed to survive in one way or another. Inevitably, the number of people gathered around Tlue increased. 1 


Come to think of it, does he receive chocolates as well…? 


In Tlue’s head, he recalled the figure of his fellow paladin who had black hair and black vile eyes. As Tlue received his chocolates, he thought Fay would receive some chocolates in one way or another. 





Uooohhh, it was time to traiiiin. 

I, the protagonist, kept swinging my sword. There were more and more strong fellows appearing recently, so I got more motivated. I did manage to land a hit on the first grade paladin named Tristan, but that was all I could manage.  


[“Fumu, I think that’s plenty, though?”] 


Oh, Baragi spoke to me. 


[“Your body is already attractive enough for me. In terms of physical ability alone, it could be considered the strongest human physique in the world. You even managed to land a hit on that fellow known as the strongest paladin, so don’t you think it’s already plenty?”] 


I didn’t have a low goal of just landing a hit on the strongest paladin. Above all, I just want to be powerful enough to crush everyone else. 

I was the protagonist, which meant the world desired me to be the strongest. What I should aim for wasn’t to land a hit on the strongest, but to exceed the strongest and become the ultimate. 


[“…Your goal sounds unnecessarily high.”] 


Rather than that, you should try to take over my body. I think being attacked from inside is also a hot development for a protagonist after all. 


[“I’ve been trying all this time. I’m in trouble because it doesn’t go well. But I’ve come to understand a little of your weakness.”] 


Hou, then why don’t you tell me about it? What is the so-called weakness of mine…? 


[“You are a total inept in art manipulation, and you like Maria.”] 


Being totally inept meant it could only grow better, right? Maria was considered a heroine and since we liked each other, that couldn’t be considered a weakness. I would just have to protect her no matter what happened. 


“Long time no see, senpai.” 



When I turned around, a beautiful woman was standing there. Well, who was this girl again…? 


“I doubt that’s the case, but you won’t say you forgot about me, right?” 

“Fumu, obviously.”

“I see…”


Her black hair reached down to her waist. Her eyes were red, and this girl was beautiful yet felt prickly. I felt like I had met her somewhere before… 


“It’s Emilia. Your junior paladin… I’ll just say it since I think you definitely forgot about it.” 

“Fuh, there’s no way I actually forgot.”

“I-I see. If you actually did, I would feel sad, so I’m glad that’s not the case.”


AH~ there was such a junior… I completely forgot about her. But it would be uncool to admit I forgot. So I would just say I remember. 


“I’ll give this to you. Senpai looks scary so you might be unpopular, so I can’t help but feel pity.” 

“What’s this?”

“It’s chocolate. I just accidentally made too much of it, so I’ll make an exception and share some with you.”

“I see.”

“I don’t expect you to give something in return. I really have no such expectation at all. So you don’t have to give anything in return.”

“I see.”


Ah, so today was Valentine’s Day. I would receive one from Maria, though… That being said, it didn’t feel like I had been involved with Emilia that much, but she still gave chocolate to me…  

Preparing the return gift sounded troublesome. But she did say she had no such expectations at all and didn’t want one, so I guess I didn’t need to prepare one. 

As I thought that, Baragi had an atmosphere as if she was telling me it was manners to give something in return later, so I guess I would prepare some. 

But I really didn’t get involved with Emilia that much. Maybe it will happen in the future…? Just as I thought of that, 


“Long time no see.” 



There was Alpha, along with Beta and Gamma. What did the three mob sisters want from me? Well, I guess it was about Valentine’s Day. 


“Here’s chocolate from us, make sure you return it a dozen times over.” 

“Why must I-“



The three left together. Since they were mob characters, I guess they represented the fans’ desire for giving chocolate to the protagonist. As I ate their chocolate, it was delicious. Emilia’s was also tasty. 

As expected, being the protagonist meant receiving a lot of chocolates after all. That kind of event was quite common after all. 

It meant I would get some from Maria as well. 





Oh, it seemed that Yururu-shishou would give me some chocolate as well. 




Yururu POV


I felt incredibly nervous. It was because I was going to give chocolate to him, my disciple. I already told him before that I love him. 

That was why he must have expected me to give one to him. 

I was sure I was the only one who felt nervous and Fay-kun wouldn’t feel nervous at all. 


I found him outside, so I invited him to the knight’s dormitory. It was the same knight dormitory that felt so suffocating to me and that I refused to use. It no longer felt like that now. 

More and more people were acknowledging me. People who have seen Fay’s success recognized him and were starting to recognize me as his teacher. 

I used the room together with Mei-chan the maid, but almost nobody complained about it. 

It really made me feel that my life had changed. I really need to thank him. But rather than that, I couldn’t help but feel like sighing at my selfishness that wanted my feelings for him requited. 

He entered the room of the knight brigade and sat on the bed. 


“H-here you go. It’s chocolate.” 

“I’ll take it.”

“Thank you, very much… Can you eat it now?”

“Since you said so, then I will.”


Fay-kun skillfully unwrapped the wrapping and took out the chocolate inside. Then he put it into his mouth. 


“How is it…?” 

“Not bad.”


Come to think of it, I had no idea if he liked sweet things or not. Perhaps he was just being considerate toward me, which made me think I should have just gave him a ham and lettuce sandwich instead… 2


“――It’s tasty.”


“You don’t look convinced when I say it’s not bad, so I rephrased it.”


H-he read my mind… as expected of my disciple. Was I that easy to read? 


“It tastes good, so there’s no need to panic.” 

“T-thank you very much.”


He was really perceptive. He really was. And he was cool. I guess he was popular. He had a chocolate bag with him after all. 

…At this rate, someone might steal him away…? 

I really didn’t want it to happen. Fay-kun was my disciple. I was the one who first set my sight on him, believed in him, and loved him before anyone else. 

I really didn’t want him to be stolen away… 

No good, I shouldn’t have negative thoughts. I should be optimistic and think that I want to marry Fay-kun!! 

I could even be bold and appeal my affection to Fay-kun so he could like me back! 


“Fay-kun! Open your mouth and I will feed it to you!” 


“Okay, open wide!”


I forced him to open his mouth and put the chocolate in his mouth. He ate it with the same expressionless face. 

C-come to think of it, I never saw Fay-kun’s smiling or embarrassed expression… 


“I-I-I-I will feed it! M-mouth to mouth!!”

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9 months ago

thanks for the chapter.

9 months ago

Arthur not give him chocolate?

9 months ago

I still wonder who is the real main heroine in this story (not in Fay POV), Arthur ? Yururu or Maria ? Well, can’t wait to see more valentine chapter, thank you for translation as alway~

Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan
9 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Baragi helping Fay being kinder to other people is nice XD

Also Yururu is being quite aggressive with that last line~